DotA2 Skill: Splinter Blast

Splinter Blast

Casting Method:Active
Targetting Method:Unit
Allowed Targets:Enemy Units
Fires a passive shard of ice at an enemy unit. Upon impact, it gains new life and splits off into active shards that deal heavy damage and slow to all other enemy units. Initial target is unaffected.

Cast Range: 1200
Split Search Radius: 500
Damage: 100 / 180 / 260 / 340
Move Speed Slow: 25%
Slow Duration: 4
Mana Cost: 120 / 130 / 140 / 150 Cooldown Time: 7
Additional Information
  • The initial projectile travels at a speed of 650, or reaches the target in 1.00 seconds, whichever is faster. Cannot be disjointed.
  • The secondary projectiles travel at a speed of 500 and can't be disjointed as well.
  • Fully affects invisible units.

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