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Oh, it's the Juggernaut.(Going Carry)

August 27, 2013 by 99buttonz
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Carry Juggernaut

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Early game

Early game(If harrased)

After getting the drums



Stuff to avoid

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Blade Fury

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Oh, it's the Juggernaut.(Going Carry)

August 27, 2013


Hey guys,this is my first DOTA 2 guide.Today we are going to talk about Yurnero,the Juggernaut.
I hope you enjoy my guide and find it useful.I appreciate any comments that can help.
Ok,here we go.
Juggernaut is a good early and mid game ganker ,but he can also be very effective late game.Unfotunately he is very dependent on items in late game.

Pros / Cons

-Has a built in magic immunity which can be an escape mechanism
-Has a nice AoE heal
-Has a good agility bonus each level
-Amaizing built in critical strike
- Omnislash goes through magic immunity

-Low mana pool
- Omnislash can be blocked by Ghost Scepter, Decrepify and similar skills
-Dependent on items in late game
-Escape mechanism is not VERY effective


Blade Fury is the Juggernaut's early game dmg ;magic immunity and escape mechanism.On lvl 4 it deals 140 dmg each second in 250 AoE.You can toggle items while spinning.Speaking about the escaping,you can TP while spinning and the enemies won't be able to stop you.

Healing Ward heals a decent amount of hp for you and your allies in 500 AoE.You need to control the ward in order to keep him alive,because it has 1 HP.Killing the ward won't give your enemies any gold or xp ,but the Ward has a minute cd,so use it wisely.

Blade Dance gives you a 35% chance to deal double damage critical strike(on level 4) which is quite nice thing to have.

Omnislash is your amazing ultimate.It deals an enormous amount of damage and goes through magic immune,but is controlled by physical dmg immune,such as Decrepify and Ghost Scepter.Another problem with the ulti is that Juggernaut jumps randomly and can jump on creeps.

Laning and items.

Juggernaut can go both easy and the hard lane.Laning with a good support such as Crystal Maiden or a Venomancer will provide you some kills and farm.If you go hard lane I suggest you buying Stout Shield to upgrade it into a Poor Man's Shield if it gets hot.
If you are going easy lane with a support ,just rush the Drum of Endurance to avoid the lack of mana and farm/kill.

To start doing stuff we need Drum of Endurance, Phase Boots and Yasha.Now we have enough move and attack speed+dmg.Our next item is Manta Style .It will provide us some more stats so we can sell our drums(ONLY IF USED) and illusions in order to avoid silence and such spells as Track.

We were not going battlefury,but we still need an item that will ease our farm.Good thing to do is to get a Maelstrom,but NOT getting the Mjollnir yet.It will increase our farm.

Next item to get is going to be Helm of the Dominator so we can get roshan with the help of our teammates.Then we need some more gold to get the Mjollnir.

Black King Bar is a very useful item because we can't attack in Blade Fury but we need the magic immunity a lot.

Finishing this is going to be Butterfly as it is the best item for agility heroes.Evasion,attack speed+dmg is very nice,so it is worth the money we spend.

Next items are actually optional except getting the Satanic.In my opinion Satanic is a MUST HAVE item for every late game carry.

Stuff to avoid

Juggernaut can buy a lot of optional items but some of them are restricted if you are playing late game carry.

Daedalus is a restricted item for Juggernaut.Yes,it gives 81 dmg,but we do not need the second critical that is quiet similar to ours.

Mask of Madness is the WORST item on juggernaut.He hasn't got as many hp in late game and he will die from the extra 30% dmg that are coming in.

Talking about the Aghanim's Scepter and the Refresher Orb.Yes,this items are nice on Juggernaut but it is not very effective in late game.First of all,some battles can be near the creeps and you will just waste it.Also,it can be easily countered by Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade.(DONT FORGET ABOUT PUGNA'S Decrepify)

Desolator.This item is quite handy,BUT.Desolation is an orb,and our orb is life steal from the Helm of the Dominator or the Satanic.Someone will say that:" Desolator IMBA MUST HAVE IF U WANT LIFE STEAL GET THE VLADIMIR'S OFFERING.NO! Satanic gives an amaizing triggerable 175% LIFE STEAL BONUS which is absolutely cool.That's why we pick Satanic as an orb.

These were only the items which are commonly bought on Juggernaut.

Team Work

Speaking about team play. Juggernaut is a very nice aggressive laner if he has a teammate with a nice slow( Venomancer) or a stun ( Crystal Maiden) on his lane.This are only the examples ,because there are a lot of heroes that can lane with Juggernaut.
If speaking about late game ,I think Magnus with Reverse Polarity is a good friend of Juggernaut.Also, Ogre Magi gives you a very good bonus to AS+MS.

His main foes are: Batrider(The ability to take down very fast) , Pugna(As the main Juggernaut's damage comes from physical attacks Decrepify is a pain in the butt) and Pudge with his ulti that stuns through Black King Bar or Blade Fury.


Guys ,this is the end of my guide to the Juggernaut as a nice late carry.I hope you enjoyed it and found something useful for you.I really appreciate any helpful comments because it is my first guide.

P.S. If you want any more guides please write it in the comments :)

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