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Chaos Knight, The Rampaging Knight

June 2, 2014 by FroschTheFrog
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Armlet Based

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

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Reality Rift

2 4 6 8

Chaos Strike

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Chaos Knight, The Rampaging Knight

June 2, 2014


Hello there, welcome to my guide for Chaos Knight. In this guide i'll show you how to dominate the game with CK. By the way, this is my first guide, i'll hope you guys can help me in making it more better

CK is a hero that relies on his right click, as most of his skill is based on it. He has a stun that has a good casting range, while dealing mediocre damage. He also has a skill that teleports you and your target to a location between both of you, while adding bonus damage for his right click for one hit. He has a crit, that while has a low chance compared to another built-in crit hero, deals a pretty high damage (3x). And his ultimate, allows him to summons several illusions that deal the same amount of damage as CK, while only taking damage twice from the normal one. When you can utilize the full capabilities of CK, you can kill almost every hero in the game, even achieving a rampage

(i called the illusions as "dudes")

PS: Though i called this hero as a rampaging knight, till now i am myself never got a rampage using this hero. However, i can see his ability to do so. The furthest experience i got with this hero, besides the comebacks :D, is when i almost got a rampage, but being "kill-steal"-ed by an Ember Spirit

Pros / Cons

  • has a good stun, with variable length and damage
  • has a built-in crit, so he doesnt need daedalus
  • his phantasms(dudes) deals full damage
  • high 325 ms
  • good base damage
  • low mana pool early
  • in early-mid game, relies on his stun and rift.
  • silencers
  • anti summoned units (Outworld Devourer, Earthshaker, Diffusal carrier)

when to pick Chaos Knight:
  • you need a very hard carry
  • your enemy doesn't have a blink or escaping mechanism
  • you want to rape your enemies :))

when not to pick Chaos Knight:
  • you are lazy to gank
  • your team lacks of support (or one who willingly want to)
  • enemy with silences
  • you can't see a good opportunities (for reality rift)

Skill explanations

Chaos Bolt
acts as your main tool in early-mid game, and maximized first to achieve its fullest effect. The first level of this skill is pretty sick, as it can deal up to 200 damage for a level 1 skill, and stuns for 1 or 2 sec. The last level of this skill grants you damage up to 275 points, while stuns for 2 or 3 sec (4, if lucky).

Reality Rift
this skill allows you to pull stranded enemies to you, while adding bonus damage for one hit. The bonus damage for each level rise significantly, also with the cd's being decreased drastically. In early-mid game, the bonus damage is high (100 damage), while in the late game it acts for a tool to pull and trap your target inside your dudes easily.

Chaos Strike allows you to crit your right click. While the chance is one of the lowest among the other skill, it deals one of the highest damage among them. Also, it transfers to your illusion, allowing it to deal the very same amount of damage in crits.

Phantasm, the skill of the gods. Allows you to summons illusions that deals the same amount damage of Chaos Knight, and takes damage only twice from normal. The number of illusion summoned is equal to the level of the skill, with 50% chance to add one bonus illusion. Any illusions within a 1400 radius will be pulled with Reality Rift. With 5 or 6 illusions (illusions from Manta counts) you can trap your target inside an army of Chaos Knights, ready to kill him/her. In the early game, it is better to not level this skill, because you wont have enough mana pool to do combos and your damage is not high enough to deal significant damage.


Start with a pair of Iron Branch, a Clarity, Tango, a gauntlet of strength and a Circlet. Both circlet and gauntlet will make up to bracers, and if you want you can build a wand from the branches.
Another starting possibilities, you can start with just a tango, a quelling blade, clarities, and branches/gauntlet. Up to you

In the Early game, you should prioritize getting boots and bracers, because it will help you through the early game. Bottle is a situational item, if you find yourself gank a lot and need a boost of mana(and health regen ofc). Magic WandWand provides the same effect with bottle, only it gives less regen but boost your stats.

In the Mid Game, your core is Power Treads and Drum of Endurance. Both item provides good stats and attack speed that you need to play in the Mid Game, with Drum also provides bonus MS and the active ability, making you a hard runner to catch up

After you get Drum and PT, the next thing to do is to set up your core. It can be Armlet of Mordiggian or Sange and Yasha. If you prefer armlet over SnY, you should rush it immediately, because earlier you get it, it gives more significant effect compared to normal hero with the same level. If you prefer SnY, you may want to rush the Sange First, because it boost your damage and hp and gives the sweet maim.

In the Late Game, is when the Chaos Knight wrecks havoc. If you farm good, you will overpowered most hero with same level of you. Getting a Manta Style is all you need after your core. Using Phantasm + Manta gives you illusions needed to trap an enemy inside your dudes. Heart of Tarrasque is preferable in any build, because it boost your damage and the bonus hp and regen makes you pretty much un-kill-able XD

About Armlet: Armlet's active boost your damage and your attack speed, as well as granting you +25 STR which means gives you 425 active HP. However, as long as armlet actives, it drains your HP by 40 constantly. There are 2 ways to negate this, gaining a lifesteal, or using the regen from Tarrasque. Both have ups and downs. With lifesteal, you need to keep hitting so it will regen. With tarasque, you can keep it active all day as long as you didnt get hit from a hero or roshan. In my humble opinion, lifesteal wont benefit as much as the tarrasque's regen. Even if both needs a Reaver, i would prefer tarrasque than lifesteal, because lifesteal didn't transfer to illusions.

If the game drags on to the point where you need more than your core, look at the luxuries. Each item costs large number gold, and but it doesn't boost as much as your core. So pick your luxury item carefully. Look what you need. Is it attack speed? is it damage? or even another active item?

Gameplay Strategy

Based on your startings, you can play Chaos Knight the safe way or the hard way. Playing it safe way, then you will last hit frequently(quelling blade). Playing it hard way, you will spam your skills a lot to fend off the enemy hero(clarities and branches).

Early game is where Chaos Knight is going to grow. If you play it well, then the enemies wont aggresive at you, remembering you have stun. In my opinion, laning is the best way to play Chaos Knight, and start ganking after both of your skill reach level 3 (hero level 6).
Most of enemies won't underestimate CK in early game, because he is a dangerous one in early game. All you need to do is show them that they are right.

Skill Combo: Consider both your active already reached lvl 4, start your combo by reality rift, then stun the target and hit him as many as you can. If you are lucky, you can get the 4-seconds-of-misery and bring the target down. If he/she still alive, make sure to not lose him/her, then pull him/her again with reality rift. Most heroes will suffer from this combo, not dying. If this happen frequently, you can just repeat step one and two or bring a friend to help.

Mid Game is when the fun part starts. If early game rolls good, you will around at level 12-13 with crit, full stuns, frequent rifts, and able to summon 2 to 3 dudes, which as good as getting crits.
When about to clash, there is 2 way for a good Chaos Knight to clash. 1. Coming in after initiate or 2. Initiate with your ulti. The best way, in my humble opinion, is the first way. Hide yourself somewhere the enemy wouldn't expect. When the clash happens, all you need to do is Activate Phantasm, enter the clash with your dudes like a spartan XD, kill all the opposing, rapes the one trying to escape, and stand on their bodies like a boss B)

Late game for Chaos Knight is pretty much alike the Mid Game, only this time it suffers your enemies more. Aiming at the support first is better than to aim the carry first in my humble opinion, as your teammate will focus on the enemy carry, making them busy. Trait this moment well, and they won't even try to gank you head on.

Forgot to mention this guy as a pusher. Chaos Knight is a good pusher, since his dudes also deals the same damage

Buddies and Enemies

Lina Kunkka Skywrath Mage Jakiro Ursa Crystal Maiden, these heroes have a skill that needs the enemy to stay in place. your reality rift and bolt helps them to locate their skills. Some of them can also return the favor

Earthshaker, the enemy of the year! his barrage of stuns can render you useless. Trying to fight him with all illusions you got? "never outgunned when outnumbered" he can just use his Echo Slam to tear your dudes apart

Silencer & doom bringer, both of these hero can shut down your combos easily. While silencer can do it from anywhere, the another sonnuvab*tch needs to keep close and gay to you. However, if they can't silence you anymore, it is sure a good day to return the favor

Tidehunter is another guy you need to keep an eye for. If fighting this hero, stun is pretty much unreliable as he can easily purge it using Kraken Shell. The best way to deal with this guy is to trap him inside your dudes or use an army of mana burners(diffusal)

Drow Ranger, this girl can be both your weakness or your food, depends on the gameplay. If she can silence you before you stun her, then you will be pretty much praying you wont die until the silence draw off. If it goes the other way, you will be laughing her *** off

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