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Dat mid druid... be carryin.

April 24, 2012 by benjaminscott
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DotA2 Hero: Lone Druid

Hero Skills

Summon Spirit Bear

1 3 5 7

Spirit Link

10 12 13 14

Savage Roar

2 4 8 9

True Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Dat mid druid... be carryin.

April 24, 2012


Alrighty folks. Here is where you all go, "omgwtfbro druid isnt a mid." That is where you are wrong. #1 he is at his best mid. #2 i can outplay almost any hero mid with him. #3 not many characters can counter him. "druid jungles brah" Ok true he can jungle fine. But does that mean that is where he is best? no. honestly he jungles wayyyyyy too slow to be any use. and the only time you can really gank good is when you have lvl 3 bear. and even then its a random chance to entangle. And not to mention. Jungling proficiently means you have to do it so fast to be benificial to your team.

Druid himself has his own build. and i have the bear on "build 2".

Alright. So this is my guide on how to carry a team like a boss. and yet also manhandle mid. Keep in mind playing druid mid takes skill though. Its not "highlight both units and issure the same orders" No. you have to be able to do split commands.


  • He carry's like crazy.
  • He tanks like a boss.
  • He does a ****load of damage.
  • His bear is basically another hero.
  • He can roshan at 15-20 min mark by himself.
  • he farms like crazy.


  • Hes a tough hero to master


Here i am going to take you through the items. First off you want to start off with my recomended items. 2 , 2 , and finally 2 . Now with this item set, you should be able to say in lane past 6 no problem. When you go to base the next items you need to buy are 2 . After you place one on your bear and yourself you will want to start building . Once you have that built place it on your bear. After you have vlads you can now get yourself . As soon as you have that done, start of building your . With your hero buffed up quite a bit. this is where you buff your bear. First you want to build . Then a . After those are on your bear you should build a on yourself. when thats finished turn them into .

By this time if your game hasnt ended pretty much get the other items listed. But i personally havent had a game go past be getting the abyssals. and ive played 60+ games as druid mid.


  1. Why you no have orb of venom? Well. To be honest it is a very good item on your bear. And if you want to grab it go for it. I just prefer not to. The reason being, that it slows down my build progress. Since this druid build is more of a counter pushing build orb is more hero vs hero.
  2. Why you not upgrade the boots on your bear? Once again it hinders the build. wasting 950 gold for 10 more speed and 15 attack speed. Big whoop. Instead you could have been half way to hyperstone. Which is much better at procing entangles and bashes.
  3. Why would you not get radience first for your bear? because another crucial part of this build is being able to proc entangles and bash's and is aoe damage more useful then a bash or entangle? no. Disables win games.


Skills. Well those are pretty much laid out for you. No need to deviate with it. You can if you want. But the build is sep up to get your bear to lvl 3 so he gets entangle and synergy to give him bonus movement speed to catch and have a chance to proc it.

How to play druid

So here is the awesome part of this guide. First off im going to start by saying.

Druid isnt a read about then be pro character. he involves microing, that you learn through experience.

That being said off to explain...

Early game (0-15 minutes)

First what you want to do at any givin time in lane is always have your bear infront of you or between heroes that can hook or have skill shots and yourself. Now as druid mid, you farm. plain and simple. have your bear out with the creeps while ou hang back hitting them with range. (blantantly obvious statement here) DENY THEM. you have 2 attacks and have a very high chance of denying thn by just yourself. Also you want to get a few wacks on the enemy when creeps are full hp and no last hitting is going to occur for a few seconds.

ps. if your good enough you can take your bear over and start taking out a few ancient spawns. for the extra gold and xp.

pss. as soon as i get vlads i just roll in bear form 24/7. Why? ill answer later.

Mid game (15-30 minutes)

At this point if you have last hit enough you should have been able to buy your boots of speed for yourself and your bear as well as vlads for your bear. This is when you can roshan by yourself. Now the best plan is to either. A - have one teammate help you for faster results and have your other teammates push and keep pressure on the enemy. Or B - Do it by yourself and have your team push and keep pressure. the enemy normally doesnt expect a 15 min roshan solo, so generally they wont look for you there. After your first roshan and alittle more farming you should ahve boots of travel for yourself. Now this is where the godly-ness comes into play. More later.

Late game (30 minutes-w/e)

So this is where you really should be outfarming EVERYONE (i persoanlly have almost twice any of my enemys gold per minute at endgame). Now with druid kills are not your main point in the game. its pushing. You can litterally out push 2-3 heroes no problem.

So heres a few tips when it comes to being a good druid and carry your team. When the enemy is pushing your base, have your team defend at the next turret and you yourself should tele to the closest creep wave to they're base. And push. And push until your in danger. Generally they get scared and run off. And if they did fight your team there is most likely only 2-3 left. Which you can out push. And they would come after you to stop you. Preventing a successful push on thier part. and (most likely) taking out 1-2 buildings yourself.

Nwo in team fights its normally best to just highlight both your heroes and just wack away at people. the ammount of lifesteal and armor you have makes you a ballin tank. and massive damage dealer with the added damage buff from when in bear form.

Reasoning behind what i do.

Why would take this path as druid? Because it has been very successful for me. And i currently hold a 2:1 win loss ratio with druid with over 65 games played as him mid. thats over 40 wins and like 20 something losses. That is very good. And this build allows you to carry a team that is bad. Guarenteed he can only carry so much. but he has some good leway.

Why would you roll in bear form 24/7? Because of the ADDED 1000 HP and 8 armor. Nothing else needs to be said.

Now if you have any questions to what i put or anything else just let me know in a comment and ill either answer in a comment or if i messed anything up let me know and ill edit.

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