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Sniper the Bousse!

December 12, 2011 by nimgelm
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Sniper the Bousse!

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills




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Take Aim

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Sniper the Bousse!

December 12, 2011


Well, sniper is a great ranged carry if treated properly.
He's a little squishy, so you have to be very careful until you have "lothars".
I have dota2 for just two weeks (although i played dota for 1 year, like 3 years ago) and sniper was one of my main heros. Of course i forgot great part of what I knew, but I think I got it alright after a few games with him.
I can start having some deaths until have lothars. Scores like 1-2 or 2-4, but after i have lothars i normally change thing around and end up like 16-4-15 or (the greatest until now) 22-7-17, and i did a killstreak of 13 :D
All this words just to say: you can get sniper to carry your team, even if you are losing heavily!

Items Choices

I know most people like to start with very "confusing" items, but i like to simplify things, so...

First of all i like to start with tango's but if you prefer you can get healing salve . Then you can go 2 ways: wraith band or Poor Mans's Shield , it's up to you, but i normally go with tango's and wraith band.

Then, and before all i rush to lothars , even before boots (unless the game is to complicated, and then i start to go quarterstaff and then go boots and only then i finish lothars ).

Then it all depends on how much gold you can get.
After lothars i, usually, go for treads . Then i go for HoD and yasha with no specific order.

After that, whenever you have gold to start any of the "Best case scenario" items, just go for it!
If you see that you need some critical instead, go for Daedalus .
If you want some "defence" go for Assault Curaiss .
if you don't love lifesteal as much as I do, then, instead of HoDhelm the of dominator go for Desolator .


Ok, some of you will rage "why u no shrapnel ??" and I'll say to you! That's kinda "useless", in my opinion, even for farming!
I like to have my mini-stuns and long range all up and owning ASAP!
And I prefer to up stats for mana/hp/attack speed, than that useless ability.

Early Game

MOST IMPORTANT THING: BE VERY CAREFUL!!! Sniper is squishy as hell!

Try get mid if you can! Best lane for sniper!

Don't forget that there are runes up and down the river.
if your mid lane opponent disappears for a while, it's advisable that you return to your tower, he probably has a invisibility rune and is waiting for the best opportunity to "gank" you!

Last hits and denies all the way! If you don't die until level 6, you probably have gold enough for having already claymore and with luck quarterstaff , and you are near of becoming the pain in the enemies ***! :D

If your opponent is melee, don't be shy! harass him all the way to hell! but carefully, a good stun can get you killed! get advantage from .

If it's ranged (most probably) just last hit and deny as much as you can!

As soon has you have your ulti try to get a kill!

Mid Game

Now you have Lothars and at least Boots !
Your lane is controled and your opponent is missing!
You have 2 options:
- go for their tower;
- go gank;

Either way don't forget "lothars is your BFF" :P
Only a stun with ultra duration (like mirana's) could get you killed even before you can use lothars to run awaym so use that to your advantage!
Get enemy's mid tower down asap, and start helping/ganking other lanes!
In team fights stay away, and have your ulti ready to get some kills!
You're getting kills, or pushing lanes -> you're getting gold, and you're upgrading your build!

Late Game

Normally when I want to start butterfly i'm already owning and have a good score for myself and my team - damage from lothars , lifesteal from HoD and attack speed and more damage from Yasha .

If the enemies aren't too feeded you can go easily for eaglehorn and from there to butterfly .

You can also go Roshan even before that, if you have a tank to help you!
Most of the times, my teammates want me to get the Aegis because i'm doing so good, but don't be selfish! Sniper is not the first option.

To be honest i couldn't never go more than butterfly cause in the meanwhile we just finish the game.
But sometimes, rarely, there's a awesome game going that after one hour is still undecided, and then you can try the rest of the build. In that case post something, on how it went cause my items from butterfly forward are "theoretically" thought :P

Final Notes

Anyway, it's my first guide, so i'm sorry if it's poorly explained!
In that case I would appreciate some insights!

I apologize in advance for my english! I'm used to hear it and speak it, but i'm kinda "rusty" on writting.

I don't say that this is the best build for sniper, but i get well along with it, and i hope that you can also ;)

Best regards,

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