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11 Votes

Community Guide to Drow Ranger (Safe Lane)

May 15, 2020 by Hades4u
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Phsc (4) | May 13, 2020 2:38pm
Why Satanic as core? I don't think Satanic is core on basically any hero other than maybe Gyrocopter, Luna or Sven (the later two because they go Mask of Madness basically always and Gyrocopter because of his Aghanim's Scepter).
But well, Sniper gets it from time to time, Shadow Fiend can get it, so why can't Drow Ranger get it as a core item?
The big problem that people forget that Drow Ranger loses her passive Marksmanship when a enemy hero is nearby, and when are you going to activate Satanic? when you are taking damage, but turns out a lot of carrys are meele, and really, Drow Ranger loses a lot of damage without her passive, mostly considering the majority of her damage comes from agility which is lost, and well you can slow people with Frost Arrows and all and use Gust to move them away, but if a carry is at your face and doing damage to you to the point you have to use Satanic, they are ignoring such skills probably because they are under Black King Bar or they were able to get close to you like Anti-Mage or some Blink Dagger hero, and it is why I think it should be a situational item! it is amazing versus heroes that have an attack range of 400 or more like Clinkz or Terrorblade under Metamorphosis or heroes that attack from closer but often build items that increase their attack range, like Luna with Hurricane Pike.
Also quite often when people build or plan on getting Satanic on a hero that goes Manta Style, unless there are disables that Manta Style can deal with like silences and skills one can dodge, but even in the later case, Sange and Yasha can be better because of the +30% lifesteal amp and the 20% status resistance, the 30% with the 20% goes under multiplicative stacking, applying the formula of 1 - ((1 - 1st item)*(1 - 2nd item)) achieves 1 - ((1-0.3)*(1-0.2)) which is 0.44 which means 44% status resistance which is almost 50%, which is a lot, really, that is a lot, but there is also the lifesteal, Satanic gives 25% and the active increases that to 200%, so just multiply it by 1.3, 32.5% passive and 260% active, that is a lot, if you were to drop a Paladin Sword it would become 25+17=42% and the amplification would be 30+17=47% since it is additive stacking, the combination of that being 42%*1.47=0.6174 which is 61% lifesteal, with 2 items and one neutral item, and the active is 200+17*1.47=318.99 which is basically 320%, and that is a LOT, so maybe add Sange and Yasha to situational/extension? I don't think you should explain all of this but just explain that this and Satanic is OP.
And at last, one of the weirdest items possible, Ethereal Blade, this looks bizarre right? turns out it is a pretty common item in very high MMR, so well, Drow Ranger gets an agility bonus of 44%, Butterfly is great since it gives nice agility (43.2 for Drow Ranger at level 18), the evasion (which stacks multiplicatively so it is not as nice as the first one's and it is even more likely to be countered), damage and attack speed, bonus damage for Drow Ranger is not perfect since it does not affect Multishot, well, turns out Ethereal Blade gives 40 agility, 10 strength (200 health is nice) and it can end up being more effective HP than the evasion in a lot of situations! also it is better versus magical damage, turns out Drow Ranger gets 57.4 agility from it, the damage and attack speed from Butterfly are higher, but considering that late-game you are likely to get Moon Shard and all and this is a late-game item, this can be much more useful because this really boosts your Multishot damage, to the point it gets to you activating it and the supports just... die, it is also amazing for high-ground defense since the range is pretty high and it does area damage, and the active, let's say Drow Ranger is level 30 and only has Ethereal Blade, the active is going to deal 125+((104+125)*1.5) damage, that being 470, now let's say you also have Dragon Lance, Manta Style and Power Treads which are into agility, that is 125+((104+194)*1.5) which is 572 magical damage (with the 25% basic magic resistance it is 429 damage) , pretty nice right? and it also has it's defensive uses, you can use it on your supports or heros that are dying or on yourself when someone gets close to you, or on them even, underrated item without a doubt.
Also shoudl'nt Mjollnir be in situational since you basically only get a lot out of it if you have Aghanim's Scepter or if the enemy team has illusions heroes?
I do like this build, Hurricane Pike as a situational item is very important because I"ve seen a lot of people build it when there was no real reason for it, Eye of Skadi is very underrated on Drow Ranger and it being present here is very nice, since it pierces Black King Bar, gives her 36 agility, 725 health (more than Satanic which gives only 500) and more mana so you can use Frost Arrows much more, which also happens to stack also multiplicatively with Eye of Skadi, since it stacks additively, you achieve an amazing 84% or 109%, even when hitting meele units with at max 625, it lowers it to the minimum of 100, and it will always make so enemy ranged units achieve 100 movespeed.

Also, how do community guides work exactly?
Hades4u (296) | May 14, 2020 12:14am
Thank you for your feedback, I'll be going through it and make some updates to the guide!

As for the community guides, right now we're about 3 people on the DOTAFire Discord always picking a new hero and working together on a guide in a Google Doc. Once the doc has been filled with information, I start piecing everything together and afterwards we see once the first draft has been published, what else can be improved.

I'm also going to add your name to this one since your feedback will bring some great changes to the guide, thank you again! :)

If you would like to check it out, you can join here! More people is always better, less work for everyone. :D
Phsc (4) | May 14, 2020 2:36pm
I also don't really see why skilling Multishot at level 1 is good? it barely does damage at low levels, at level 1 Frost Arrows gives you 5 bonus damage which is nice for last hitting and it also allows you to harass people without changing creep aggro, and Gust at level 1 can be good for getting the rune at times, or escaping.

Also in the part in Marksmanship you mention Phantom Assassin as an illusion hero? didn't you instead mean Phantom Lancer?
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