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Chen for Noobs

June 4, 2015 by patrick8991
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Chen the Pusher

DotA2 Hero: Chen

Hero Skills


2 4 7 9

Holy Persuasion

1 3 5 8

Divine Favor


Hand of God

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18


So, I stumbled upon Chen while I was trying to complete the All-Hero Challenge. I had read guides and tested for a little while and I just couldn't win. The normal build for Chen involves lots of jungling and creep camp stacking and a bunch of other stuff that was really hard for me to do. Whenever I tried to jungle, I ended up waaay underleveled. In order for me to win a game, I came up with a completely different build that turns Chen into some kind of cross between Necrophos and Zeus.

Pros/Cons of Using this Build

- No need to control lots of creeps' abilities
- Items are not very complicated, all you have to do is to remember to press a button now and then
- No weird jungling technique needed

- Probably is not as good as Chen could be, considering you're basically ignoring an entire ability
- Can't really do anything without another teammate to actually do damage

Usage of Chen

Similarly to other builds, Chen loses effectiveness as the game goes on. Unlike other builds, you don't have to jungle. Ever. I recommend going for either top or bot. This mainly because there is usually a teammate around those lanes for at least some of the time. Your main goal in your lane is to harass. You right click the enemy hero every time they get too close. Penitence + Test of Faith do insane amounts of damage early game. If you have enough mana, just hit them with it and it will scare them away. Even better, get them while they're about half or so. If your teammate is a carry, they might be able to go in for first blood, but if you accidentally kill the enemy, at least they still get the exp. As you harass heroes, and maybe get a few kills, you will also be wanting to push the lane almost constantly. Be aggressive unless you feel like you might get killed.


This skill is really great for initiating and/or comboing with Test of Faith. It's also a great tool for scaring off heroes. Even if you don't have the 275 mana to cast both Penitence and Test of Faith, you can just hit them with Penitence if they're getting too aggressive, and sometimes they get scared and run.

Test of Faith
Use this with Penitence or on low health enemies. If you combo it with Penitence, it can take out almost half of the opponent's health. I can't stress enough how epic this combo is. For the part about saving people by sending them back to spawn, I wasn't skilled enough to use it like that. You could, but I can't provide a proper explanation of how to do it.

Holy Persuasion
If you came here to play Chen without microing or jungling because you just can't do that, then you're in the right place! You will have 0 - 1 points in this skill throughout the entire game (most likely). The only times you should use this skill is if you want to take a creep that one of your opponents turned ( Enchantress) or if you just turn some creep you happened to stumble upon. If you do decide to turn a creep, make sure it has a passive ability to avoid the difficulty of trying to micro stuff.

Hand of God
This skill is amazing. It heals ALL of your allies! I'm not even going to talk about how to use it outside of teamfights, because if you're like me, you have very little map awareness. If not, then feel free to use it to help people from across the map. This skill has quite a hefty cooldown until you get Aghanim's Scepter.


So before anyone starts screaming "PLAGIARISM," I know that the item build is very similar to the default one. That's because it works.

Starting Items

Tango helps you recover from harassment
Clarity keeps your mana pool full
Healing Salve can be used on yourself or your teammate
Ring of Protection will build into Ring of Basilius later
Buy Courier if no one buys it; if someone else buys it then you have some extra gold.

Early Game

Boots of Speed give some mobility
Ring of Basilius gives some bulk and extra mana regen
Headdress gives more bulk and some hp regen. Also builds into a Mekansm later.

Core Items

Arcane Boots should be bought quickly, as they will solve a lot of your mana problems
Mekansm helps you start healing allies and helps to push towers
Both items build into Guardian Greaves, the most amazing item ever created

Late Game

Note that late game should be around 30-35 minutes or earlier, if possible.
Guardian Greaves. Arcane Boots and Mekansm in one. You get an aura that gives a little bit of bulk to you and your friends, and you can restore 250 health and 160 mana to yourself and all nearby allies for NO COST.
Aghanim's Scepter is icing on the cake. Assuming you have Hand of God maxed by now, you heal 400 health every 30 seconds, at the fastest. You should have a mana pool of 1000+ mana by now, and combined with your greaves, you will be a HUGE help in teamfights. Just keep healing with the greaves and Hand of God and pick off a hero or two with your Penitence + Test of Faith. You will be a game changer.

Extension Items

These items I have not actually tested, but I feel that they would work very well in theory.
Drum of Endurance is fairly cheap and gives a nice movement speed and attack speed boost to allies in the area, further increasing the amount of help you are.
Vladmir's Offering might be nice for the lifesteal and stuff, but only if no one on your team has it. Otherwise, it will probably be a waste of gold because the lifesteal won't stack with itself (I think).
Refresher Orb seems like a viable choice, because you can use the orb, then greaves, and from there you can pull another Hand of God very quickly or even another Penitence + Test of Faith.

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