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Enigma guide to being a teamfighter

December 19, 2012 by Chicken here
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Build 1
Build 2

Jungling Build

DotA2 Hero: Enigma

Hero Skills

Gravity Well (Innate)


2 4 8 9

Demonic Summoning

1 3 5 7

Midnight Pulse

10 12 13 14

Black Hole

6 11 16


15 17 18

Enigma guide to being a teamfighter

Chicken here
December 19, 2012


Enigma is a hero with many roles,allowing him to push,jungle and initiate efficiently

This is also my First Guide so if there is any improvements I could make please tell me.


+One of the best ultimate in the game
+Able to jungle without hurting himself due to his Eidolons

-Bad attack animation
-High mana cost spells
-Useless if there is no teamwork
-No escape mechanism


MaleficeDamage type-Magical(Blocked by Black King Bar and Linken's Sphere)
-A targeted spell that stun and damage every 2 seconds for 2/4/4/6 seconds.The damage dealt is 40/40/65/65 and the stun duration is 1 second.
This skill is good for chasing enemies or interrupting them from tping away from battle

Demonic ConversionDamage type-?
-A spell that converts a creep into 3 Eidolons
This is your farming spell.
You can convert one of the enemy creeps and it will give you instant gold and exp or you can use it to deny one of your own creeps,delaying the enemies' farm and exp.

Midnight PulseDamage type-Universal
-Causes an area to damage enemies based on their max hp by 3%/4%/5%/6%.
This spell is useful for removing hugh amount of hp from enemy heroes like Pudge and Axe.

Black HoleDamage type-Magical(Partially block by Black King Bar-Blocks only damage)
Your initiator,this will tear the enemy team apart if you manage to blackhole all of them.All enemies caught will be disabled for 4 seconds even if they are magic immuned.This gives your team 4 seconds to deal as much damage as possible without having to waste their BKB or be worried about dying.Btw,it also reveal invisible heroes.

Item Build

Assuming you are going to jungle.Get a Ring of Basilius,the extra mana regeneration as well as the bonus armour for yor eidolons enable you to jungle as much as you want as the eidolons are able to soak the damage even as level 1.

Boots for Enigma is either Arcane Boots or Power Treads
The choice of boots is very dependent on your team and the enemies.
- Arcane Boots if you are up against manaburners like anti mage and Nyx Assasin or your team are always in need of mana
- Power Treads if you need the stats to keep you alive in order to cast your last black hole after soaking many nukes.

A Soul Ring is needed because there WILL be cases where you won't have enough mana for spells like Midnight Pulse, Black Hole and Malefice

The next core is Blink Dagger
It is obvious.You can't just go in and Black Hole right in front of the enemy heroes,they will all nuke you to death.Enemies could just run away before you use the Black Hole,that is why having a Blink Dagger allows you to pop right in front of the enemy team and Black Hole like there is no tomorrow.

Black King Bar
Gives you immunity from Magic damage and disables.Useful from not getting stunned or hex during your Black Hole from heroes like Shadow Shaman, Lion, Earthshaker and Cyrstal Maiden.

Refresher Orb
Who does not want a second Black Hole?Giving a 8 second disable with all your team hitting them will cause all of them to die.Plus,it gives great mana regeneration.

Heart of Tarrasque is another good pickup as it will allow you to soak up damage if enemy heroes decided to "Right Click" you while you blackhole some of their members.

Boots of Travel will be able to tp you near teamfights and allow you to Black Hole

Rarely seen it have been used,but a Linken's Sphere might save your Black Hole being stopped even if you have Black King Bar activated.This could stop Pudge Dismember and Beastmaster Primal Roar.Causing your precious Black Hole to not go to waste.

Early Game

If you are jungling,take build 1 starting items.Eidolons will multiply and regain full health if they successfully get 6 attacks.So if 1 was about to die,move it away and let the other tank,this will let the injured one attack without getting hurt and heal up before tanking again.

If you are laning,take build 2 starting items.
In a dual lane,if your teammate is a support like Venomancer,it is free farming for you.
If your teamate is a carry like Morphling,let him farm and focus mostly on denying.Use Demonic conversion if you want deny creeps or use them to harass enemies.

Mid Game

By this stage,you would have your Blink Dagger.This would allow you to go into team fights and initiate first before any heroes like Tidehunter to Ravage or Disruptor to Static Storm and silence your team.You are best in teamfights but if you have poor communication with each other,it is not too crazy to see an Enigma using Black Hole on 1 enemy hero during gank situations.

Late Game

Now it is a crucial moment as 1 successful Black Hole can cost the fate of the enemies' towers and barracks. Midnight Pulse deals more damage each time an enemy gets tanky and Malefice will be needed most of the time.If you position yourself right and get at least 3-5 heroes in Black Hole and the enemies have no way of shutting you down,it could cause a big team wipe for the enemies and this allows you and your team to push with ease.

Friends and Foes

Such friends of Enigma would be Tidehunter.With a Ravage catching 5 heroes,you could use a nice Black Hole on all the enemies.

A good Faceless Void would be useful because if he chrono 5 people in his Chronosphere,this could help you set a good Black Hole without the waste of using a Blink Dagger.

Naga Siren's Song of the Siren can help you make a good blackhole as the sleeping enemy team will have no time to react(Except Blinkers) and they will be in your Black Hole in no time.

A special mention to Dark Seer because of his vaccum ability to give you a nice Black Hole on the enemy team.

With a successful Black Hole, Sand King would be able to use his Epic Center and cost massive damage to the enemy team.

Shadow Fiend could also prepare his Requiem of Souls and rape the entire enemy team.

Earth shaker with Echo Slam could cause a great impact to the enemy team.

Heroes that counter Enigma are heroes who can stop his Black Hole with silences like Drow Ranger, Death Prophet and Silencer.

Heroes that can stop Enigma from using his Black Hole even with a Black King Bar with or without disables are Vengeful Spirit,Doom Bringer, Pudge and Beastmaster.

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