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Sven EZ jungle = EZ carry (in progress)

January 18, 2017 by AloonZ
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FARMING MASTER (the carry you always wanted)

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 8

Great Cleave

2 4 7 9


10 12 13 14

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18

Sven EZ jungle = EZ carry (in progress)

January 18, 2017

Welcome to my guide (first ever made)

steam profile (if you want to chat or play with me):

[*] before you read this guide you need to know that this guide is good just if you have a team you can trust thay can get along atleast 10-20 min without you.

jungle with sven explanation

Advantages of Jungling
[*] Gives your team an additional solo lane (increased EXP, money for you AND the team as a whole)
[*] You do not have to compete for last hits against allies/enemies
[*] Easier time ganking (since you are always "mia" and can pop out at the best time)
[*] If pulling, you can decrease the enemy's experience/money gain

When do you jungle?
When you start the game with sven you dont straight go to the jungle but you go to bot or top lane. you do until you have Mask of Madness (for life steal) and Power Treads.
to get those iteams it will probebly take you 10 min of farming. also while farming the skills you need to upgrade is Great Cleave and Storm Hammer but we will tuch those skills later in the guide.

items (in progress)

starting items

In Early game I suggest you buy:
[*] Tango
[*] Quelling Blade
[*] two Iron Branch

Why should you buy them?
Let's start with Tango , it's pretty clear you need to buy it so you can get more hp regen, dont buy more healing items like healing slave or Bottle becuse it will waste you money that means it will waste your time to get you real items. also other enemy heroes (mellee and even ranged) will try to avoide you becuse of your Great Cleave but we will get on that later (skills chapter).
I recommend to buy a Quelling Blade because it will be very usefull in farming and abbreviates the time at getting the Power Treads and Mask of Madness.
Buy two Iron Branch to rise up sven attributes (you can complete them by making it to wands that will help you in the early games)

core items you need to buy (in purchase Order):
[1] Power Treads / Phase Boots
[2] Mask of Madness
[3] Hyperstone
[4] Crystalys
[5] Black King Bar
[6] Blink Dagger

items explanation

Here i am going to explane why you shoud buy any type of item i put in the core items and why to buy them in this order.

1. Boots + Comparison

in this subject i will compare two of the boots i told you to chose and by my comparition you will chose what type of boots you need.

advantage/disadvantage buying Power Treads
[*] the advantage by buying these Power Treads is that it will up youre ATTRIBUTES of your own choise and will give more atteck spead that will help farm easier when you go to the jungle.

[*] the disadvantage is that with Power Treads you will still be realy slow even with the +45 movment speed (becuse Sven is slow as ****) and it can harm your farming in the jungle.

advantage/disadvantage buying Phase Boots

[*] the advantage you have by buying Phase Boots are that it gives you good amount of damage so you can hit the creeps more hardly and the Phase Boots also up youre speed (every 8 seconds) and becuse of that it will be easier chasing down the jungle creeps.

[*] the disadvantage you by buying the Phase Boots is that the boots dont give sven any attack speed that he realy needs for ez farming in the jungle . also the Phase Boots do not up sven ATTRIBUTES like the Power Treads do.

[*] some of the problems with these boots can be recovred by the Mask of Madness but we will talk about it later.

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