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Clink Goes My Bones

April 27, 2013 by mnoi
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Standard Side Lane Clinkz

DotA2 Hero: Clinkz

Hero Skills

Bone and Arrow (Innate)


8 9 12 13


8 9 12 13

Tar Bomb

1 3 5 7

Death Pact

2 4 10 14

Skeleton Walk

6 11 16


15 17 18


Clinkz is a gank oriented carry that has a high burst dps with his first 2 skills. Although he is very elusive due to the movement speed granted by wind walk, he is easily bursted down due to his low hp. Clinkz is a powerhouse mid game once he gets his orchid as he is able to kill many of the nukers that annoyed him in the early game; however, he falls of late game compared to a true hard carry like Faceless Void, Anti-Mage, and Phantom Lancer who are able to push faster than him.

Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly powerful nuker
  • Sieges buildings very fast
  • High mobility with Wind Walk
  • Harass with Searing Arrows
    doesn't draw creep aggro
  • Scales well with items
  • Free Hand of Midas with Death Pact




- Provides a large boost to your attack speed (130%). Usually you don't skill this early due to mana issues with using Searing Arrows to last hit. Although you can use this skill to gank, its most effective when used with Searing Arrows to siege towers. Not factoring agility or other attack speed bonuses, your time per attack increases from 1.7 seconds to 0.74 seconds.

Searing Arrows

- Due to its low cost per damage ratio, max this skill first. Using 8 mana for 50 bonus physical damage is insane. Early game, most heroes have low armor so this is more impactful than a magic nuke. Does not stack with most orbs except Eye of Skadi. Does not affect Ghost Scepter but affects structures and siege creeps.

Wind Walk

- Provides high mobility and invisibility. Two points are enough to keep up with heroes that use Phase Boots. Once you get 4 points, its almost as if you are perma hasted. Keep in mind that invisibility does not mean invulnerability.

Death Pact

- Makes your tanky, gives you bonus damage and instantly kills creep for easy money. You can also deny your own creep to prevent your enemy from gaining any xp from that creep similar to Sacrifice and Demonic Conversion; however you will not gain any xp or gold by doing this.


- Usually you don't get early stat levels on clinz unless in certain matchups such as a creep skiping Dark Seer or Lone Druid.

Items (Side Lanes)

Standard Starting Items

Cost: 524 gold

This build is designed for solving early mana issues with the help of an early Ring of Basilius. This can be latter disassembled into Tranquil Boots for some health regen. The Sage's Mask can be used for an Oblivion Staff

Core (<20 minutes)

Cost: 5541 gold

There is a lot of regen to help you stay out of the fountain. If you are confident in your sustainability, disassemble the Tranquil Boots and buy Power Treads. You can also get a Magic Wand but it usually just delays other items.

Items (Mid Lane)

Solo-Mid Starting Items

Cost: 412 gold

This build build saves 191 gold for a fast Bottle. You should have it in about 10 last hits or by the 2 minute mark. In the rare case that you face a Zeus or Batrider, immediately use the courier to bring yourself a magic stick.

Core (<25 minutes)

Cost: 7244 gold

This build is significantly more expensive than the sideline build, but you get more time and money if you find kills.

Luxury Items Explained

AC- A hybrid dps and tanky item. The armor buff applies to all structures and heroes.
BKB- Team fight tanky item to block most magic damage and disables.
Bfly- A hybrid dps and tanky item. Usually Heaven's Halberd is much better.
Crit- Best dps item after Rapier. The critical strike boots your total damage by 35% on average.
Rapier- If you need the most dps and are ok if the enemy may take this from you...
Drum- Hybrid early/mid game item that makes you tanky and provides a speed aura.
Skadi- A hybrid dps and tanky item with a slowing UAM that works with Searing Arrows.
HH- A hybrid dps and tanky item. Shuts down enemy carries without BKB.
Manta- Split pushing item that also purges off Dust of Appearance, Track, and Amplify Damage.
MKB- Third best dps item. Useful for canceling channeling and negating evasion.
S&Y- A hybrid dps and tanky items. There are better options though for the cost.

*Certain Items are more offensive with dps, while others are defensive with disables and tankiness. Hybrid items are usually skewed one way or another with the exception of S&Y being equally balanced.

Allies and Foes

The Allies

Clinkz is a solo oriented hero and does not have much of a team presence. Heroes that help him are those that provide him with early sustainability and combo with him when he roams. Keep in mind, most heroes do not have his high mobility.

The Sustenance

The Lockdown & Burst:

The Foes

Clickz is a very elusive hero that needs coordination from the enemy team to bring down due to your invisibility and speed. To defeat him you need detection, lockdown, and burst damage.

The Detection:

The Lockdown:

Doom Bringer

The Burst:

General Tips

  • Try an using your ult on large neutral creeps. They have a median health 1100 health
  • Save Death Pact if you expect a push with Chen or Enchantress coming
  • Check your enemy inventory for detection like Gem of True Sight and odd numbered Sentry Ward
  • Try to use orchid on disablers rather than for the 20% bonus damage on your prey
  • Don't be afraid to buy Observer Ward so you can find lone targets, they are only 4 last hits
  • Late game, you can backdoor buildings with Strafe + Searing Arrows
  • Clinkz is not that good in team fights, generally try to get your team to 4 man push while you find pickoffs or siege/backdoor towers. Keep in mind you need vision of the enemy to do this.

Notes & Updates

Thanks for reading my guide, this is the second one I created. I would appreciate any suggestion and comments. The first one on Crystal Maiden can be found here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - Created (more to come)
Thursday, April 18, 2013 - Added items and colors
Friday, April 19, 2013 - Added Friends & Foes + General Tips
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - Minor skill build changes

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