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carry spectre

July 1, 2014 by TheMonkeyGorrilla
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Build 1
Build 2

Spectre Early Game

DotA2 Hero: Spectre

Hero Skills

Spectral Dagger

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2 8 10 12


4 9 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello and welcome to my Spectre build. Spectre is a really fun hero and also really effective mid game despite what most people think. Now lets get crackin'.

Item Build/Justifacation

On Spectre I like to gomid -late game style play which means that you need some smaller items before you get you main item, this can be a radiance but I suggest otherwise, so I like to get Phase Boots and Drum of Endurance which allows me to go into mid game stronger and get more kills for my major items Manta Style and Eye of Skadi. The final item that I suggest picking up is an Abyssal Blade because Spectre is not the best hero against Black King Bar carries because Dispersion and Desolate are blocked by Black King Bar.

Skill Build Reasoning

The reason that I get Spectral Dagger at level 1 is because if you are ganked early on you can either throw it at the enemy heroes and run away or throw it into the trees and escape without anyone being able to follow you. I also like to Max out Desolate before Dispersion because that then means that you can gank really early and get some solo kills to bolster you farm even more. Remember not to use your ulti Haunt to kill a low support because it could get you a kill on a very important carry yet again increaseing your farm advantage.

Thanks For Reading

As always with my guides I would like to thank you for reading my guide and if you have any suggestions then please leave a comment and I will explain my reasoning to you.

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