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Дөлгөөн<3 Jae's God sf guide (7.02)

February 20, 2017 by dooloo33
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More info in items section/ :)

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend

Hero Skills


2 3 5 7


1 4 6 8

Presence of the Dark Lord

10 11 13 14

Requiem of Souls

9 12 18


Hero Talents

-50s Requiem of Souls Cooldown
-4 Presence Aura Armor
+0.4s Requiem Fear/Slow per line
+3 Damage Per Soul
+100 Shadowraze Damage
Presence Aura Affects Building
+25 Attack Speed
+25 Shadowraze Stack Damage

Hello Дөлгөөн<3 Jae is here :D

Hello fellas Jae is here.This is my first guide on shadow fiend and every core players pick this hero often.Okay lets make it fast and clear. What i am going to teach you is how to win midlane on shadow fiend and crush the game gets easy +25mmr . If u wanna contact with me go to discord server then u can find me.And i am coach at dotafire discord server :)
lh-lasthit u-you nc-neutral camps And this guide is very long and full build so take a snack and enjoy on reading :)

Pros and cons for fellas :)

Very high damage
Can snowball the game
Easy to boost mmr in 1-3k bracket
Fun to play
Can do magical damage
Can win every midlane hero if played correctly
Have a high burst damage
Very squishy
Can gank him really easy
No escape(slow movespeed)
Only good at early and mid(in late game he is very hard to do comeback)
Need high skill to master
Takes lot of time to practice

Fellas who hunt sf for gold

She can silence you and kills u very easily in early game u can kill him very easy or u gets killed so calculate everything think like pro
He is similiar to drow. But he burst u very fast and clean u need items like manta to debuff orch and other skills in early game u have to be careful he farms fast ganks u really easy as i said Little kid with excalibur
He is just a hard to deal with.His ult makes u like paper u cant do anything in early game vs him.Be careful when this hero is picked in enemy team
Oh in 7.02 he is burst damage god its nightmare in mid vs ember u really have to push ur creeps and play safe or 3 skills u are dead.

How to win midlane

Watch this video it has the general points. It teaches u how to manipulate creep waves. :) this will help u very well

How to play

If enemy team have lot of burst damages dont pick it u are squishy.Think urself a Little kid with excalibur.And annoying heroes like slark/lone druid/
and calculate everything.What u have to do is calculate ur damage and dont forget defensive item in his 20lvl talent +2damage for every soul it means u have tons of damage dont focus on only damage build some wall like donald trump does hha. First u have to practice raze watch this video this video is very old but u can use this method in demo hero or in lobby too :) this is bit annoying so u have other ways to practice too we have all kinds of custom game so do that do and remember raze range for 100% or u will miss very easy kills. OH NO I DIED IN MID WHAT I HAVE TO DO NOW!!! aaw dont be a kid dota is very large game if u cant farm on mid just go nc but they will know if u gone to nc so make everything clean look minimap for alltime.Think!!! Think all time. U n
Even if u have badtime always remember u can be useful. if u are stomping the game try to help supports with wards. Ward is very cheap i am loved to buying wards on sf it helps u to get free kills :) Now i give u information about what u have to remember all time and used to it. So lets practice ur last hit first. open demo or lobby and pick sf dont buy any item and dont pick skills just try to take last hit and do it like 10min with no item and skill if u taked 50 last hit u are good last hitter try to get constant 50h in 10min and practice in lobby or demo it is really useful DO THIS AND U ARE A ****IN GOOD LAST HITTER CONSTANT 50 LAST HIT AT 10MIN EZ MID NOW SNOWBALL THE GAME **** ENEMY TEAM ahahha be confident and in teamfight dont scare just go or back its very simple all out or all in if u are scared ur team will lose teamfight and catch you easily. Dont do this be confident dont be a pus.y u are good damage dealer just calculate everything and THINK ALL TIME and combine this guide with ur playstyle then u are god sf
THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS BUY ****IN TP seriously u need tp see other lanes alltime when u gets 1 last hit check minimap to be safe.You dont have to be full aggressive to win the midlane. In 10min if u have 50 lh with no death its pure win for mid because it gives you lot of networth then u can get ur core items help other lanes win the game :)
Watch this video and how dendi fight in teamfight and look his razes closely he always hit it for 100% and he calculates it very perfect. And it shows us be confident just go or no

Shadow fiend vs other mid heroes(this is where it gets serious)

This is very classic here.It depends on you invoker is squishy in early game but he can rege his hp very good but u dont. You need lot of health regeneration in midlane.After you hits level 5 u can outlane him in lane secure farms in nc. if enemy team support is ganking u remember 1 trick invoker has only 1 stun in early game thats Cold snap so mid hassee this picture its bit of old but see the highground if they are ganking and goes to river and u are in highground then invoker gives u coldsnap and with support stun they will miss 2-3hits for sure and gets salve alltime ready *** possible next if they dive into ur tower calculate everything fast as possible and be brave kill them. In mid<late game u need only bkb :)
This hero is really pain in *** but with 1 trick u can outlane her from the lane. So lets talk about templar first skill Refreaction it has instance and gives her shield and high damage to secure the lane and keep the pressure right? So what u have to do is dont trade hits u will be dead.Hit her very clean all time and back/do this every time when u takes lh it makes her leave with no protection then u can get very easy raze then her hp will be down and be care vs psi blades this is the only thing thats **** sf be smart vs her or u are dead. Mid and late game is very spooky vs her so get manta for sure she can focus single target with manta her refreaction runs out and hide for 100% then razes detection ur team brings or just requiem even she blocks with refreaction kill her :)
oh hello my old friend storm is deadly when he reaches level 6 and kills u very clean and gets out. So lets give u tips vs him. Push the creep wave and zone him. He gets very high damage from the creeps and forces to but salve this is where u hit jackpot storm is really greedy mid hero and u delayed his items this is what u have to do vs him. Keep the pressure zone him farm on nc if he reaches lvl 6 be careful and look minimap for safe play. Mid late game<buy bkb manta and ez game :)
oH hello alche why are u in 7.02? u are nerfed hell no!!!! He is still in the game why??? only his farm is slowed he is still scary. Okay so alche first skill acid spray it gives him free farm and zones u out u have to control the creep wave from the beginning what u have do is control the creep and focus on deny if he cast his acid spam raze and hit him then again he forced to buy salve or to press shrine be smart control everything but even if u kills alche in mid and ****s him no matter what happens he will farm and get his item. Get only 1 item vs alche Bloodthorn this is all in mid and late game be careful :)
Seriously this hero is so op in midlane and with long range u are really in bad situation so this is very hard matchup lets do it . First u need decent level to clear creep wave with razes until that u have to hug tower seriously but focus his bear always hit his bear when he gets his bear out u have to time to farm gets creeps really fast and go to neutral camps and farm fast and get bounty runes from the early game u will roaming in camps really fast. So the bear tanks even if u manages to hit lone he has skill named savage roar hha so as i said if u gets 50 last hit at 10min u won on midlane be safe in mid and late game try to but shadow blade and ult him do everything fast and clean :)
she is really pain in the *** hha her first skill is very annoying in the early game as u know u are squishy and qop is burst damage hero u have to be very careful so u have to control the creep wave. Creep wave is the key of winning qop in midlane why? qop is squishy to if she cant control the creep wave and only focusing u she takes lot of damage from creep wave then u can hit 1-2raze to let her b then what? BOOM! she buys salve or b to home or even shrine it all delays her farm she is similiar to storm but not that much she can buy veil and bm to kill ur teammates so be careful from her ult thats all.
If u crush this 6 hero in middle Bravo u get the general idea of sf mid and next all u need is habit of doing this then u are unstopabble shadow fiend

Item choice for SHadow fiend

This is your main item for shadow fiend.Why? Because u are ****in squishy. Even shadow demon can kill u solo seriously After this item teamfight will be easier but it will dont block right click damages so be careful and position urself very good
This item is very classic for shadow fiend u buys this and requiem at middle of fight takes teamfight easy. But in high bracket mmr U have to use it carefully like u can outplay them with Shadow Amulet u press on urself then take ur claymore from ur cour or just let it on lock combining and take from ur backpack press sd everybody will be focused where u pressed shadow amulet then boom u escapes or kills them. Outplayed Buy this if u are right clicking a lot
Dagger Oh hello my old dagger missed u so much. Ahhaha this is very aggressive choice for sf and manly sf. If u are going fol eul and dagger it means u are spamming ur skills. Magic sf. Select shadow blade or dagger on ur playing style
Buy this item vs Axe Phantom Assassin Bristleback Timbersaw Who has strong passive skills that makes u weak and useless. It is very helpful item for shadow fiend. And with black king bar u can go in frontline and ****s them.
This item is very useful for right click sf but for my opinion Bloodthorn is more useful. You silences them and all of ur attack are crit and u will be doing so much burst damages. The decision is on your hand :)
This is real requiem of soul shadow fiend. U deals so high damage in short time and gets ur hp back to 100% it is really good item for shadow fiend it has 2 side agg and defensive :)
Increases range safe hits from outside position u very well and this item is very popular for this hero and must buy item for sf
Oh this item is perfect for squishy heroes like sf. 6slotted ember coming to gank you. U uses hurricane pike and use dagger/shadow blade ez escape. So u have escape mechanic with this item. For me its must buy item
This item is very helpful for you. Debuff spells in teamfight/split push/baits them. And with bkb u are almost killable in teamfight.
Armlet of mordiggan i am not joking u can use this item. Helps ur hp to rege gets very high damage and combine with Mask of Madness Morbid Mask if u are not targeted in teamfight u will deal very high damage be BRAVE !!!!
duo dagger it will give u high mana rege and u can spam razes farm very fast u will get constant 600gpm in game and with extra kills ur gpm will be 800+ clear waves fast gets very clean solo kill. Practise this in demo before game so u will dont lose free kill :)
this is item is very classic in 7.02 u will have extra stun/Damage/hp rege/armor/purge almost everything u can get. But u have to practice this item then u are master of dominator.
This item is questionable. This can work for 2 sides. Being really aggressive rush into teamfights use this item on their carry and spam skills go with the flow be careful on your positioning
This item makes u crazy damage dealer ****s everyone in sight kills them very fast and pushes very fast but its almost useless in 7.02 why? u can buy Black King Bar from instead so choice is up to you
This makes enemy carry useless. Atk and move slow u can catch enemy heroes easy and it makes u stronger bulks hp and mana. U are becoming more tanky and durable in teamfights it means more secure and clean teamfights
This is end game item for sf takes hp back 2nd chance for sf makes u crazy tanky ***** :)

Ending must read after guide

This guide is about winning mid lane and gets u very useful sf player. There are so many sf guides so i just let this guide end to this. i will try to make guide on another mid hero or carry tell me ur suggestion on that too :). Peace fellas

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