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How to properly play Dazzle safe lane carry

January 19, 2016 by Chaosmaster767
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Daedalus Dazzle

DotA2 Hero: Dazzle

Hero Skills

Poison Touch

1 3 5 7

Shallow Grave

8 12 13 14 15

Shadow Wave

2 4 9 10

Bad Juju

6 11 16


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How to properly play Dazzle safe lane carry

January 19, 2016


We all have played Dota 2 before. We know it's the best game ever. We know Russians normally ruin it. However, how can Russians ruin a game when you pick a hard carry like Dazzle? You need some support to push the enemy out of lane, but other than getting farm, you have a heal bomb, which is PHYSICAL DAMAGE, a q with a large slow, poison and mini-stun, which is PHYSICAL DAMAGE, and a ultimate, which lowers the enemies armor, increasing the amount of PHYSICAL DAMAGE they take. You see where i'm going here? If not, get out of my dojo you foolish League of Legends giraffe (It's a good game, but this ain't for you. Go eat some leaves in trees to high for normal-neck-sized animals). This is for only the PRO-EST of DotA 2 players. See, I wrote it as Defense of the Ancients, so the A is capitalized. That's how you know I am a smaert man. I'm basically Dendi (I mean, he's alright. I'd prefer to be Suma1L, but Dendi is more well known). Either way, I'm Chaosmaster767 (The Captain on Steam) and welcome to the best Dazzle carry guide you will ever find.


Some of you may be wondering, "Why the **** would you play Dazzle as a first slot? He's a support you below 1k mmr f**ker." And you know what, you'd be partially right, as I have had the sex before. However, that isn't important now. What is inportant is to show you some o' those Pros and Cons:

[*] Very large projectile size.
[*] He laughs like an insane purple man should.
[*] I got daedalus on him by fifteen minuets, so, like, that's neat.
[*] Fast farm
[*] Crazy crits
[*] Tons o' Damage
[*] Burst Bombs
[*] All alliteration

I've made my point.


Alright normal-sized-neck DotA players, if you're still reading this, then you truly understand how beautiful and strong Dazzle is as a hard carry. Or, you believe I am a fool and want to find out how much I will commit to this ****py joke. To answer the latter, I will go too far. Now, onto Tezel's skills:

Poison Touch. Now, this s**t is broken. I've play many DotA games in my time, and by far, faceing a Support Dazzle with Orb of Venom and Poison Touch is enough to contract cancer. While it may seem as if "aww, its just a small poison. Pff, its so bad, I can just use a magic shield and i'm fine. Get rekt, nub." Well, to you, mr. deserves-to-be-in-8k-but-is-in-2k Ember Spirit, How are you going to block my spells when they are all PHYSICAL DAMAGE. THAT'S RIGHT BOYS, GRAB A MOUNTAIN DEW, IT'S TIME TO RUIN THE MINDS OF PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE DAZZLE IS A NORMAL CASTER. SON I AIN'T NO GHOST.

Alight, now this is pretty much your ult. Much like how Undying's Tombstone is far better than his actual ult, Shallow Grave is just broken. "Oh, but it can be pierced by Axe's ult, so it's baaaaaaaaaaaaad" some might say. Well, to them I say, well sorry, just gotta get good. If nothing could pierce Shallow Grave, then Dazzle would be even more broken. It's like saying Tricks of the Trade is bad because people can just walk out of the aoe. I mean, it is because of that, but then they reduced it to 40 seconds, so now every Riki's just walking around like "HURR DERR DERR, I'M A DONDI." But what you, my fair Dazzle player must know, is that you take the high road. The one people are afraid of, because of the glory and the rewards that can be gained are too great for their tiny minds. Now, most of the time, when a Dazzle is a support and you play the carry (as I know you will because you, like me, can play anyone as a carry) the Dazzle won't get close enough to Shallow Grave you, and will complain that you just arn't good enough. However, when you play Tezel carry, you have the power to prevent your own death (as long as you have half a minuet to cast shallow grave. ******** valve, it takes so long to cast).

Alright. This is where the ******** really begins. This ability is the end all be all of stupid abilities in the game of Doto. Not only does it have a low cost, large heal, and JUMPS, but it deals mad damage in an aoe around the healed targets. What kind of damage, you may ask? well, of course it is PHYSICAL DAMAGE you ********ed degenerate (I'm just kidding, I love you like a unborn child). Of course, you don't count as one of the jumps, so you just heal yourself, minions, your whole team, and as enemies gather around those targets, they get damaged. And I know what you're saying. "Why is this good? It just seems like a ****ty-er version of Witch Doctor's Voodoo Restoration with a bit of damage." But what you may not know, or even if you do, the damage STACKS FROM EACH TARGET HEALED AROUND THE ENEMY.Yes, so if you play with any hero that has illusions (as in most of the good carries this update), then just wait for them to jump on the enemy support and then BAM, that's like, what, 1k damage? That's more than most heroes' ults do! Meepo and Anti Mage can suck it. Their magic resist won't do s**t here!

Weave Now this ability. Oh boy. It, *wheeew*, it does stuff. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, its pretty ****. I mean, yeah, it really fun to use in a team fight, and early game it can get some amazing wins in a team fight, since won't have more than 30 armor by level six, so their armor will get into the negatives, and you'll deal more and more damage each tick. So while it has a use, and that use isn't exactly a waste of time, it's pretty utility based, and you're gonna need some good positioning to get the most amount of people. If you are able to get three enemies and one to two allies (not including yourself), then it defiantly helps, but as a carry, you also need to make sure that you are far away enough so you don't get jumped.


The most important part about playing Dazzle is determination. Humans need it to succeed in life, but you. You need it to resist all people who will try to put you down. So here, I got a little gift for you

Looking at Jerry Seinfeld dressed as a Bee being molested by Chris Rock Fills you with Determination to continue on with this guide


Alright, so there are a lot of item Dazzle might build. As a carry, some items are far better for damage, so i'll focus more on the better items, and briefly talk about the extra items.

This is my favorite item in the game, other than Daedalus. This item can be bought in lane, and I think my fastest so far has been ten to eleven minuets, and in those games I didn't even do too well in lane. So if you start with a Blades of Attack, then you only really need to buy the Broadsword, which is at the side-shop. If you think that you will win the lane from the begining, then you can try buying the recipe for the Crystalys at the start, but I don't really recommend this, because the extra 9 attack damage from the Blades of Attack, so you can actually last hit.

More damage, faster movement. Just a good item for any carry to buy. As well, Dazzle has some problems with escaping and kiting enemies, so the extra bit of move speed would help when doing some jukes in and out of the trees. Add in your Poison Touch, and you'll be more annoying to catch than Slark or Puck.

This is entirely optional. If you're not doing very well in escaping the enemy, or if you want to start ganking the enemies that are by themselves. Definitely depends on the game situation.

Get it. You now are a hard carry. You can 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, even 1v5. Really, the more team mates you have with you, the easier it will be to kill that one enemy.

It's so good. It makes you attack from farther away, and you can get more kills and last hits. It's cost is pretty low, so it's pretty worth the cost after a bit. Also, with the extra bit of strength and attack speed, you will be much safer during fights.

This is another optional item. It's really fun, because the attack speed from this and Mjollnir are really nice for attacking, and with Daedalus, you can attack with crits at a really fast speed. Good if you are able to survive fights.

Really fun for Dazzle carry. Since most Dazzle supports use Medallion, this is the armor-reducing item for carries. With how much PHYSICAL DAMAGE Dazzle does, and with his armor-reducing ult, you can just sit in the back of the fights with your Dragon Lance and take down the enemies' carry. So far, some people have recommended to build Desolator as your first big items, which I do agree would be very good in combination with his PHYSICAL DAMAGE spells and his weirdly-high starting attack damage, it would help to give Dazzle an edge against tanky enemies. However, I still believe that it might be better to keep with Daedalus as you first item if the enemy team has weaker carries.

This is why people leave games within the first three minuets. While Dazzle's Poison Touch is not nearly as good in the late game as it is in lane, the combination of Orb of Venom and Poison Touch will be more poison than the enemy laner will care to deal with. It forces them out of lane to heal, it forces them to back, and they can't even think about last hitting. You become both the carry in the lane, AND the support making space.

This is another optional item. It's very fun to use, and gives Dazzle some needed health and mana, and gives him more chase, but I believe that considering the cost, Daedalus would be more useful. The slow from Skadi can be very, very good, but Dazzle's Poison Touch would be just as good in chasing. I believe that it's just too much money to dedicate to an item which won't give you enough results.

Another just extra item if the game calls for it, or if more attack speed and lifesteal tickles your fancy. Good in specific cases, but as an extension item, its never gonna be game breaking.

Well, now I feel a bit hypocrytical, because this is maybe the one extension item that can actually be game changing. This item is perfect against most agility-based heroes, beacuse for many of them, they will build butterfly, so the garenteed hits are really nice, and the same goes for Phantom Assassin.

This is a really fun item, but isn't for every game. Mostly useful if the enemy team has only one really useful carry, so if you just pig him, then keep focusing him, the fight will be much easier. I mean, what can a pig do to a purple god like Tezel? As well, unlike most other carries, Dazzle gains damage from Intelligence, so Pig Stick only helps him more. Very few downsides, but isn't always the best choice, as the damage gain isn't monumental.

This is a really fun item, because with the armor decrease from Desolator and Weave, their armor will already be in the negatives, so adding this onto an enemy will mean your attacks and PHYSICAL DAMAGE spells will deal much more damage than what should be allowed. Really, if you don't think the extra 1600g is worth the 25% evasion chance, then Medallion of Courage may be more up your alley. This is a item that I definitely recommend using, but as it can sometimes be bad considering it doesn't give much damage output except for the minus armor, I wouldn't recommend using it every game.

Changing your life

As another little gift for reading my Dazzle Carry guide, here is a video that will not only help you to realize why Dazzle Carry is amazing, but will also change your life for better. If this doesn't make you want to play Dazzle Carry, then I don't know what will

Lane Partner(s)

Ok, while you are the godly Dazzle, a god is only as good as the (insert sex here) that has his back, So I recommend some supports over the others when it comes to a lane partner. I've noticed in some matches, some carries practice polygamy (having multiple partners), and if tickles your fancy, I will recommend some duo partners that work well with each other as well as with you, as well the some solo partners.

This is my favorite lane combo to use. If you and Kaldr are on comps (see how I used AA's real name? Ain't I a smart pudding?), then you can make some destructive combos. For one, the use of Poison Touch, Ice Vortex, and Cold Feet, you can get a guaranteed stun from how slow the enemy is, and at level three, you can even use Chilling Touch and a Orb of Venom to win more trades. Finally, you both had big team-fight oriented ults, so you work well together, and AA can make them too slow to get close to you, helping you carry the fights. Good pick if you aren't as confident in winning lane as you should be, or if you need more team fight characters.

The money man. He makes it easy to make it to your final build, and even if you get the kills, he will get equal money to you, so he should be fine with you carrying. Gondar, as those close to him know him as, is a all around good character, because like Alchemist, he can even lose lane or die in the early game, but he will certainly reach his full build far before the enemies. Good pick if the enemy is filled with weak supports that Bounty Hunter can burst down, or your team has other carries which make use of Bounty Hunter's ult.

Ahh, crystal maiden. She's fun to play, fun to play with, but a pain in the *** to play against. With Dazzle, she becomes the most annoying character to deal with. Stacking slows, Dazzle and CM become an extremely brutal lane combo. As well, while Crystal Maiden's attacks are slower than the time it takes to actually freezing to death, with Dazzle's armor-reducing abilities and items, even her attacks can hit like a truck, and with Dazzle's Shallow Grave, Rylai has less to fear when engaging w/ her ult, Freezing Field. If the one playing Crystal Maiden doesn't sing "LET IT GO" while they are ulting, they are not your friend. Stop talking to that person, and don't tell them why. Good if you want d**k-tons of mana early.

Well, uh, Kotl... He, is not enjoyable to play against, play in a lane with, nor to play. He pushes the lane way too far up, takes most of your farm to "create space," and actually doesn't do anything late game. It's not as if I'm being like "hahaha, he's just not very good in the late game!" No, he does nothing. I'll repeat that for any Ezalor "mains" out there, he does NOTHING LATE GAME. OOOOh he's like a walking flying ward, you can see into Rosh Pit without even going innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Oooooooh his ********ed horses heal during the daytime! OOoooooh he can, well, teleport people to him, and you really want that. None o' dat. If your support picks Ezalor, the old man who flashes people, then you mind as well just leave lane right there. Mind as well take the low-priority game, since that game will be far worse. 4/10

Cancer. That's all the enemy team will say if you play with a lane support Veno. You two just keep stacking your poisons, and it will be as if the enemy never even had a health bar to start. Combine to two ults, and even though they don't really help each other, they are both annoying as ****. Another great team fighter, but also helps for sieging and defending towers. Really fun if you just want to f**k around and mess with people in lane. Also, if you two gank a lane, the slows and poisons from Poison Touch and Venomous Gale are horrifyingly annoying.

Aiiiiiids. The two weird looking shamans come together, making the world a better place, and giving the enemies aids. The one problem for Dazzle is the fact that people can run away from him, or attack him. However, while you could just use his Poison Touch to protect yourself, you could also just have Rhasta hold them still for up to five painful seconds. I understand that some people, like Ursa, work better with Shadow Shaman, but this way, you get to still play Dazzle carry, and you DON'T have to play Ursa. Or as I like to call him, "Get roshan by ten minuets, and then, like, jungle or something." I swear, if they removed every other character's ability to move BUT Ursa, he would be sooo good... Right, so Rhasta's good if you also want to Siege, as his ult can take a tower and barracks if you use it at least somewhat well.

Alright, I misspoke back there. This is truly where the aids lie. A silencer by himself is enough to wish to be unborn, but with a Dazzle by his side, there will be soo many people pissed off. Silencer, really, is just an annoying character to face, so it works perfectly with Dazzle, because as long as there is a lot of chaos in lane and in fights, he can farm and fight even better than he could withought all of the aoe dots.

This man can make or break a lane. He has a crazy kit, spells that revolve around you bashing into your opponents, and can make a wall that will change whether you are a god or a idiot. If you have a friend who you are able to communicate to while playing, then Stonehoof is a really good choice, as he can make some really nice plays, and make teamfights scary as hell for the opponents. He's got a kit made around the idea of teamfights, and stunning mass amounts of people. Fissure is Earthshaker's Q, and is really fun to use. It can be really good, cutting off enemies from choke points, but can be one of the worst things in the game. Really, unless you are on Skype (This guide is unofficially sponsored by Skype. Hungry? Skype satisfies.) with the Earthshaker, then it might be a good idea to force them to choose another character, because unless you and Raigor can figure out a plan, then engagements can end horribly. For my team, my friend played Earthshaker, and he actually played shaker for, like, fifty games straight. No one else, and he got pretty good at it. It's really just something you get used to, and unlike warding, its not as if every game will be similar. Every time you need to Fissure, there is a new way you're going to need to use it, so make sure that you don't get too upset at your Earthshaker, especially if it's one of his early games. Another good hero pick for if you need teamfight, or someone to get sick tree ganks.

and Alright, so, these two are alright by themselves, but together, they are terrifying. If these two know what they are doing, they will get you first blood (maybe even a double kill), and then will leave the lane for the rest of the game, just roaming around. They first go mid, then top, then back to heal and gain mana. Me and my mates did this combo, and it works like a lucky charm.(Another un-official sponsor of this Dazzle Carry Guide, Lucky Charms cereal. Lucky charms, because you're worth it.) We just keep running around and killing folks, and they really can't do much, because with Snowball, Magic Missile, you can just walk into lanes and kill people like its Bush running through Pakistan.
How it feels:


Can this guide get better? Probably, like making a guide that isn't stupid. But either way, if you have any comments, and/or want to mail me to ask me a question (like why am I just the worst), then feel free!

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