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The Buck Stops Here : A Guide to Enchantress

September 7, 2013 by enderarms
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Enchantress Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

The Buck Stops Here : A Guide to Enchantress

September 7, 2013


Enchantress is a semi-carry hero who can jungle or lane. She can heal, slow, and deal heavy damage. She is great in a teamfight and good for heroes that try to escape. Enchantress is a hero that will assure your team a victory if played right.


Early Game

I start out with a Ring of Protection, so I can get a Ring of Basilius. This item provides damage, armor and mana regeneration and is a good starting item for you. Then I get Power Treads since you need the attack speed and stats. In my opinion, these are better than Arcane Boots since you get more than just mana from them. A Urn of Shadows is another heal/damage item if you are out of mana.
Aghanim's Scepter is the best item for playing carry, since it increases your attack range by a lot, thus making your damage output with Impetus much larger.
Orchid Malevolence gives you better right-click power and also is a great item for intelligence carries.

Bloodstone is an item you get if you are always running out of mana. It will greatly increase your mana regen, so I would recommend this.
Daedalus and Monkey King Bar are both purely damage items, and if your damage is rather low you may want to consider getting these.
A Scythe of Vyse's active does wonders, so you can get this if the enemy has an escape like Riki or Anti Mage.

Skill Build

If you are against right-click carries, level Untouchable first, otherwise level Enchant to slow enemies early game and get an early kill if they tower dive. I usually level this first for the low cooldown and also to get some neutrals to help lane, since jungling isnt as efficient from personal experience. Nature's Attendants is a massive heal, so level this second because its like an area healing salve. This spell can save you and your teammate's lives many times. Impetus should be leveled up at the usual 6,11, an 16.

Friends and Foes

Enchantress is friends with every hero, since her heal and supports go well with all heroes. Special mention to heroes like Juggernaut and Gyrocopter who can use her Enchant to get kills. Also, heroes like Huskar who need to be constantly healed are good allies to you.

Since you have pretty much no escape mechanism, your only hope is to activate Nature's Attendants and hope you get away. Stuns and slows are your worst nightmare. Its almost impossible to escape Huskar, Spirit Breaker, and Viper. Also Anti Mage can burn your mana pretty fast.

Why not Jungle?

In my opinion, even though Enchant takes over creeps and helps with jungling, your level up is very slow and it is better to stay in the lane and farm, since you are playing carry. Also, you can support OR carry in lane which makes you very versatile in the lane, as you can heal your teammates. Your teammates are better of with you in the lane with them, and jungling is not the best option for Enchantress.

The End

I hoped this guide to Enchantress was very useful!

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