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magnus mid/offlane

September 7, 2016 by mr.dark gouki
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mid magnus

DotA2 Hero: Magnus

Hero Skills


2 3 5 7


1 12 13 14


4 8 9 10

Reverse Polarity

6 11 16


15 17 18


hello i m gouki this is my second guide i wrote here i will try to explain magnus role,item choices,skillbuild and playstyle.
magnus is versitale initiator,support,semycarry or disabler
his skillest revolve around movment and positioning as he can make setup for almost any other ability in the game.
magnus is good addition to any team can solo mid or offlane or even support if need be.
i l move on explaining skill build in the next chapter

So what is magnus role?

Mag role is to be initator or counter initiator,pos 2 role ganker,or offlane teamfighter.
magnus scales extremly well in the lategame 8 sec teamstunn,2x shiva with refresher orb
and x2 his other skills is nothing to joke about.
even harrdcarry with 6 slots can be easly killed lategame with that.
realize that magnus can never and will never be hardcarry or carry but he can be utility semycarry in the lategame and only in some games.
he fit third positon as carry,first positon as initiator,and second position as a ganker/mid.he is as well disabler to a degree,i hope this clear up magnus role a bit.i will not make carry mag builds i consider them for fun only.this is a guide for playing magnus to his full potental.


Shockwawe is your main dmg dealing nuke use this to farm and harras your enemy,when using it try to hit enemy while farming creeps in the same time.

also do not take this skill on lvl 1 empower is better for early farm.

and it also save your mana shockwawe does little dmg on lvl 1 so do not use it until you put 2 point in it by lvl 3.its best to max out this skill by lvl 7 before other
its reliable nuke has good range,can net you kills from safe distance.
It also does high dmg and can hit multiple enemies.

empower is great farming tool does good dmg to heroes and creeps alike,you should take 1 point in this skill on lvl 1.
reason is low mana cost compared to shockwawe high mana cost and low dmg on lvl 1.

empower will help you farm in lane save your mana trade hits if there is enemy in close range early game with this your autoattacks deal realy good dmg so you can smash pudge in the face.

you can make him scared by just hiting him 2-3 times maybe even kill him if he s stupid enough to try and fight you with lvl 1 rot or hook.

however we leave empower on lvl 1 and put next 2 levels in shockwawe since on lvl 3 shockawe deal 150 dmg with 10 sec cd instead of patethic 75 dmg on lvl 1 with same manacost of 90.

To summarize everything we take lvl 1 empower to farm and save mana,put next 2 levels in shockwawe and then starting to use it.(unless you don t cross path with realy low enemy escaping ist justified to use it on lvl 2 to take the kill but only for this).

skewer is my favorite and most fun ablity to use,its a versitle ability can be used as nuke,slow,disable escape or chase ability yes it does all of this.

put only one point in it on lvl 4 as you won t use it much early game execept for escape.

Lvl 1 skewer is enough to drag someone under your tower for a kill,slow or just escape
jail card from enemy.
max this second after you max out shockwawe.
it does decent dmg has huge range and slow can be used as forcestaff early game.

so to remind you lvl 1 empower,lvl 2 and lvl 3 shockwawe,lvl 4 skewer,lvl 5 shockwawe.

behold and fear magnataur ultimate skill reverse polarity,behold strongest ult in the whole game of dota.reverse polarity is 3.75 sec aoe stunn ability which pulls all enemies in front of magnus and stuns them in 410 aoe.
it has instant cast time goes trough bkb and does 50,150,200 dmg.
this is powerfull ult this you get on lvl has a long cd so be aware how you use it.

i.use it to secure kills if you cant secure one sure kill at least then sustain yoursef until better oportunity arise but do not wait forever and use whenever you see fight or grouped up enemy near your tower if your team is on your heels.

one mistake most players do is use ult if they are about to die do not use your ult save it for 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 revenge kills rather than die and waiste cd on powerfull ability.

This skill is starter of many combo wombos and multiple enemy rp are offten followed by carnage it set up for everything you can think of legion ult,enigma ult,invoker combo,jakiro ult,sven multiple carnage.following scenes are not recommended and do contain images of insane violence


early game don t build big items like bottle or blink and take some gg braches,tango,2 mangos for early mana sustain for shockwawe this should be enough to trade hits and farm
early game.
second you want to get bottle and boots or if your having a good farm or you had net a kill or two skip boots and get blink dagger asap.
after obtaining your brown boots bottle and blink you should look for fights or enemies so
you can land reverse polarity to set up other skills or use skewer afterwards to drag them to your team for ez kills.
in between figthing you should farm lanes and jungle with empower and get forcestaff as your second core item.
always carry tp or 2 to be able to join fights and gank lanes until you get your boots of travel
secure runes with bottle if your mid or offlane take ones from your side and leave second one for mid.
haste double dmg and arcane rune are best for magnus.haste can net early kills with rp,
double dmg is good for pressuring mid or taking kill arcane will ensure you save your mana.
regeneration is also great for mag. get rid of all mana make other mid miserable and use rune to recover your mana.
Next you will want to get shiva guard
this is the best item for magnus solves all of his problems armor,manapool,mana regeneration,also give you 200 dmg nuke 40% slow for 4 seconds and passive 45 attack speed slow.
You want this item before refresher .resoning behind this is you dont have enough mana for 2 rp after refresher so shiva replace second rp it does same dmg,and slow is almost like stunn.

You should make this item about min 30-35 in to the game.
If game is still on, its time to put final blow to your enemy yes refresher orb .
With refresher you can do rp x2,shiva x2,plus skewer x2,plus shockwawe x2.

This is the reason why enemy will fear you more than your carry and they should.
2 shiva and 2 rp do 400 dmg alone.

let me do some math for you 400 dmg plus 600 dmg double shockwawe plus 540 dmg skewer plus 130% movement slow from shivas 80% and double skewer 50% slow.

everything you catch with this will die even 25 lvl 6 sloted medusa.
after i cast 2x shiva and 2x rp everything is dead at least ones i got in it.
on top of that don t forget 2 rp does 7.5 sec enough for total carnage.

I would fear this and you should as well more than any carry.
Last item slot i let you decide ac,hearth,moonshard,mjolmir,radiance pipe your decision to make.

So in this order bottle,boots,blink,forcestaff,boots of travel,shiva,refresher...six slot as you wish honorable mentions to consider in some games
arcane boots,pipe,blademail,shadowlade,sange and yasha,euls scepter,ags ect look list of situational items above.

This concludes item building for magnus next chapter will be pros and cons of the hero


strong points what is mag good at
Strongest ult in the game.
Best initiator.
scales to lategame.
Fit any line up.
Have good presence during whole game
Teamwipe specialist.
farm easy at any point of the game
has reliable escapes

Bad points and what mag is bad at
can t carry
needs farm levels and items to be truly terrifying
Hate silence and radiance also hates necrophos
Team dependent
high cd ult
Rather small hp for str initator
low armor mana dependant

Tips and tricks with manus abilities

Early levels use shockwawe only when you can hit your opponent and farm creeps in the same time its most efective use of your mana.

empower should be on you or your carry at all times

when your ult is on cd you can still use skewer to drag enemy to your team.
Make sure to make qick cast hotkeys (not cast hotkeys) for skewer and rp,
With a little lobby practise you can bring whole new level of mag play.

When using rp press direction you want to skewer your enemy then press hotkey for skewer your enemy will be stuned for more time,also you will skewer faster with qick cast hotkey.

try this in lobby first few times,another tip i can give when your ult is on cd use skewer to secure kills.blink behind your enemy and skewer in direction you want to drag them.

Be aware you have to scroll screen a bit for longer drag if you click shorter distance mag will only drag as far as you click.

Video below shows rp turning while casting trick

Here is another video that cover a lot of mag tricks

Also use skewer to repositon yoursef to kill escaping enemy with shockwawe if they are not in the range.

note that if you use my trick for casting rp while turning the direction you want them to go you don t have to go around your enemy and waiste stun duration.

you can use shiva and skewer to slow and criple enemy for ez kills even without ult,you can do 500 dmg with shiva and shockwawe only

time your second use of refresher practise this in lobby untill you get timing for second rp its easiest way to do this as enemy is waking up from first rp to do fast refresh cast ult again and follow up with shiva.

Forcestaff is your second blink if blink is on cd use force to positon yourself for rp,escape jail card combiend with skewer or you can save friend from danger by pushing him out of danger zone.

Forcestaff can be used as extension of the range of your blink.

that is enough info for you to make your own playstyle i hope.
Next i will write about friend foe section.


Troll Warlord
Phantom Assassin
Dark Seer
anyone with aoe spell with high dmg or heavy autoatack to combine with empower and rp


Legion Commander
Keeper of the Light

Enoyone who has long disable with silence stun or heavy mana drain
People who mess up your positioning and combo breakers.


Magnus hevily relies on his team to deal dmg.he s also good with almost any good aoe big dmg dealers and disablers.he love rightclickers as well to buff with his empower.

be polite,always point out if your ult is on cd,or if you want to go and intiate.
let your team know what your plan is.dont mess up big dmg dealing abilities with skewer remember you decide how far you want to skewer.
when you make mistake try to learn from not blame team for loss.its only a game rememeber.

Some deep items explanation

well since magnus is situational hero(can adapt acording the situation) he also has sitational item builds.
if you are playing against magic dmg dealers,or dmg over a time spells (zeus,leshirac,lina,venomancer,disruptor etc) you build bkb or pipe of insight

against escape artists (antimage,puck,qop,storm,ember) forcestaff refresher are good choice for chaising and longer lockdown

against strong bkb piercing abilites and disables (legion commander,bane,lina)linken or shadowblade are effective.bkb with linken if you must in some games.

against heavy righclick dmg dealers (sven,pa,ck,troll,lifestealer,ursa,or juggernaut) euls scepter,shiva s guard,blademail,sange and yasha,bloodstone,hearth of tarrasqe halbred or refresher orb are good chice.

against illusion heroes (pl,ck,nagga,meepo,or manta style users) shiva,refresher orb,radiance and mjolmir are vise choice

if your team needs dmg boost agahnim scepter provide that boost at cost of 4200 gold

if you need aura for team you can buy ***oult curias,vladimir offering,drumms of endurance or any other aura

simply put adapt your build acording to the situation,and enemy picks see what your team needs and provide it according to you.

Final note

Good luck have fun,ty for reading my guide.feel free to comment,rate,downrate or like this guide.

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