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How To Play Bounty Hunter In Pubs And Ranked

February 6, 2016 by kianmir
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semi-carry ganker bounty hunter

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

2 3 5 7


4 12 13 14

Shadow Walk

1 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Who the hell is kianmir?

to answer that question, i can say im an intermediate dota 2 player, but i have a great deal of experience with bounty hunter, i can say i easily know every trick people use to deal with this massive ganker and i easily get clear of them. now, shall we go to my guide?... i dont know your answer but lets go anyways...


+ his nuking abilities are great early game
+ his ultimate is just overpowered. BONUS GOLD FOR YOU, YOUR TEAM, 20% BONUS MOVE SPEED and true sight... icefrog nerf pls
+ he doesnt need any last hits! so he can just leech xp

-a Shadow Shaman and Juggernaut combo and you can kiss your squishy *** bye bye
-did i already say you are squishy?
-tanky heroes mostly counter him, not only you cant kill them, but if they have another hero covering their backs, you are as good as dead.
-i said you can sap xp if they put sentries, but if they put sentries your ganks will become A LOT harder

Items, why did i choose them?

so, i can say, the only REAL problem has are tanky heroes and a Axe with a Gem of True Sight (i mean heavy detection overall). we can solve the rest of the problems with.... YUP

pretty standard starting items, i usually use Shuriken Toss in ganks, and that drains a lot of mana, clarities also help with spamming Shadow Walk.

Phase Boots is the ideal boots because the move speed is useful for chasing people and with your ult and this, they just cant run :D.some people say "wha??? drum??? core?? wat da fack, urn ppl and win call izi" but its not right, 9 to all stats and the aura and that damage is WAY better than 6 strength and 50% mana regen, really, i recommend you leave urn to people who have a TON of health like pudge and need that heal to refill their huge health pools. i still put it in the optionals as its still not really THAT bad on you.

quite standard late-game items, Desolator is your first damage item, it allows you to crit for like 400-500 damage ;D your other auto-attacks hurt a lot as well. Butterfly and Monkey King Bar are quite standard late-game items as well. Black King Bar however, is because without it, you cant survive in a teamfight for more than 3-4 secs, i once got a ultra kill (i was extremely fed and it was 1v4) thanks to a BKB which allowed me to dodge Gust, Paralyzing Cask and a Storm Hammer.
do i really need to explain this section???


yea, here we are, onto this section! lets start fellow bounty hunters!

lets say you are quite strong in this time, but PLEASE DONT CHARGE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENEMY LANE EVEN if you *almost* have a kill, its not worth it that a lion comes out of the jungle and Earth Spikes you.
THIS IS YOUR TIME! FELLOW BOUNTY HUNTERS! Track people! Shuriken Toss, go gank lanes, push lanes As soon as you get your deso and start working on a big item. win teamfights and push A LOT of towers after you do so, and try to take rax whilst you are still at your strongest, that makes the enemy carries useless if they didngt get farm before.
okay, you cant kill the enemy carries now, but still spam Track kill supps like Enigmaand Earthshaker which could ruin these game-changing teamfights.

Friendly Big Game Hunters/Proper Law Officers

you came to this part huh? congratula... wait, my guide wasnt long! you didnt spend a lot of time, did you? if you did, you are a horrific reader, dear sir. lets go to the section now!
Heroes who benefit a LOT from vision:
and many others...
heroes who have some slows of their own. like:
ursa is really easily kited without blink or shadow blade, and your Track helps him A LOT

who ****s your bounties:
strong nukers/true sight heroes/tanky heroes are pretty much all your counters, to name a few from every category, Tinker or Zeus as a nuker, Slardar or Bloodseeker as true sight heroes, and Axe and Tidehunter from tanky category

conclusion (is a update log really needed?)

i hope ya' all fellow bounty hunters enjoyed my guide! im quite lazy, and it was my first guide, so its not perfect, please, tell me its problems and i will fix it ASAP,

kianmir, out

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