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Slark || Echo Sabre 6.87

June 12, 2016 by MiracleFan
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Ultimate Ganker

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Slark || Echo Sabre 6.87

June 12, 2016


Welcome to my guide to Slark! Slark is a agility carry hero that can gank almost throughout the game. I like playing this hero because of his escape and can kill most tanks easily.

Note: I'm gonna try a new style of making guides and I hope you'll love the style


Starting Items

First we will buy a set of Tango as it heals you in the lane so you don't need to go back to your fountain, then a Stout Shield for some survivability in the lane, and a Quelling Blade for last hitting creeps easily.

Early Game

Now you'll upgrade your Stout Shield into a Poor Man's Shield because it gives you stats and survivability, and then Ring of Aquila for the Stats and Mana regen which you really need since spamming your skills cost a lot of mana.

Late Game

In late Game first thing you'll buy is Butterfly It gives you +60 Damage, + 60 attack Speed and +25% Evasion, then Abyssal Blade for bash (When bash occurs then you can free hit) then you can steal stats, Then you'll buy Moon Shard if you have extra gold to spend.


Situtions always happens.
If you need pushing and defending base easily, Boots of Travel is you need.

So there's Anti-Mage or Storm Spirit that escapes you, Buy Orchid Malevolence or even Bloodthorn to silence them.

Slardar is ruining the game :(, well if your enemies goes armor reduction Assault Cuirass can help you for tankiness with attack speed and armor reduction to enemies.

Slark don't really need bkb that much because Slark is a Ganking Hero, not a Teamfight hero. :) but if your getting teamfight to much you can buy bkb.

What to do??

So now what to do??? Well Just farm until you have the gold to buy Shadow Blade then Echo Sabre but I prefer getting Silver Edge first cause it gives for duration and Damage Break.

Then go gank enemies,
1.Use the Silver Edge .
2.Hit the Enemy. ( Echo Sabre Will Occur).
3.Use Pounce so Enemies can't escape.
4.And use Dark Pact to nuke down enemies.

Then just farm Items, Don't keep Dying, Just keep Ganking.

End now!

Thanks for watching my guide to Slark! If liked and Agree to my guide come and Give it a thumbs up!

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