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Juggernaut - Can't Touch This

July 30, 2014 by KingBurg3r
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Original - Personal Build

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Juggernaut - Can't Touch This

July 30, 2014


Advice from Users:

The only thing that changes is going for Blade Dance at level 2, I have received some information that this does help early last hitting and hero killing if you are lucky. Then another thing is the Healing Ward pick at level 7 instead of Stats or Blade Dance, It makes sense now because at this stage of the match there will be some high health heroes on your team, you including, this ward regenerates based on your max health but is helpful when roshing or teamfighting, even after a team fight has occured it might be nice to drop a ward to heal allies to push quicker and not waste time running back to base.


Advice from other users:

Thank you all for the input.

Now as you would see from build 2 that their are some changes.

The first being that you get Drum of Endurance which combines with your Bracers, after you got your Poor Man's Shield.

Next, go for Yasha as you get nice agility bonus from it and movement speed as well.

Now, the Skull Basher is still there because i feel at this stage in the game it might be a little too expensive to get Monkey King Bar so the Skull Basher should suffice the stunning needs, without unfortunately the true strike. NOTE: If you are playing against heroes like Phantom Assassin or Faceless Void then it might not be a bad idea to farm up for the Monkey King Bar as they wont be able to avoid attacks from you then...

Next up is Sange, get this to finish your Sange and Yasha, Sange gives you strength bonus and gives you a chance to maim your opponent, meaning to slow them down.

Lastly for this part of the game go for Maelstorm, this little version of Thor's Hammer gives you more attack speed and damage and a chance to chain lightning your opponents, very nice on Juggernauts already fast attack speed.

NOW, this part of the game is usually Mid/Late or even Late/End stages depending on how well you farmed. First, sell your Poor Man's Shield and replace it with, Butterfly. This little sword will give you a lot of agility and will give you evasion bonus, ,ake you a little harder to hit...

Next, go for Mjollnir, it gives more attack speed and higher chain lightning damage.
Now, as i said, Monkey King Bar isnt a must but it certainly will help against foes that have a passive for evasion like Phantom Assassin. Expensive but worth the price.

Lastly but not the least, Aghanim's Scepter gives you a lot of mana and health bonuses, and will upgrade your ulti Omnislash to 12 jumps, this does help in situation where there a re 5 heroes all rampaging for a team fight and will be better against tanky heroes like Sven or Wraith King.


I hope that is what was suppose to be in from all the advice givers.
Dont be afraid to give some more advice ;)

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