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Tequoia, or Furion, or Nature's Prophet: The Prophet of Many Names.

February 5, 2013 by Foliata
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Early Solo Roshan (Default Build)

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Tequoia, or Furion, or Nature's Prophet: The Prophet of Many Names.

February 5, 2013

Chapter 1: The Basics

Welcome to my guide on Tequioa/Furion/Nature's Prophet.

Prophet is probably my favorite hero in the game due to his wide range of available playstyles, amazing pushing and ganking potential, and high skill ceiling.

This build is going to cover a strategy I've tested and found to work incredibly well. This strategy is an early solo Roshan.

First of all, if there's an enemy Ursa, I advise you to just skip this build. Odds are at the time you've reached level 7 and have your medallion, Ursa will most likely come just as you're about to last hit Rosh, immediately destroy you, take your kill and your Aegis.

Instead, use the second build, which is a strategy for ricing through jungling and heavy ganking.


    Great pusher
    Awesome jungler
    Incredible gank potential with
Teleportation and Sprout
Great farming ability
Great killstealing with Wrath of Nature

    Very easy to get greedy with
Pretty squishy throughout the game (that's the other reason you get Medallion of Courage
If you leave the jungle too early you will be useless for the rest of the game

With all that in mind, let's get started.

Chapter 2: Soloing Roshan

The goal of this build is to get you a quick level advantage and a gold advantage for your entire team.

First of all, you'll want to grab Nature's Call level 1. Spawn treants using the trees outside of your fountain at 0:40 and go check the runes. You should do this every game no matter what the build.

At 0:00, cast Nature's Call again from fountain to get your mana back and head out to the jungle. Kill the small camp, then the big camp, repeat.

Your number one goal is DON'T GET GREEDY. You need to stay in the jungle to build your Medallion of Courage and boots QUICKLY.

When you hit 7, Teleportation to fountain, spawn your Treants, and go to Roshan. This is so you'll have full mana when you need to spawn more Treants.

The most important part of this fight is remembering to cast medallion at EVERY COOLDOWN. If you forget to do this, you will have a much harder time killing rosh, and will have to leave to cast Nature's Call on nearby trees, when you should be casting it on trees you spawn from Sprout.

You will lose a fair amount of gold during the time it takes to solo Roshan, but this is about giving a gold advantage to your allies and giving yourself an aegis for better ganking potential.

Chapter 3: Mid Game/Late Game

Immediately after killing Roshan, you want to start pushing towers, preferably in your mid lane, as that's close to you. With your sprout (and hopefully your mids disable) you should easily be able to kill whoever is on the enemy mid lane. You should use Nature's Call to tank tower damage and quickly take it down. You can then proceed to Teleportation to top or bot lane to push those towers. You should take all the tier 1 towers by 10-15 minutes and ideally all tier 2 by 20 minutes.

By this point you should also have your scepter and treads and be on your way to your Orchid Malevolence if you've farmed well. Scepter gives you more damage to your ult and thus, greater farming potential.

In the late game, you should be focusing on using Orchid Malevolence in ganks and starting to get DPS items. This will help amazingly in pushing the final towers and barracks. Your team should be killing Roshan on every respawn to give yourselves the Aegis and to deny it from your enemies. If all goes well, you should push down the barracks with little trouble.

If the game goes on for a very long time and you're having trouble pushing, consider buying a Necronomicon. This will give you 2 necro warriors that drain mana, give true sight, and a large nuke when they are killed. These are amazing for pushing structures and should help you to win the game.

Chapter 4: Runes

Not every rune is needed on prophet. I'll go down the list and tell you which you should take and which you should save for an ally.

ILLUSION Do ]NOT PICK THIS UP. This is useless to you. You should be teleporting around the map for ganks, and illusions won't teleport with you.

DOUBLE DAMAGE You SHOULD pick this up. This can give you excellent gank power with auto attacking Sprouted enemies.

INVISIBILITY MAYBE pick this up. This can be useful if you're going for a gank on the lane where this rune spawns, as you can get a Sprout on a key target without them detecting you. Otherwise, leave it for an ally.

REGENERATION Only get this if no one else needs it.

HASTE Do NOT pick this up for the same reason as illusion. You should be teleporting to your ganks unless you have invisibility, not running there.

Chapter 5: Skill and Item Rundowns

Here are your skills and how they are used, and your items and why you should get them.


Sprout creates trees lasting for 3/3.75/4.5/5.25 seconds that holds an enemy in place. This is a very good disable not only because it traps an enemy for so long, but because it allows other teammates to easily cast skillshot stuns like Leshrac's Split Earth. This should be the core of ganking any escaping enemy.

This is your main ganking ability. It is a global teleport that scales very well in terms of cooldown, from 50/40/30/20 seconds. You should be using this in 3 ways: To teleport behind and enemy to Sprout, to teleport behind an escaping enemy to finish them off, and to teleport to a lane to push a tower. You can also use it to teleport home if you're in a bind by double-tapping W. If you're in real ****, Sprout yourself and you can safely teleport out, as the enemy doesn't have vision of you if you're alone in your trees.

This is your main pushing and jungling ability. It spawns 2/3/4/5 treants that do pretty ****ty damage, but are great for tanking creep and tower hits. Not incredibly useful in a fight, but it's the main thing you'll be using in a solo Roshan, other than Medallion of Courage.

Your free hand of midas. The way this works is it hits a number of targets around the map in bounces. Each target you hit increases the damage of the next bounce, and this stacks. It will start its cast at any point on the map you click it on, so you can be in the jungle and cast it from top tower. If you're trying to hit a hero with it, cast it as far away from the hero as possible to maximize damage, unless you're afraid of losing vision of him. Every time you cast this you'll get a nice amount of gold from the creeps you killed. This ability is just awesome.


This item increases the damage done by your ultimate. Incredibly useful in team fights and for farming.

Only get this item if your team needs a carry or you're having great farm. Remember to use it on every cool down on large jungle creeps to maximize your gold and exp gain.

Use this on casters or sprouted targets that can blink ( Faceless Void, Queen of Pain, Anti-Mage)/are Batrider. It will silence them so they can't escape and cause them to take more damage as your team rains hell on them.

Gives armor reduction that stacks with your medallion, along with a nice damage boost. Desolator + Medallion of Courage + Orchid Malevolence = Babby cries of OP.

Gives you armor and regen with an active to reduce an opponents armor. Use the combo above for MASSIVE damage.

Sometimes your medallion armor and base attack speed aren't enough. This item will give you more tank potential and some great increased dps for you and your team.

Amazing pushing and team fight item. This is also a must if they have an invis hero like Riki or Bounty Hunter and no one is buying sentries or dust and they lost the gem in 10 seconds.

, , . Sometimes Sprout isn't enough disable. These items will make fed heroes weep in agony as they try to escape your massive damage output and armor reduction.

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