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Guide to 7.00 balance changes

December 17, 2016 by InfuriatedBrute
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Guide to 7.00 balance changes

December 17, 2016


Information collected from dotabuff and my own 2k MMR experience. Use this if you want, I didn't put much effort into it, it's mostly for my personal use.


Junglers are down. Iron talon is worse than before if you have 60 damage. The 2 min respawn timer on jungle camps also means that if you can't take hard camps you will run out of things to jungle. The winding map also makes it easier to gank junglers.

Roamers and semi-junglers are up. Bounty runes are much easier+safer to get, shrines mean that anyone with high DPS can jungle a little, EXP is more important for carries, and gold/exp gain in general is easier, so you can get by without pulling/soaking exp. Pulling is also nerfed.

Reverse pulling (pulling the enemy creeps) is pretty easy to do now in pubs.

Treant Protector

Is incredible imo. Nature's Guise is now useable without team coordination, and lets him chase/gank very easily. Blink Dagger turns his Q into a Burrow Strike. Talents give him incredible versatility and 50 intelligence worth of mana regen. Aghs rush is much easier. His now very-achievable lategame is very good, between cooldown reduction and chain-stunning builds. He went from one of my least-played heroes to my main.

Top 5 buffed heroes

Visage has way better familiars.

Lycan has Hand of God on a 30 second cooldown and is more forgiving to play. And yes, his howl does heal, not just give temporary health, for the same reason that tread toggling works. It only heals half of what's shown though.

Chaos Knight traded ~200 burst damage for ~20% DPS, which is very good. He also has a +15 to all stats talent.

Weaver has 7.5 more damage and attack speed and takes ~10% less physical damage at max level. He also has a +200 shukuchi movespeed talent.

Lone Druid, because of radiance buffs.


Radiance on non-illusion heroes is extremely good. Compared to 6.84 it now gives 17% evasion to all allies in the AoE and 20% more DPS for no extra cost. Really good on Wraith King, Weaver, Bloodseeker (his Q), Lone Druid. Pretty situational on the old illusion carries, except Specter who likes the changes.

Mask of Madness is now extremely efficient on heroes who can work with the silence, even if you take damage. Just try to build some armor with it.

Diffusal Blade is nerfed overall. It can't purge dust for invis heroes, its damage is 20% lower on illusion heroes. The 10 extra manaburn is not enough to make up for the fact that it can't purge silences. It's just a situational chase item.

Tome is a must-have every game, unless you're level 25.

Helm of the Dominator is a great early aura so long as you need a Ring of Health and can use the dominated unit well. Otherwise it's outclassed by more focused aura items like Drums/Vlads/Mek.

Vanguard is 10% more effective, but twice as weak against illusions/creeps. Also applies to Crimson Guard and Abyssal Blade.

Daedalus is ~10% stronger lategame. Monkey King Bar is ~10% weaker. Get my drift?

Drum of Endurance is a good item now, but not pure stats like 6.87. Buy for mana+speed.

Necronomicon does 15% more damage vs heroes, 66% less vs towers, 150% more vs creeps. Possibly the new jungle item?

Rod of Atos went from a 60% slow to a 100% slow.

Satanic lost 500 gold worth of armor and has a bad buildup.

Backpacks mean that you should never avoid buying a consumable because of slots. That plus shrines makes bottle mostly unnecessary imo. I'm surprised how many people are still buying it.

Orb effects in general are better now that they can go with Skadi.

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