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Dazzling your enemies.

December 1, 2011 by Leech
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Dazzle

Hero Skills

Poison Touch

3 4 5 7

Shallow Grave

2 10 13 14

Shadow Wave

1 6 9 11

Bad Juju

8 12 16


15 17 18

Dazzling your enemies.

December 1, 2011


Dazzle is an amazing support character because of his ability to slow, heal, prevent death and increase ally stats while decreasing enemy stats, he is also a Semi-Initiator with his "Q" as I will explain. While playing Dazzle you should keep a few things in mind. Dazzle is a support by nature do not try to run down enemies by yourself unless you know you can get a kill and survive (how to common sense?). Dazzle is extremely useful with a team so make sure you are following around your carries like it's something to do.

Laning Strategy

I find laning as Dazzle to be incredibly easy if you have a competent partner in your lane. His attack animation makes it easy to deny and last hit. Although you should not last hit too much to effect your partner's farm, still deny and gain gold at a steady pace. Starting with Ring of Basilius you will help with mana and benefit your laning partner immensely with survivability and a minor mana regen. This build will allow you to stay support efficient and give you a great harass routine with Poison Touch and auto attacks. Remember when you have a good buffer in your lane to go into the river and Observer Ward both rune spawns. This will provide protection as well as an advantage for all of your teammates. Keep an eye on your map when warding to try and assist middle and the opposite side lane.

When fighting in a lane the best thing to do in an initiation is to launch Poison Touch and assist your partner(s) in anyway possible, using Shadow Wave when your team is fighting the enemy will do some damage to the opponent and help you deal damage as well as occasionally pick up kills.


1Q. Poison Touch - This skill I max first to enable a hard harass and a great means of helping your teammates chase down weary opponents. This skill should be used in moderation to harass and make sure you have enough mana to chase down stragglers as a team.

2W. Shallow Grave - It is sometimes a better idea to grab this ability first if your team plans on hunting as a unit in the beginning. This spell will prevent you or your teammate from death shortly. So make sure to use this when a teammate or yourself is focused and low on health.

3E. Shadow Wave - Normally this spell will be your first as it will keep your lane alive and do some damage to melee heroes and creeps. Later on in the game this ability is very effective for farming a lane with multiple enemy creeps low on health. Note that this spell is more effective with more allies around. It will not prove as powerful in a jungle creep scenario used on yourself.

4R: Weave - This spell screams "team fights." It will increase armor of allies inside and decrease the armor of enemies inside of its radius. I usually wait 'till level 8 to take this spell because I believe his other 3 abilities to be equally important if not more.

Using these abilities to your advantage:

When in a team fight where you have the upper hand, open with Poison Touch to slow and DoT your enemy this will allow your team to get a hold of the victim and kill him/her in the start of the fight. If your team is jumped make sure you try to keep people alive with Shallow Grave and Shadow Wave as well as your ultimate if need be.

When fighting in a lane the best thing to do in an initiation is to launch Poison Touch and assist your partner(s) in anyway possible, using Shadow Wave when your team is fighting the enemy will do some damage to the opponent and help overall damage done as well as occasionally pick up kills.


The great part about being a support is using cheap items. You won't need a lot of farm because your core items are very cheap.

Ring of Basilius - I open with this item because it meshes well with Dazzle's abilities as well as provides further support for your lane. You can get a Soul Ring instead if you wish to open with a more traditional item set.

Urn of Shadows - This item will allow you to heal yourself and your team without costing you mana from Shadow Wave when it clearly isn't needed, it also gives you a decent amount of strength for surviving as well as mana regen.

Magic Wand - This will solve some mana issues you may have as well as save you in a clutch situation if you do not yet have Shallow Grave up or need additional healing.

Power Treads - This will give you good survivability in general, can be replaced with Arcane Boots in certain situations; however, I do not recommend Arcane Boots.

Observer Ward - YOU should be keeping wards up all game, sentry wards can be used as needed.

This leaves open 1-2 slots depending how the game is going. The last few items are SOLELY situational. I like a Scythe of Vyse or another support item that will either CC an enemy or delay one. If you need a spot to fill and you don't really want those types of items a Mekansm will add to your healing and armor bonus.

Fun and successful Laning

Although Dazzle's initiation spell is not a unique one, it pairs really well with certain characters. If you and a friend want to play in the same lane and enjoy yourself a fun combo is Dazzle and Riki. The best part about this combo is that Poison Touch by nature makes people turn and run for cover while slowed, giving Riki a chase with Backstab. If the enemy is far enough from their tower using Poison Touch and Riki's Blink Strike will tear a lane up against unsuspecting opponents.

Case #1 Gunker ( Dazzle) and CCG.Sarcyn ( Riki)

Adding additional cases and fun strategies as time goes on.


Dazzle is support so make sure to assist your teammate(s). Make sure you have an adequate mana regen as well as supportive items. KEEP WARDS UP IN RUNE SPAWNS ALL GAME, and anywhere else that requires it (above creep spawn 1 on radiant etc..) You are a healing machine make good use of it and try to help your dying teammates in any way possible.

Finally, Dazzle is a Semi-Initiator, use Poison Touch appropriately.

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