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Face the void.

December 4, 2011 by PotatisFarfar
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Man without a face

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 12 13 14

Time Dilation

8 9 10

Time Lock

3 4 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18


NOTE: I had some troubles with the guide system, some of my stuff got changed and lost. I will add it later. I fixed some stuff, but it is not 100% as i wanted, shoud still be good enough for you ;).

Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

Mouse-over any items or abilities to see their tooltip.


(for any abbreviations you don't understand)

Skilling sequence

Skill build 1.


Your cookie cutter skill build. You only really just need one or two points in Time Walk. You should mostly be farming any way. A good build to go if you know you are not gonna be under a lot of pressure early, and maybe wanna go for a kill.

Skill build 2.

Reasoning: This is the choice if you are having a tough time in lane or maybe up against a lot of gankers. Focuses on a low risk OK reward early game, with lesser chance to die. A good choice if you are up against trilanes, duo ranged teams or ganker heavy teams.

Your kit (abilities) and how to use it


Time Walk

You escape tool early, and your chase ability late game. Fairly normal blink, but the fact that it actually slows people around the detonation makes this a strong ability late game.

Tips and tricks:
  • Lets say your ward spots 3 people coming to gank you. Instead of jumping towards you own base, try to jump into the forest and use your Scroll of town portal to swap lane and continue farming.

  • When fighting enemies with a blink like Anti mage and Queen of Pain. Do not start the gank with Time Walk. Instead run up to them and smack them some times, and then when they blink away, you blink after them.

  • If you are already in a good position to cast Chronosphere there is no need to use Timewalk. Instead, slow them after the effect is over.



The most annoying ability in the game, this maybe can be argued. But not a lot of people disagree when he ignores that last finishing auto attack / spell. This is a really strong passive skill and the best part is, it is great the entire game!

Tips and tricks:
  • Donate to my paypal, it will increase the chance of this triggering by 20%.

  • Stacks with Butterfly.

  • Do not care about's Monkey King Bar's True strike.

  • When you play, do not count on this skill, just see it as an added bonous when it happens.

Time Lock

Oh boy oh boy, is this your bread and butter skill. Not only will it lend you some cheap kills early, but it will make you nearly impossible to duel later in the game. Time control is OP!

Tips and tricks:
  • Throw some cheap shots on your enemy when you can, you never know when the gods smile at you.

  • Same as Backtrack. Do not count on this skill.

  • If you actually is lucky enough to land this skill in lane, do not be afraid to take advantage of this.


You signature skill, your ultimate and not to mention one of the scariest ones. One of the greatest disables out there, can be compared to Enigma's Black Hole

Tips and tricks:
  • For the love of celestia remember that this skill will stun your allies as well. So be sure to troll you friends a lot! >;D.

  • You wanna try to catch the enemies in the edge of your Chronosphere. This way your allies will have an easier time attacking.

  • Most of the times, it isn't worth to use Chronosphere on only one person late game.

  • Chronosphere is a really good tool for denying besieged towers. Just ult the enemy team and minions and last hit it. Time Walk out if necessary.

Core items

Battle Fury
Even with your awesome attack animation, you are still quite the ****ty farmer. But with this baby, not only will your farming increase, you will have some insane damage to boot it. By far a most have item each and every game you play.

Power Treads
No discussion, best boots for Faceless Void. Not even gonna explain why!

Magic Wand
Probably said this so many times in other places, but Magic Wand is probably the best item in the game (for that much gold that is). Magic Wand saves so many lives, and gives so many kills. It is simply an incredible item!

Black King Bar
This is just a most have item on any sort of carry hero who wanna remain a threat late game. In 9/10 games, the enemies will have some sort of disable. And it adds some nice damage and health to the table also. Both things a carry need!

Luxury items

The item that is great on every agi hero. Void is no exception. The item that gives him some awesome damage, attack speed and some armor/dodge to boot? Why the buck not!

Heart of Tarrasque
What is worse than a carry that is killing your entire team? A carry that is killing your entire team that won't die! If you add Heart of Tarrasque to your inventory, say good bye to down time and dying in team fights. You will be a monster!

Monkey King Bar
Enemy got a Butterfly to counter you? No fear, true strike is here! Not to mention the incredible synergy mini bash have with your normal bash. And it gives damage and attack speed, every thing you need!

You scale incredible with attack speed, so why not get one of the best attack speed items in the game? There is a lot of worse orb effects. And the active can be deadly in the right combination.

There is a lot of more good Luxury items. Will maybe add explanation to them later, but as of now, you can see them in to top.

Some iffy stuff.

Hand of Midas

Could be a good pickup, give you some really strong jungle power. But the problem with this item in my opinion is that i just get more farm if i go for a Battlefury as fast as possible, instead of stopping for this item. If you are doing really good, feel free to pick this little awesome item up.

Mask of Madness

This item... I see way to many Faceless Void's rushing this. Don't get me wrong, it is a good item on him, but if you don't have Black King Bar, you will be incredible easy to kill. And even after that i would argue that there is better orbs to take. Just don't ****ing rush this item!

Item combos

Butterfly + Manta Style

Reason for this? Illusions get damage based of your stats, and since Butterfly mainly gives agility, it will ad up fine. And don't forget that evasion also count. A good idea is to get Heart of Tarrasque with this combo for some incredible tanky illusions.

Daedalus + Assault Cuirass

A nice stable item combo. Attack speed and damage, but the -armor have a really good synergy with critt. And you will be in the middle of teamfights for every one to get the aura on top of that. Really solid item combo.

Will maybe add more later, but this is all for now. If you have any suggestion feel free to leave a comment or PM ;).

Early game

So how do we play this cute little monster? Well early game you wanna try to grab bot lane, (You can take mid also, but i am not gonna go into that in this guide.)

So you got bot lane, good. Now when you are here we have only one mission in mind. Getting every single last hit possible. Now there is 2 scenarios here. One of them is if you have just free farm. In this case you wanna build up your Power Treads first, this will just be for you to last hit even better. After this you wanna aim for Battle Fury. Pick up Magic Wand whenever you have some spares over.

If you are in the situation when you are under a lot of pokes you most likely wanna start up with buying Ring of Health before boots.

Late game / Teamfights

So you got to that sweet spot when you become a god among men. Good. Now to not just **** up! But don't worry, i am here to teach you how to **** up with style! Aw yeah!

So there is basically two things you can do in a teamfight as Faceless Void.

Number uno. Starting the fight:

This is when you are the first one in. Starting the teamfight with your ultimate. The trick with landing your ultimate is that you wanna hit as many people as possible. But you need to make sure that you get the enemy with disable spells in it, or ealse you will effectively waste your ultimate. (this is not a problem once you get Black King Bar)

Number tv¥. Waiting / cleaning up

This is the one were you wait in-til the enemy or some one from your team takes the first move. Then you simply wait in-til the enemy moves in a more favorable positions.

When to do what?

It is pretty simple, if you see an opening to start a teamfight, do it without a doubt, because if you doubt for one second, that second might be enough for your chance to be lost.

A general rule of thumb is not to dive blindly into the enemy, you wanna have vision or at least know where the enemies you are Chronosphere are, you wanna be atleast 90% sure you are gonna land it if you decide to go with option one.

What to do when you actually land your Chronosphere?

Well most of the times you wanna target down the highest priority target, but what is that you maybe ask? I like to see it like this, the highest priority target is the target scales the highest on the threat scale, but the lowest on the bulky scale.

Good examples of this would be nukers like Zeus, Lina and Lion.

Another example might be walking ultimate heroes like Earthshaker, Enigma and Shadow Shaman.

A third good examples of this would be squishy carries like Rikimaru, Drow Ranger and Sniper.

This is just to name a few, and it differences from game to game.

Comrades in war

Just gonna go true some awesome lane partners for our friend without a face. I am just gonna list lane partners right now, will add more later ;).

In my opinion probably the best partner for Faceless Void. His ability to constantly keep the creeps under your tower, great harassing tools and overall coolness (see what i did there? ;D) makes him a really strong pick.

And when you both hit level 6, you can do some devastating stuff early game.

Every one loves dazzle, he is so pink and cute :3. But he is not to be underestimated because of this, his slow and heal plus your great base damage, will make it really hard for you to loose the lane.

And late game his Shallow Grave will probably save your life once or twice. And with some great timing, Weave and Chronosphere combo could **** the enemy up good.

So cold, and still so hot. This nice piece of *** will make every one in your team happy, with some great aggressive potential and a nice little mana boost to your entire team, she will be sure to be a great asset to the team.

And same as Lich. You have some great combo potential when you reach level 6.

Closing statements

Just gotta say:

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