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Rylai the Crystal Maiden, Master of The Frozen Arts (Updated for 7.00/7.01)

January 13, 2017 by Da Boss TM
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Rylai the Crystal Maiden, Master of The Frozen Arts (Aggressive Ranged Support-Disabler & Ganker)

DotA2 Hero: Crystal Maiden

Purchase Order

Purchase Order

Glimmer Cape
Aghanim's Scepter
Blink Dagger
Drum of Endurance
Boots of Travel 2
Aether Lens

Start Game

Animal Courier
Observer Ward
Observer Ward

Early Game

Tranquil Boots
Flying Courier

Mid Game

Urn of Shadows

Late Game

Glimmer Cape
Aghanim's Scepter
Blink Dagger

Core Items

Drum of Endurance
Boots of Travel 2
Aether Lens

Situational Items

Dust of Appearance
Sentry Ward
Magic Wand
Arcane Boots

Rejected Items

Divine Rapier
Echo Sabre
Moon Shard
Battle Fury
Monkey King Bar
Abyssal Blade

Hero Skills

Crystal Nova

3 8 14 16


1 4 7 11

Arcane Aura

2 5 9 13

Freezing Field

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+300 Crystal Nova Damage
+1.5s Frostbite Duration
+60 Freezing Field Damage
+250 Attack Speed
+10% Magic Resistance Arcane Aura
+150 Gold/Min
+250 Health
+100 Cast Range

About Me, The Author (Da Boss TM)

I am a Professional Level 42 >5k MMR Dota 2 Player, who Started Playing 4 years ago. I have Played in this New Patch and I Personally Think this Patch is going to be a Game-Breaking one. I have Played Crystal Maiden over 75 Times and have Won a Total of Over 50 Amazing Games with Crystal Maiden and Played her 8 Times in this New Patch, all being Awesome wins. She is Personally one of my Favorite Support Hero. She is the First Support I Played and Believe me, I did not Regret it. Thus, I Share a Deep Connection with Her. My Average KDA with Crystal Maiden is a Whooping 7/4/28. I Personally Think she is the Queen of Ice (Thus "Her Highness").

Her Highness's Hero Lore

Born in a Temperate Realm, Raised with her Fiery Older Sister Lina, Rylai the Crystal Maiden soon Found that her Innate Elemental Affinity to Ice created Trouble for all those around her. Wellsprings and Mountain Rivers Froze in Moments if she Stopped to Rest Nearby; Ripening Crops were Bitten by Frost, and Fruiting Orchards turned to Mazes of Ice and came Crashing Down, Spoiled.
When their Exasperated Parents Packed
Lina off to the Equator, Rylai found herself Banished to the Cold Northern Realm of Icewrack, where she was taken in by an Ice Wizard who had Carved himself a Hermitage at the Crown of the Blueheart Glacier. After Long Study, the Wizard Pronounced her Ready for Solitary Practice and Left her to take his Place, Descending into the Glacier to Hibernate for a Thousand years. Her Mastery of the Frozen Arts has only Deepened since that Time, and now her Skills are Unmatched.

Although not too Same as the Written Lore, it Depicts the Scenes Well.

Pros / Cons of Her Highness

1. Good Slows/Roots from Abilities( Crystal Nova, Frostbite, Freezing Field).
2. Abilties for both Single Target ( Crystal Nova, Frostbite) and Teamfights ( Crystal Nova, Freezing Field).
3. Helpful in Ganks from Level 1-Using Crystal Nova on the enemy and when he/she is trying to escape, using Frostbite.
4. Not too Item Dependent-Main Items in this build are Aghanim's Scepter, Blink Dagger).
5. Global Mana Regen ( Arcane Aura gives Teammates 3 Mana Regen/sec and yourself 8 Mana Regen/sec).
6. Good in Defense and Pushing (Use Crystal Nova on creeps).
7. Able to Jungle (Both Frostbite & Crystal Nova can be used to Farm).
8. Does not need many Levels to be Useful-Level 6 is already Quite Good.
9. Game-Changing Ultimate ( Freezing Field).

1. Low Attributes (Low Health Pool, Mana Pool, Attack Damage).
2. Needs Good Positioning for Ultimate ( Freezing Field)- Blink Dagger is Helpful).
3. Freezing Field has to be Channelled-Unable to do Anything when Channeling.
4. Hero can still use Ability while Frostbite Applied-Heroes like Pudge that depend on Abilities to Kill are still Fatal when Frostbite Applied.
5. Very Slow Movement Speed-You can't Run Away unless you use your Abilities that can Slow/Root ( Frostbite, Crystal Nova).
6. Easy to be Ganked as she is Easy to Kill-Very Little Health.
7. Targeted First by Many, making you look like a Feeder-Many Deaths

Game Changes Affecting Her Highness

Hero Changes

1. Crystal Maiden's Aghanim's Scepter Reworked:
Now applies Frostbite to any Unit that has been Standing in the Freezing Field for over 2.5s. An Enemy can only be Affected once.

2. Crystal Maiden's Talent Tree:
Level 10: +15% Magic Resistance OR +50 Damage
Level 15: +125 Cast Range OR +200 Health
Level 20: +120 Gold/Min OR -35s Respawn Time
Level 25: +1.5s Frostbite Duration OR +200 Crystal Nova Damage
Item Changes

1. Aether Lens:
Cast Range Bonus Increased from 200 to 220.
Recipe Cost Increased from 550 to 600.

2. Drum of Endurance:
Swiftness Aura is now a +20 Movement Speed Aura.
Intelligence Bonus Reduced from 9 to 6.
Recipe now Requires Sage's Mask instead of Ring of Regen.
Provides +50% Mana Regeneration Instead of 3 Health Regeneration.

3. Dust of Appearance:
Dust of Appearance no Longer Requires 5 mana to Cast.

4. Glimmer Cape:
Cooldown Reduced from 16 to 14.

5. Urn of Shadows:
Regeneration now Behaves like Blink Dagger and only Dispels if Actual Damage was Taken, and only if the Damage Source is from a Player or Roshan.
General Changes

1. Root Mechanics:
Root now Disables the Following Movement Spells: Burrow Strike, Waveform, Blink Strike, Phantom Strike, Reality Rift, Pounce, Skewer, Ball Lightning, Timber Chain, Rolling Boulder, Icarus Dive, Leap, Poof, and Time Walk.

2. Shrine:
[*] Shrine has 1500 HP, 20 Armor
[*] There are Shrines Near each Team's Secret Shop and New Ancient Camp Locations.
[*] Shrines can be Teleported to. Shrines become Vulnerable whenever all Tier 2 Towers Fall for the Respective Team.
[*] Each Team Also has 5 Shrines inside the Base.
[*] Shrines have an Ability with a 5min Cooldown. Allied Heroes can Right-click to Activate it, Generating a 500 AOE Aura that Lasts for 5s. The Aura Provides 120/40 HP/MP Regeneration per second (Heal Values Increase during the Game by 2 HP / 1 MP per Minute). Activates once you are in Melee Range after Right-clicking on it. Shrine's Ability becomes Available to use Outside of the base once Creeps Spawn at 0:00.
[*] Shrines do not Grant Vision.
[*] Shrines Provide a 150 Gold Bounty for each Player on the Team when Killed.

3. Neutrals Spawn Time:
Neutrals Spawn Time from 0:30/1/2/3/4/etc. to 0:30/1/3/5/7/etc.

Items for Her Highness

1. Start Game:

Animal Courier:

Active: Deploy Courier - Deploys a Creature to Carry Items To and From your Team's Base.

This is no Surprise for a Support. An Animal Courier is Compulsory in a Game, Saving Loads of Time for all Teammates as they do not have to go back to Base and Time is Money.

Losing the courier is punishable by death.


Active: Eat a Tree or Ward - Consume a Target Tree or Ward to Gradually Restore Health.

Comes with 4 Charges. Can be Used on an Allied Hero to Give them 1 Tango.

Eat Tree/Ward Health Restored: 115/230
Eat Ward Cast Range: 450
Heal Duration: 16s

Crystal Maiden is a Really Squishy Hero. So Healing is Compulsory. Tango are more Cost Efficient than Healing Salve. You should give at least 2 Tango away (Usually to the Mid Hero)-Sharing is caring.

Forage to survive on the battlefield.

Observer Ward:

Active: Plants an Observer Ward, an Invisible Watcher that Gives Vision of its Surrounding Area to your Team. Lasts 6min.

Hold Control to Give 1 Observer Ward to an Allied Hero.

Vision Range: 1600
Duration: 6min
Cooldown: 1s

Each Lane should have at least 1 Observer Ward at all Times. The Position of the Observer Ward depends on how Aggressive your Team Plays. As Time goes on, try to Place 1 Observer Ward for Defense (Prevents Ganks) and 1 for Aggressiveness (Enables your Team to Gank).

A form of half-sentient plant, often cultivated by apprentice wizards.

2. Early Game:

Tranquil Boots:

Passive: Break - Whenever you Attack or are Attacked (Excludes Creeps), the Health Regeneration and 30 Movement Speed are Lost for 13s.

Movement Speed: + 85
Armor: + 3
HP Regeneration: + 12
Cooldown: 13s

As Crystal Maiden is a Very Squishy Support, she Needs all the Health she can get.

While they increase the longevity of the wearer, this boot is not particularly reliable.

Flying Courier:

Upgrades your Team's Animal Courier to a Flying Courier, Granting it Swift, Unobstructed Movement to Carry Items To and From your Team's Base. Requires a Deployed Animal Courier.

Flying Courier is a Very Good Upgrade to the Animal Courier. It is also Given a New Ability (Speed Burst) that Gives it a Speed Boost.

The faithful mount upon which soar the fortunes of battle.

3. Mid Game:

Urn of Shadows:

Active: Soul Release-Heals Health over Time to Friendly Units, but Deals Pure Damage over Time to Enemy Units. The Healing Effect is Lost if the Affected Ally takes Damage from an Enemy Hero or Tower. Gains Charges Every Time an Enemy Hero Dies within 1400 Units. Only the Closest Urn to the Dying Hero will Gain a Charge.

Mana Regeneration: + 50%
Strength Increase: + 6

Release Ally Total Heal: 400
Release Enemy Total Damage: 150
Soul Release Duration: 8
Soul Release Cast Range: 950
Cooldown: 7s

Urn of Shadows is a Great Support Item that can Save your Teammates or Yourself. It can also Damage Enemies (Although not the Better Option). Its Mana Regeneration Bonus is also Helpful.

Contains the ashes of powerful demons.

4. Late Game

Glimmer Cape:

Active: Glimmer-After a 0.6s Delay, Grants Invisibility and 45% Magic Resistance to you or a Target Allied Unit. Can be Cast while Channeling.

Attack Speed Bonus: + 20
Spell Resistance: + 15%

Glimmer Fade Time: 0.6s
Glimmer Magic Resistance: 45%
Glimmer Duration: 5s
Mana: 90 Mana
Cooldown: 14s

This item is essential for a Good Freezing Field.

The stolen cape of a master illusionist.

Aghanim's Scepter:

Passive: Ultimate Upgrade - Upgrades the Ultimate, and Some Abilities, of Certain Heroes.

All Attributes: + 10
Health Bonus: + 175
Mana Bonus: + 175

This Upgrades your Ultimate, Adding Frostbite to Enemies who are in the Freezing Field for more than 2.5s. This is Great for a Teamfight.

The scepter of a wizard with demigod-like powers.

Blink Dagger:

Active: Blink - Teleport to a Target Point up to 1200 Units away. If Damage is Taken, Blink Dagger cannot be Used for 3s.

Cooldown: 12s

This helps in Positioning for your Ultimate. You can Initiate the Fight by Blinking in and Channeling Freezing Field.

The fabled dagger used by the fastest assassin ever to walk the lands.

5. Core Items

Drums of Endurance:

Active: Endurance - Gives Bonus +25 Attack Speed and +13% Movement Speed to Allies in a 900 Radius.

Passive: Swiftness Aura - Gives Bonus Movement Speed to Allies in a 900 Radius.

Multiple Instances of Swiftness Aura do not Stack.

Intelligence Bonus: + 6
Strength Bonus: + 6
Agility Bonus: + 3
Damage Bonus: + 3
Mana Regeneration: + 50%

Aura Move Speed: +20%
Endurance Attack Speed: 25
Endurance Move Speed: 13%
Endurance Duration: 6
Aura/Endurance Radius: 900
Cooldown: 30s

Useful for the Team, being a Teamfight Item.

A relic that enchants the bodies of those around it for swifter movement in times of crisis.

Upgraded Boots of Travel:

Active: Teleport - Teleports you to an Allied Hero, Unit or Structure. Double-click to Teleport to your Team's Base Fountain.

Movement Speed Bonus: +100
Mana: 75
Cooldown: 45s

Flat Movement Speed Bonuses from Multiple Pairs of Boots do not Stack.

This Really Increases your Presence in Teamfights and Pushes.

Winged boots that grant omnipresence.

Aether Lens:

Passive: Increases Spell Cast Range by 220 and Spell Damage Output by 5%

Mana: + 250
HP Regeneration: + 8
Cast Range: + 220
Spell Damage Amplification: 5%

This is Really Helpful when Chasing an Enemy as you can Frostbite the Enemy, Enabling your Carry to Kill him.

Polished with the incantation of his final breath, the gift of a dying mage to his sickly son.

6. Situational Items

Dust of Appearance:

Use: Reveals and Slows Invisible Heroes in a Nearby Area.

Duration: 12s
Radius: 1050
Slow: 20%
Cooldown: 30s

Really Helpful when There is a Invisible Hero in the Enemy Team. Can be Upgraded to a Gem of True Sight Once 6-slotted.

One may hide visage, but never volume.

Sentry Ward:

Use: Plants a Sentry Ward, an Invisible Watcher that Grants True Sight, the Ability to see Invisible Enemy Units and Wards, to any Existing Allied Vision within its Range. Lasts 4mins.

Hold Control to Give one Sentry Ward to an Allied Hero.

True Sight Range: 850
Duration: 4min
Cooldown: 1s

Really Helpful when there is a Invisible Hero in the Enemy Team and Also for Dewarding.

A form of plant originally grown in the garden of a fearful king.

Magic Wand:

Active: Energy Charge - Instantly Restores Health and Mana based on the Number of Charges Stored. Gains a Charge (Max: 17) whenever a Nearby Visible Enemy uses an Ability.

All Attributes: +4

Health/Mana Per Charge: 15
Cooldown: 13s

Nice for Early Game if There is a Enemy that Spams Spells in the Same Lane.

A simple wand used to channel magic energies, it is favored by apprentice wizards and great warlocks alike.

Arcane Boots:

Active: Replenish Mana-Restores Mana to all Allies in a 900 Radius Around the Hero.

Movement Speed Bonus: +50
Mana Bonus: +250
Cooldown: 55s

Replenish Mana Restore: 135
Replenish Cast Radius: 900

Flat Movement Speed Bonuses from Multiple Pairs of Boots do not Stack.

Good Early Game Item if a Lot of Spell Harassing is Being Done by you.

Magi equipped with these boots are valued in battle.

Her Highness's Skills

1. Crystal Nova:

A Burst of Damaging Frost Slows Enemy Movement and Attack Rate in the Targeted Area.


MOVEMENT SLOW: 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%
ATTACK SLOW: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50

MANA COST: 100/120/140/160
COOLDOWN: 12/11/10/9

2. Frostbite:

Encases an Enemy Unit in Ice, Prohibiting Movement and Attack, while Dealing 50 Damage every Half-second. Lasts 10s on Creeps level 6 or Lower.


HERO TOTAL DAMAGE: 150 / 200 / 250 / 300
CREEP DURATION: 10 / 10 / 10 / 10

MANA COST: 115/125/140/150
COOLDOWN: 9/8/7/6

3. Arcane Aura:

Gives Additional Mana Regeneration to all Friendly Units on the Map. This Bonus is Increased for Crystal Maiden.


ALLY MANA REGEN: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 3
SELF MANA REGEN: 2 / 3 / 4 / 8

4. Freezing Field:

CHANNELED - Surrounds Crystal Maiden with Random Icy Explosions that Slow Enemies and Deal Massive Damage. Lasts 10s. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter (Applies Frostbite to any Enemy Unit in the Freezing Field for more than 2.5s).


DAMAGE: 105 / 170 / 250

MANA COST: 200/400/600

Her Highness's Talents

Talents are Totally Situational but here is a General Guide.

1. Level 10:The Extra 50 Damage is Usually Better than 15% Magic Resistance as 50 Damage is More than a Third of the Damage she does at Level 25. The 15% Spell Resistance is not too Helpful. This is an Exception if there are Lots of Magic Dealers in the Enemy Team (Such as Sand King)

2. Level 15:The Extra 125 Cast Range is Better than the 200 Health as this Enables you to Cast Spells from Further Away, Enabling you to Stay Safe and also Chase Down Enemies Easier. 200 Health does not make you Tanky and Scales very Badly into the Late Game.

3. Level 20:Both these Talents are Very Good but I Personally Prefer the Increased gold/min. Crystal Maiden does not Earn much Gold and can thus get Items needed with the Increased Gold. The Decreased Respawn Time can be Helpful if you Feed or think that you are Much Needed in your Team.

4. Level 25:Both these Talents are Very Good but I Personally Prefer the Increased Frostbite. The Root Time is Multiplied by 150%, making it Unstoppable. It also Scales Better into the Late Game than the Increase in Crystal Nova Damage. You can get the Damage Increase if you are Frequently Pushing Creep Waves. Most People do not know that Upgrading Frostbite also Increases the Damage by 150.

Creep Pulls & Creep Camp Stacks by Her Highness

Creep Pull
Pulling Creeps are Essential when the Enemy Team is too Aggressive, Allowing your Carry to Last Hit under the Tower and the Enemy to get Less Farm. You are also Less Prone to Ganks.
Creep Camp Stacks
Stacking Camps Basically refers to Multiplying the Number of Creep Camps in a Camp by 2. Creeps Respawn at 0.30/1/3/5min Marks. Ping to your Carry when a Camp has been Stacked to allow him to Farm more.

Her Highness's Game Phases

1. Start Game:
[*] Give an Observer Ward to the Hero in the Other Lane (Not Mid).
[*] Secure the Bounty Rune for your Carry by Standing away from the Rune towards the Enemy's Side.
[*] Ward your own Lane.
Block the Creeps.

2. Early Game:
[*] If there is Someone with Higher Gold Priority in your Lane, don't Last Hit. Deny and Harass with Right-clicks.
[*] If the Enemy is too Aggressive, Pull your Creeps and the Carry should Last Hit under the Tower.
[*] Keep Buying Observer Wards and Ward at Important Places (Lanes, Jungles & Ganks).
[*] Buy the Flying Courier when it is Available.
[*] Keep Ganking the Enemy's Most Farmed Carry's Lane, Scaring him off to Last Hit which makes him Under-farmed. Also Gank Heroes with Low HP Remaining to Push the Lane (Esp Mid).
[*] Don't Push the Lane too Much without Wards to Ensure you don't get Ganked.

3. Mid Game:
[*] Keep Warding.
[*] Start Farming Neutral Creeps when you have Maxed out Arcane Aura.
[*] Keep Killing Enemies that go Solo (Identify them with Observer Ward Vision.
[*] Start getting Involved in Teamfights & Pushes. You can be Really Helpful ( Crystal Nova for Pushes & Freezing Field for Teamfights).

4. Late Game:
[*] Keep Warding.
[*] Spam Abilities.
[*] Never go Solo. Stick with your Team/Carry.
[*] Take out the Enemy's Shrines asap, Disallowing them from using Town Portal Scroll to Teleport further from their Base and also from Healing.

Allies & Enemies of Her Highness

Heroes who need Positioning for Stuns/Nukes ( Tiny, Lina…)
Heroes that need Lots of Mana ( Storm Spirit, Skywrath Mage…)

Good Against:
Heroes with High Move Speed or Blink ( Bloodseeker, Anti-Mage…)
Melee Heroes with High Base Damage ( Slardar, Lifestealer…)

Heroes with Nukes ( Lion, Lina)
Heroes with High Base Damage ( Legion Commander, Templar Assassin…)
Heroes with Stuns/Silences ( Lion, Shadow Shaman…)

Her Highness's Tips

    1. Can Jungle for Extra Income.
    2. Always Keep a Town Portal Scroll in Hand if you have not Gotten Boots of Travel to Escape and Also to Push Lanes.
    3. Keep Buying Wards when There is Stock.
    4. Pull Creeps if the Creep Fight is Happening on the Enemy’s Side.
    5. Stack Creep Camps near the Lane when you are Idle for your Carry.
    6. Only Focus on Denying and Harassing in the Lane and never Attack Enemy Creeps if there is a Carry in Lane as you will Push the Lane, Exposing Yourselves to Ganks.
    7. Use Crystal Nova to Clear Creep Waves if you have Sufficient Mana.
    8. Always Play Aggressively and Harass the Enemy to let your Carry Farm Safely and to Bag Kills with Frostbite.
    9. Your Carry's Life is More Important than yours. So, you Shouldn't Mind Dying to Save your Carry by using Frostbite on the Enemy.

Her Highness's Charm/Charisma

Believe it or not, Charm Wins you Half the Game & gets you many Commends. To Charm your Team all you have to do is to always be Positive & Encourage your Teammates.

A Few Examples are:

[*] When you are the only Support: Don't Worry Guys! I can Solo Supp!
[*] When the Enemy has Super/Mega Creeps: We can still Win this.
[*] When your Teammate gets a Double/Triple Kill: Awesome!
[*] When your Teammate gets an Ultra Kill: Cmon! Get a Rampage!
[*] When your Teammate gets a Rampage: Damn! Nice!
[*] When the Enemy's Courier Dies: Nice One!
[*] When a Successful Gank was carried out: Yay!
[*] When the Enemy Team is Team-Wiped: Gr8!
[*] When you have Super/Mega Creeps: Yeah! Sure Win!
[*] When your Carry is Very Farmed: Nice Farming!
[*] When your Team is Wiped: Don't Worry. Can still Win.
[*] When you Die: Sry Guys, my Fault.
[*] When you Lose: Aw...GGWP...U Guys Played Real Good.
[*] When you Win: Yeah! GGWP! U Guys Played Real Good!

Her Highness's Summary

Thanks for All Your Support Guys. If you Awesome Dota 2 Players Comment on how to Improve the Guide or Something, it would be Great. Thanks for All your Time. I want you to Remember this Always when Playing Crystal Maiden, "Your Carry's Life Is More Important Than Yours!!!". Please do Give a Frozen Thumbs Up if you Enjoyed this Guide. Thanks!!!

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