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The Good, The Bad, And Pugna (mostly done)

March 26, 2013 by nachoman
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Pugna

Hero Skills

Nether Blast

1 3 5 7


2 4 8 9

Nether Ward

10 12 13 14

Life Drain

6 11 16


15 17 18

The Good, The Bad, And Pugna (mostly done)

March 26, 2013


Pugna is a intellegence hero with huge potentials as he is a GIANT anti to most hero if played right. He has a 4+ intel gain (the highest in the game), which fits perfectly along with his spells.

Pugna has MASSIVE dmg output because of his Decrepify Nether Blast combo. His Nether Ward is a perfect killer toward giant mana users.

His Life Drain Allows him to stay in lanes/team fights, because with an Aghanim's Scepter he has a 300 dps, and all that dmg is stolen as life for this little demon.

Pros and Le Cons ~


-Does not need farm to dish out damage
-Has an effective AOE with low cooldown
-Has effective counterpushing
-Has high early base damage for harassing
-Has amazing intelligence stat gain
-Is an amazing lane pusher
-His nether ward is overpowered
-Easy farming


-His netherward is an unintentional kill stealing machine
-Has very low strength gain
-Needs farm or will remain extremely squishy
-Has terrible attack speed
-Can ruin his own team fights if abilities are used incorrectly


Nether Blast

Nether Blast is an AOE spell that deals 325 dmg to units and 100 dmg to structures. It is one of the few skills that does damage to both units and structures. This skill has a 1.5 cast delay, and CAN be cancled with "S".
This makes this skill Perfect for last hitting towers, and the fact that it has an amazing yet strange 5.5 sec CD makes it an annoying skill for a whimppy hero.

Decrepify is a single target spell that renders the target invunerable to physical attacts but takes an additional 40% dmg from spells and it is slowed by 50%. While the unit is Decrepified it CAN cast spells but cannot auto attack. This can be casted on Pugna himself or allied heroes to save them from people like Ursa or Huskar. it can be casted on them to make them stop attacking.

This skill goes well with the combo of any spell caster including Pugna himself. With Pugna's lvl 1 Nether Blast Deals a total of about 455. That is the Damage of a low level dagon. Also paired up with Life Drain it drains more health and deals more damage, and with Nether Ward it will do insane damage to a caster, almost as much a zues's ultimate.

Nether Ward
Nether ward is a standing ward that Zaps anyone who casts a spell within a 1600 Radius. The DMG deals 1.5 at max of mana spent and has a max of 300 health. It also reduces mana regen by -6, that means no mana regen for most heroes.
The ward CAN BE DECREPIFIED for a little survival if being smacked and you need to prevent someone from casting a spell.
Note:It hits target before it casts the spell, so if Lina casts her ult and she dies from it, her ult won't go off.

Life Drain
Life drain is a Single target spell with a range of 850 that siphons the life out of an enemy (whether it be creep or hero) THIS SPELL IS CHANNELING, don't try wasting it, it helps you survive in fights.
When Pugna buys an Aghanim's Scepter The Dmg is increased to 300 at max and has a 0 CD. That is insannneeeeee so insane it made this font pink

Pugna, The good and The bad

People Pugna can Handle

Pugna with his Nether Ward and deadly combo can take out Mana dependent Strs and intels, due to high mana usage and low hp(intels). Pugna when facing at least 2-3 of these heroes would ensure and east win if played right. These enemies would include but are not limited to :

Shadow Demon
Super Ownage Against these heroes
Invoker BIG TIME this guy uses sooo much mana for his skills
Storm Spirit Wastes down him and his ulti
Tinker Tinker is a mana farm, wasting away like air
Zeus Zues wastes soo much mana, even on his ult
Sand King If he gets zapped when he Ult's he can't blink in

Special notice
Juggernaut Your Decrepify renders his Spinning blades useless, since it's physical damage. AND if he ult's you it is cancled and won't do damage to a Decrep'd unit.

Pugna being countered

Doom bringer As always, his silence handles everyone, doom is a basic anti to all heroes
Anti-Mage His mana burn will destroy Pugna if he's life stealing someone and his magic shield lowers the factor of pugna's damage output.
Riki his silence and back stab will annihalate you, since you do not have much hp.
Clinkz he carries an orchid {most of the time} so he can silence you away.
Night Stalker a 8 sec silence? RUNNNN

Item Explanation

Starting Items

4x Clarity In order to harass and deal push lanes (if that is what is wanted).
1x Tango Everyone need a little health, and Pugna is squishy early on, so eat dem trees.
2x Gauntlet of strength Let's face it, Pugna doesn't have very much hp. These babies will help the dweeb survive early game and help with the Bracer

Early Game

In early game, you're obviously going to want to pick up Boots of Speed
You can either turn these into Phase Boots Power Treads or Boots of Travel (if you are getting fed like a mutha lucka)
Power Treads will help you with Health problems and increase your mana for your spells.
Phase Boots these will help with escaping and chasing, also last hitting :P
Boots of Travel these will help for map control and pushed like crazy.

Bracer A bracer will help Pugna survive as it gives him attributes mostly strength though. It will also help if you want to build a Drum of Endurance

Void Stone with Pugna's high intel gain this Void Stone will increase his mana regen amazingly and will help him in the long run

Ring of Basilius This will also help Pugna with his mana regen and will also provide him with his much needed armor.


Power Treads I like these, you don't need them but they help. As i said earlier you can go for the other two boots Phase Boots Boots of Travel
Aghanim's Scepter This gives Pugna massive survivability, it gives 10 to all stats, 200 hp, and 150 mana. It also give pugna a whopping increase on his ult and a 0 CD which means mad dps and survivability
Perseverance This will give him +10 dmg, 5 hp/sec regen, and 125% mana regen. Not bad, it will also build into a Linken's Sphere or Bloodstone if needed, and can be disasembled to make a Vanguard Scythe of Vyse and/or Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Eul's Scepter of Divinity This item will help dodge spells such as Sven's Storm Hammer or Magic Missile. It can also stop Enigma, Shadow Fiend, and Witch Doctor when they cast their ult's. It can also be used to solo out an enemy hero and attempt a gank.

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