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So You've Randomed Meepo...

August 15, 2015 by Safecyn
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DotA2 Hero: Meepo

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So You've Randomed Meepo...

August 15, 2015


This guide is intended to be used during states of emergency, where you need a quick, simple build to play a hero you're dreadful with. It's not intended to be thorough, and to be frank it isn't even the best build you can do with Meepo, but it's easy enough to understand and good enough to get you through.

Now hurry up and stop reading the disclaimer, you've only got so much time to buy items.

Oh Dear

Oh no. Oh no no no no no.

Hey scrub. What's up?

SHUT UP! This is bad. This is really, really bad.

What happened? It's not like you to panic this much.


Dude, just repick. If you really can't play him, the loss of gold is worth it.

Yeah... yeah you're right... I'll just repick, random again and...



Clearly you are meant to partake in some fancy geomancy.

SHUT! UP! I have no idea what I'm doing, man, I'm gonna suck so badly.

I could help, if you wanted. I am that guy who writes guides on Dotafire.

I don't have time! The match is starting, I can't sit through your stupid jokes, your mathy analysis, and all the other stupid details you cram into those things.

So you just want the short, fast, and skinny, eh? Alright then. I'm not gonna guarantee miracles, but if you follow these quick steps, you'll be able to play Meepo without completely failing. That is what you want, right?


Ok. Here we go then.

Skill Breakdown


- This skill is a ROOT.

- It immobilizes units, disrupts channeling, and prevents enemies from going invisible.

- It does NOT prevent them from attacking, casting spells, or using items.

- Level one of this ability has a stupidly short range.

- Level four of this ability has a stupidly long range.


- This skill lets you teleport to other Meepos or yourself.

- It does damage coming and going.

- If you do this on top of someone, it does 280 magic damage.

- This means that if you have all 5 Meepos and they poof on someone, they take 1400 magic damage.

- You can Poof to Illusions of Meepo.


- This skill applies a slow and a DOT to Meepo's attacks

- It goes through magic immunity.

- It stacks between Meepos, so if all five of them hit one target, they're slowed by 100%.

- Illusions of Meepo also get this ability

Divided We Stand

- You can take your ultimate at levels 3, 10, and 17.

-Each time you take this skill, you get a clone that has your abilities. On independent cooldowns. And if they die, you die. But you already knew that, because you're freaked out about playing Meepo.

Gameplay Guide/Item Progression

- When you start the game, get your items quickly and go towards a bounty rune. Try and get it. You want to get the early XP. Geostrike is a slow and can help secure first blood.

- Your best lane is the safe lane, but you can go mid or offlane is you have to. Anywhere where you can secure levels and farm. You want to be your lane's farmer, regardless of where you go.

- Once you have a Vladmir's Offering and your first point in Divided We Stand, you can go jungle if you have to. If you're in the safe lane and want to try a simple micro trick for getting ahead, send your first clone into the small camp and use Poof, while your main Meepo farms the lane.

- Your next item after Vladmir's Offering should be Aghanim's Scepter. It gives you another Meepo and makes all your clones tankier.

- Once you have three Meepos, Aghs, and Vlad's, you can solo Roshan. It's safer to do it with four Meepos. Smoke in, have one Meepo tank for a bit, then pull them back to let another clone tank. Once you have Aegis, use it to push.

- Eye of Skadi is great because of all the stats it gives and the additional slow added to your attacks.

- Heart of Tarrasque and Butterfly are good pickups against heavy physical DPS lineups.

- Get Pipe of Insight against a lot of magic damage.

- All of Meepo's clones can use Boots of Travel. So it's pretty good if you want to be everywhere at once.

- Assault Cuirass, Butterfly, Eye of Skadi and Manta Style are all good choices to increase your DPS.

- If you find yourself getting picked off a lot, consider leaving one of your clones in base. You can Poof to it to guarantee an escape, provided you aren't locked down.

- DON'T PANIC. Fear is the mindkiller.

Good Luck!

There. Hopefully, this cheat sheet will come in useful. Now go get 'em tiger.

Amazing! I'm 12-0-14! I'm pushing down ALL the towers and barracks! THANKS SAFECYN!

Not a problem, scrub. Not a problem.


Oh right. Your fifty bucks for saying that. Here ya go.

Pleasure doing business.

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