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From Zero to Hero

October 2, 2017 by Hays
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Transformation set

DotA2 Hero: Winter Wyvern

Purchase Order

Trough out the game goal

Starting Items

Must have

Hero Skills

Arctic Burn

1 8 9 11

Splinter Blast

3 4 5 7

Cold Embrace

2 13 14 16

Winter's Curse

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+1.5s Winter's Curse Duration
Splinter Blast 2s Stun
+15% Arctic Burn Slow
-5s Cold Embrace Cooldown
+350 Health
+500 Night Vision
90 Gold/Min
+60 Damage

From Zero to Hero

October 2, 2017

Latest Support Ever :D

THINGS TO DO with this build

Laning Phase/ Early Game

This will be the relatively safest period of the game so your doing must be:

  • Join the safelane whether its trilane or dual lane and cover the jungle with Observer Ward.
  • Pull and stack the camp and keep the Bounty Rune to catch up your level.
  • Try to complete Soul Ring and buy Boots of Speed whenever possible
  • Keep your safelane carry healthy, spam Cold Embrace every time he/she lost 20% health or more.
  • After every successful pull, punish the usually fat offlane hero with Arctic Burn to outfarm him/her, or even better, successful gank.

Ganking Phase/ Mid Game

This will be the warning area when most of heroes reach Level 4 or more and the gank start to spread all over the map so you better be:
  • Buy more Observer Ward to cover the river and the enemy jungle farm site.
  • Keep on picking Bounty Rune and have a spare Town Portal Scrollto join gank or defend tower ready, all the time.
  • Fill the nearest empty lane to farm using your Splinter Blast and Soul Ring Combo to keep your mana always ready for clash and prevent the creep wave any closer to risk your tower
  • Complete Phase Boots to boost your awful flight speed and buy Force Staff to boost it even more!
  • Use your mobility provided by Phase Boots and Force Staff to start snowballing from every successful gank it produces, especially the EXP!
  • Keep on spamming Splinter Blast and Soul Ring Combo for this is your main damage without the proper items, especially when defending Tower(s), remember to put a Sentry Ward behind your tower so you can safely cast from there without invisible hero(es) already pointing his sword on your throat.

Objective Phase / Late Phase

Things get even more dangerous for support here, but not for you. With your level 20 talent that you got from actively join successful ganks you will easily complete all the items listed above. All you got to do is :
Well, that's all for my first guide, try and tell me how hard can a support is, but he/she will never be better in scaling into late game than Auroth :D

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