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Loveless' Guide to Lycanthrope

March 25, 2012 by LuvLes
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The Only Build

DotA2 Hero: Lycan

Purchase Order

Core Inventory

Vladmir's Offering
Power Treads
Medallion of Courage
Black King Bar

Starting Items

Quelling Blade
Ring of Protection
Healing Salve

Extended Core

Monkey King Bar
Heart of Tarrasque

Hero Skills

Summon Wolves

1 3 5 7


10 12 13 14

Feral Impulse

2 4 8 9


6 11 16



Loveless' Guide to Lycanthrope

March 25, 2012

Look Retards

Everyone seems to think Lycanthrope is some super overpowered carry. No, the reason you hear good players talk about him being really good, they are referring to his pushing power. Currently, nobody can do it better, because with Necronomicon, Summon Wolves, Feral Impulse, Howl and Vladmir's Offering, he can easily outdamage any backdoor protection in the game, taking towers before a team can even teleport in to respond. Even if they do, Black King Bar and Shapeshift ensure that the gets out alive.

Also the fact that he can do Roshan as good, if not better, than Ursa and he can perform his role better, faster and safer than Ursa ever could. With Medallion of Courage, Summon Wolves and Vladmir's Offering, he can solo Roshan without any danger and in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Just remember that Lycanthrope is a pushing hero, have your team bait teamfights while you push.

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