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magnus mid/offlane

September 7, 2016 by mr.dark gouki
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Polomino | July 28, 2016 6:56am
mr dark , I'm not sure you have ever played magnus offlane before to say that nobody can kill you before the level 4/5. Obviously the dual of supports and the carry can easely shut you down during the whole laning phase, that's why we usualy take escape level 1, to avoid a realy hawfull laning phase. Next, as you probably already saw sometimes, there is a lot of way to play Dota 2 and every hero can be played on multiples positions. That's why the carry build is legit, even if you take more damages when you use your mask of madness, who cares ? Your ennemies are supposed to be in your RP while you use it to deal damages to them.
Finaly , saying that you have made this build by looking s4 playing magnus is not realy in information that is making it more legit... not at all...
For the bloodstone, still not a good idea because it is realy to expensive for a magnus. Let's remember that this hero is not the best farmer in the dota 2 heroes pool, even if he is not the worst too. That's why you should prefere to build items like agahnim (with the new patch) in situation to help your range carry deal, or even to upgrade your force staff because what magnus needs more than everything else is MOBILITY.
mr.dark gouki (1) | July 28, 2016 8:45am
Well i find him one of the best farmers in the early game,for the offlane you have tango to sustain and any good offlaner knows to farm under tower, in a dual lane i don t think that ganking you is easy and i buy tp from 75 gold left from starting items and get courier to deliver it to me in case i m geting ganked,if your map is well warded its almost imposible to get ganked unnless you arent watching the map.and i said explicitly lvl 4 on lvl 4 i do get my third skill.with this way of using magnus i get blink,boots wand and bottle in about min 9-11 depending on the game.don t get me wrong magnus can carry but most of the time someone else is better at the role,if i wanted to carry i would pick spectra instead.for bloodstone its cheaper than refresher orb whitch i don t have problems to get.and to be able to carry with magnus you need perfect rp of at least 3 people in it whitch will or will not happen its sitational,playing mag as intiator semmy carry or ganker/mid/offlane role fits him better.and one more thing dota is a siuational game,same apply to magnus i play him differently every game in one game i will get boots of travel,in the other maybe arcane boots depending against who and with i m playing,my build should be guideline not a strict rule everyone should follow
knight96-1994 (2) | June 15, 2016 9:51am
This guide needs some serious work.
First off, too many unexplained situational items and the 2 builds are way too similiar (also, Bloodstone on Magnus for real?)
The english is pretty much awful, you need to work on it before writing a guide.
You say that Magnus can't carry and this is extremely wrong.
Reverse Polarity in conjunction with Empower and a Mask of Madness is definetely carry-ish in the mid game and becomes even more powerful late game when you get Daedalus or mjolnir.
He doesn't need many items to be fearful, Blink Dagger alone is enough to tear down an entire team without anything else.
The friends & foes section needs some explanation - also, Enigma in solo pub games is usually the worst ally a Magnus since people don't communicate and usually end up skewering the enemies outside the black hole-.

Leveling up Empower first isn't usually good and definetly isn't when you're offlaning.
An early level of Skewer can be used for the first blood, Shockwave too and can be used as a much safer way to last hit in the offlane.
Empower in the midlane is especially bad because you end up pushing the lane.
mr.dark gouki (1) | June 16, 2016 4:39am
You get it wrong,magnus can carry but only in low tier pubs.any competent player will outcarry magnus easy,he s much more usefull as utility semy carry,disabler,teamfighter role.
mask of madnes and daedalus are terible item choices for magnus no escape,increase dmg he takes and easy to kit.
Shocwawe or skewer early game is terrible it does low dmg on lvl 1 and i doubt anyone will be able to kill you on lvl 1 to lvl 4 so taking skewer early ist nessesary.
empower has low mana cost and it s great for farming it doesn t push the lane unless you are autoattacking like a noob.when you get shockwawe on lvl 2 you can flash farm by geting all creeps on same hp lvl with empower and killing wawe of creeps with shockwawe.
It makes your farm skyrocket i even got blink min 4 or 5 in some games.
and when you clear creeps and push yours to the enemy midlaner you go grab boath runes and continue to flash farm.
i watched every single game of s4 and arise some of the best magnus players in the world.
they build him and play him like that most of the time its most effective in my oppinion.

As for bloodstone if you got soulring you can later upgrade in to bloodstone solves all of mag problems mana,gives you some tankiness heal your alies when you die in a teamfight and you can deny yourself.

Its just a sitational item if you are snowballing so why not ocarine core is much better but bloodstone is cheaper.its personal prefference.ty for the comment i will try to fix some mistakes in the text sorry.
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