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How to be an A-hole in pubs (shorts)

August 21, 2015 by GGnet.Ace
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Roaming BH

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

3 4 5 7



Shadow Walk



6 11 16


8 9 10 12 13 14 15 17 18

Introduction Pros &Cons

Bounty hunter is an agility semi carry and ganker hero.He can be played as a carry but personally I think its a waste playing this hero as a carry.

Good movement speed and mobility overall with track
Decent last hit power (especially with jinada)
Excellent armor
Spammable nuke
Excellent ganking potential
Most annoying roamer

Mana dependent
Can be countered by true sight

Lets keep it simple and clear

Your position is roaming and killing from level 2 on.Try to steal some xp from either offlane or mid by harassing or just staying passive to grab jinada.
Your early success is taking down enemy courier before it makes it to Flying Courier.
Your main objective is to feed your team Track kills .
If you last hit some of them you can get a fast Dagon and be able to solo kill enemy squishy heroes.
Your Shuriken Toss provided that everyone is tracked works the same way as Thundergod's Wrath only cheaper in manacost and with a smaller cooldown.
Also another hint is ,once you tracked heroes you dont have to Shuriken Toss at them directly throwing at any creep will do.
If you have a Dagon once you hit an enemy hero with Jinada a couple of times and with Orb of Venom if he is Track ed there is no way to run from you (unless he has a blink skill) which makes him easy track gold.Repeat doing so in their squishiest hero (it matters not if he is 0-10 you and your team make gold from Track anyway).

Until the game reaches a point where the enemy team is quite mad at you and you see every single enemy hero carrying Dust of Appearance or Sentry Wards or even Gem of True Sight that means you are doing your job correctly well done you son of a ...
That means you have to step your game up and its time to grab a Blink Dagger in order to be able to get the hell out before things start looking bad.
Track coming out of Invis Shuriken Toss )(optional) Blink out repeat,until the enemy is weak enough for your team to takendown ,you still get paid by Track provided it hasnt faded.

Explaining the item+skillbuild

Basicly you need to max your nuke Shuriken Toss for obvious reasons such as it bounces while Jinada hit does not.
Since detection is coming dont skill more than once your Shadow Walk it only changes fade time and bonus damage done on backstab which you wont be always able to land.
Since you went for Tranquil Boots instead of old fashioned Phase Boots Jinada is only a slow mechanism in your arsenal and NOT YOUR MAIN DAMAGE OUTPUT WEAPON, besides you have a Dagon for that to do damage from range which is safer provided they have true sight.
While most people go for Arcane Boots for mana capacity I d rather get a fast Tranquil Boots for mobility and less gold spent while I can utilize most of them into building and upgrading a Dagon which can make me keep up to enemies' hp and be able to kill them even later on.
But how do you get mana ? STATS IS THE ANSWER ,as explained above you dont need higher Jinada than 1 level and same applies to invis cuz yes higher level invis has less fade time and higher duration and more damage ,but all levels of Shadow Walk get countered THE SAME WAY WITHOUT ANY DIFFRENCE.
I think its even pointless to state you skill Track when you are able to .


If you are making so much money from Track than you already have your dagon 5 and blink then I guess you need further guidance in terms of items (you probably already won).
Octarine Core is the way because it makes your Thundergod's Wrath have a less cooldown into 7.5 seconds.

Ethereal Blade is also a decent greedy item making you able to one shot pretty much every squishy hero before 35 minute mark

Solar Crest once you mark someone for death you can make life for your allied right clickers easier by lowering his armor as well.

Vladmir's Offering , Assault Cuirass giving your teammates some armor and AS/lifesteal in case they still cant be able to win .

Have I ever said I am a big fan of Scythe of Vyse ?If I didnt then I most certainly am.

Oh dont forget to upgrade your TB to Boots of Travel

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