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One Hit Ultra Kill

November 26, 2012 by DirtGrub
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

The common build

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

9 10 12 13


2 4 8 14

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18

One Hit Ultra Kill

November 26, 2012


When this guy is in the game and turns this color you win
Sven is becoming one of the most played carries in the game recently. Sven doesn't just play a carry role. Watch a few Na'Vi games and you will see a support sven. Sven can contribute through the entirety of the game and has kill potential every second of the game. This guide will be focused on carry Sven.



  1. Kill potential throughout the entire game
  2. Easy Farm during Mid Game
  3. Lots of Damage
  4. Lots of Armor for you and your team
  5. With bad start can still comeback due to Great Cleave
  6. Can easily outcarry many of the formerly known hard carries

    Cons How to fix
    1. Ungodly low Mana pool Get clarities or Stats/ Stat boosting items or Teammates with Mana boots
    2. Kited very Easily Get movespeed items or Teammates with slows or stuns Venomancer and Vengeful Spirit are good lane supports
    3. Somewhat slow Attack speedGet a Mask of Madness or Armlet of Mordiggian
    4. Needs Magic Immunity Somewhat similar to the Kiting problem. Sven will be focused in Most Teamfights or at least nuked to low health


First off, If you don't buy a Wand in the early game or at least a magic stick you aren't playing dota. Next, If you have a complete free farm or first blood go the Hand of Midas route
Build One
-The Mask of Madness is a pretty common pick on Sven. It prevents you from being kited and gives you attack speed so you can smack people faster with your really big sword.
-Which brings me to my next point, if you don't get the item that makes you big and glow yellow, which is Black King Bar, you are silly. The extra damage from MoM will make you melt to enemy nukes and disables and you might not even hit a single target with that really big sword.
-The Armlet of Mordiggian provides extra damage and attack speed. I hope you notice a trend with the attack speed.
- Daedalus = hit really really hard with the big sword
With proper coordination and sometimes without it you can get an ultra kill and then march down the mid lane and win. If it goes further and you need another big item look at what the other team consists of. Evasion?= Monkey King Bar More Damage then you?(how did this happen?)= Heaven's Halberd

Build Two
- The Drum of Endurance give good stats and a nice active for the early game. These help a lot with the terrible mana pool the gods gave the rougue knight. Attack speed is missing but you can get by with this because you have mana for multiple stuns and warcry so there is less kiting.

Build Three
This is really just a different way to start out. I really prefer the magic stick and extra clarity versus shield and axe. I do like to play very aggresive early and the magic stick and claritys eventually scare them out of lane. They usually can't stay in a lane with a sven and a support with this build. Then you get free farm and then you win


Early Game
Be aggresive with the rogue knight, you can get multiple kills before the 10 minute mark even if the enemy team is playing safe. But more importantly Farm, then Focus on the Farm.

Mid Game
By the ten minute mark you should have your Power Treads, Drum of Endurance, and Magic Wand If you got first blood you could even be building part of your Black King Bar. Always carry a TP no matter what and help your team. Your skills alone can change a fight for your team. Warcry is amazing early game and Storm Hammer hits hard and has an AoE. Try to gain map control early that way the jungle is safe when the lanes are pushed. Great Cleave will triple your farm rate during this portion of the game.

Late Game I find that Sven only needs one defensive item to make an impact. Thus, Black King Bar should be all you need. Once you have a crit and god strength most supports will die within two hits. Leaving the opposing Carry to retreat or be focused down. At this point in the game you have a skill that grants everyone around you 1800 gold worth of armor for eight seconds, plus movespeed faster than a Yasha. You should have Daedalus or Monkey King Bar depending on the opposition and how the mid game went. At this point it is up to team coordination to help you win. Just remember to swing the really big sword and turn this color

Friends and Foes


  • Vengeful Spirit, Lina, Rubick- all of them have followup or initiating stuns for you to follow up on and get easy kills in lane.
  • Venomancer, Tidehunter, Crystal Maiden, Shadow Shaman- disables and slows that allows those few extra hits for the kill
  • Io deserves a special mention here. Once he has level 6 under his belt you have kill potential anywhere on the map. Cons of WispSometimes his orbs steal the kill. Wisp can't help that, he is just trying help you but he ends up helping himself. Pros of Wisp Kiting is no longer a problem with Tether that bonus movespeed helps the rogue knight so much early game.

    • Naga Siren- Ensnare goes through BKB and basically leaves you to do nothing for a while.
    • Beastmaster- Roar goes through BKB and if you aren't the target you are slowed
    • Magnus and Enigma- Huge teamfight ulties that go through magic immunity with way too much lockdown. These two heroes are very high tier picks and the players might not even be scared to used the ulty on one hero.
    • Disruptor- Wanna TP to a teamfight? sorry, Glimpse. Wanna chase? sorry Glimpse Kinetic Field can also accomplish the same thing early on.

Closing Words

Thanks for reading guys. Comments appreciated. If you feel I need to expand on a subject or add something please feel free to let me know.

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