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pudge guide

October 30, 2014 by SomeGuides
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super pudge

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Purchase Order

strating items

mid game

late game [you pick]


Hero Skills

Meat Hook

2 3 5 7


1 4 8 9

Flesh Heap

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

starting a game

when you starting a game but your stuff and go to the mid lane fast toi get the rune!
and lvl your ROT to get last hits easly
save you gold and buy Bottle fast and after you buy it get gold fast for urn of shadow
then just reach level 6 fast and you can start gank al over the map...

but before you gettign 6 you can get your fb real fast...
pudge get realy good starting damge so hit you enemy and use Rot to get is hp down a bit do that Several times and then hide and hook him
and you got awesome FB

you can get fb fast if you got your Rot level 2 and you Meat Hook level 2 go to the rune and op for haste if you got haste just run to your enemy with the Rot actived and hit him and then run again and hit him when he got low hp go to the side and hook him!!!!!!!!!

when you getting level 6 you need to buy few TP scrolls and then just play with the lanes go bot and gank there go top and gank there and use you tp scrols to go to a diffrant lane or back to base :D
if you go to gank and you find invis go near to an enemy and use Dismember
with Rot and just hook him when its done...

anothrer cool thing you can do its go to an enemy and Meat Hook him and then Dismember him with Rot actived and use your [[urn of shadow] on him
and that how you make sure your enemy DEAD!!!!

items :D


its realy good item for pudge give him mana and he can bottle the run he getting and save them for later [must buy!!!]

urn of shadow
after each kill you get you got 2 uses in this cool item
he will give you [or your teammates] 400HP
and he will get your enemy 150HP!!!
what mean you can gank with it but you can also heal your self after gank
another thing you can use it for its to run into bunch of creeps and hit them while using Rot and then heal yourself with that cool item :D

Blink Dagger
the optinos with this item are unlimited!!!!
you can do anything you want:
1.use it to get close to your enemy and then use Dismember
2. go up to a hill and hook from there and then your enemy can get down so its SURE KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can do what ever you want to do with that item its awesome

im not going to write abut all of the items but this items ****ing awesome!!!!

Aghanim`s Scepter will heal you when you using your ulti and that will make you UNSTOPABLE!!!

something funny to do with this Aghanim`s Scepter if you run out of hp and all of your enemy dead [and you got no urn-_-]
use it on creeps or natural creeps !!! funny

gooooood but baaaadddd

pudge realy good becouse he got good HP POOL and he can kill allmost any hero that there is!!!!
its EZ to farm with him and its realy hard to kill him with the right items he can get up to GODLIKE realy fast and no one can even hit him!!!!
he got realy good ulti that can stun some one for 3 sec. and he got Meat Hook that can slain any one!!! [360 pure damge]

but pudge get little ****s!!!
he can get strong and kill alot but when its getting up to late game he cant realy so **** by himself so if you se team that the only when who kill there is pudge they will lose [almost for sure] if you can control is Meat Hook god you cand=t kill with him and that will do realy deadly results for your teammate!!!

friends and foes!!!!

pudge friends:
crystel maiden realy good with pudge she can block enemy with teh frost bite and she giving him realy and i mean realy good mana regan!!!
imkinght can be good with him 2 [but omkinght good with every one]
he can give him bkb and hp when he need it!
he can also slow an enemy and then the Meat Hook much more Guaranteed
so its realy good hero with pudge!!!

pro tusk can be good with pudge with the Snowball he can get pudge realy close to the target and Pudge can use Dismember to kill!!!

but there is some heroes that can kill pudge realy fast

sniper-ik you say "wtf sniper" but sniper with Desolator can be preety sick and kill pudge with out a blink!!!!
but its hope to the sniper team niper CANT kill pudge alone but when the team come to help sniper shoot from realy far away and pudge can do **** abut it
but at the starting game sniper preety noob vs pudge!

another hero that can kill pudge is: Bloodseeker
he can silance pudge and the pudge become useless and he can prevent him from moving with his amazing ulti Rupture

and pudge biigest enemy taht when you se someone pick him REPICK and never ever pick pudge!!!!!!!:
this ****ing guys got 98% of magic restraint and pyudge realy useless againt him [so as ES zaus and all the other heroes in dota!!!]

another one that strong on pudge called the life stealer!
idk if you guys know that but life stealer got skill that give him lifesteal
but its up to the enemy hp! and pudge got 10000000000000 HP so life can kill him with no problem!

my opinion abut pudge!!!

what im thinking abut pudge:
listen up guys pudge its the most played hero in dota!
the item for him cost alot and every one loves him
but what im thinking!
ok pudge its 1 of my favorit heroes in dota i love to play him and i even buy him the legandry t***les!! [black death]
i thnk hes preety suck hero he can kill almost every one and i think its realy good pick vs a mage team! [team with 3 mage or something like that]
but as i said earlier when you getting into the late game he cant kill so many and he will die a lot!
you can get up to godlike in 10 min. but then you cant even kill 1! [when you get up to 50 min.]
and that give the enemy team HUGE Advantage on your team :D

any way i think that pudge realy fun hero and i wan tyou to play him
but when you see they pick late game heroes!
just pick another hero :D

:D :D :D

guys i hope you like that guide iil be very haapy if you guys vote or say something to me

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