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Carry of the light!

June 24, 2013 by Garret
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills


1 3 5 8

Blinding Light

10 12 13 14

Chakra Magic

2 4 7 9

Spirit Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Carry of the light!

June 24, 2013


Yep. Right clicker KotL. Please note that this is not by any way the best way to build KotL, support KotL is still much more viable. This build is for bored ones who just want to try something new. In pubs, people will probably hate you for that, so if you want to try, do so either in lobby, or with a team of your friends.



"Ah, there it goes!"

This is your bread and butter. After a (long) channeling time, you let out a damaging wave of light. Pushes the lane a lot, so if using to harrass, try to hit the fewest creeps you can. Later on, makes a great farming skill. Once you push the lane out with this, go to the jungle and farm there. Becomes quite useless later on, but also helps to drop it in a teamfight with your ultimate so you can autoattack (which deals more damage).

Mana Leak

"You shall not cast!"

Puts a debuff on the target enemy that makes them lose up to 5% (on the max level) of their mana pool for every 100 units they travel. If the enemy runs out of mana during this debuff, they will be stunned. Usually you don't want to skill this early on, since your nuke and E are more important.

Chakra Magic

"Light channels through you!"

Unlimited mana. Forever. This spell allows you to renew quite nice amount of mana to you, or your allies. Allows you and your lane partner to spam spells as much as you want, making harrass really easy. This spell is really useful in all stages of the game, and allows you to spam your Q for unlimited farm.

Spirit Form

"Light my way!"

Transforms you into a shining spirit, changing and adding your abilities. When your Q is used in this form, it is being cast by an entirely different spirit, allowing you to do other stuff while casting it. You can still press Q again to let it go early. Unlocks two new abilities:


"Get over here!" Oh god, wrong hero.

After a short delay, teleports your target to your position. If the target takes player based damage, it will be interrupted. Nothing special here. You can cast it through minimap, but good luck with that if there are more than one.

Blinding Light

Fancy a flight?

Knocks all enemy units in a big AOE back 250 units, and blinds them for 3 seconds, making them miss most of their attacks. Also useful for throwing people on cliffs.


Starting out taking 3 Iron Branches, which will be turned into a Magic Wand. You should also buy a courier (to look like a good guy) and Tango and Healing Salve.

Early game you need Boots of Speed which you will turn into Power Treads. Power treads give you nice attack speed, and a little bit of survivability since you are made of paper. You also need a Bracer to further boost your hp, and a Headdress which will later become a Mekansm.

After that, take a maaelstrom and turn it into Mjollnir. After getting maelstrom, get a Javelin and turn it into Monkey King Bar. You should have your MKB before finishing Mjollnir. Geting a Mask of Madness is nice to gain a bit more attack speed and lifesteal. However it makes you take even more damage, so a Heart of Tarrasque is a viable option.

After that, you have plenty to choose from. Eye of Skadi could be a good idea to boost your vitality, damage, and ensure nobody flees. Heaven's Halberd would be a good idea if you have several right clickers against you. Daedalus could be nice to boost your damage output greatly. Or take a Desolator if nobody on your team has it. Scythe of Vyse is nice too, for that bit of int and a good disable. It's all VERY situational.

Early Game

Ideal partner for your lane would be a farm independent either semi-carry or a support (but if you wanted an ideal lane set-up, you wouldn't make KotL a carry). Queen of Pain or Vengeful Spirit would work well. If you can do so without killing creeps, harrass the hell out of your opponents, as you can do it constantly. If you can't do so without pushing, supply your partner with mana so they can harrass with single target spells (if they have any, of course). You are really a bad ganker, but you can definitely try. If you succeed to hit the middle laner with illuminate, it should go easily. Also, you can buy wards since your farm can really be infinite when it comes to that. Also you should be careful since the other team will probably hate you, and will want to get rid of you as much as possible.

Mid Game

[*]Kill someone in a teamfight
[*]Farm more
[*]Kill everyone

That's mid game in a nutshell. You should be in all teamfights (because, why not?). Once you get your Maelstrom and Javelin you start dealing moderate damage (how little KotL needs to be a rightclicker, IceFrog planned it all along). Be extremely cautious everywhere, as KotL is a paper hero, and you can easily die just from AOE spells in teamfights, so stay back if you can.

Late Game!

Kill people. Once you have Mjollnir, Monkey King Bar and Heart of Tarrasque you should be a really bold threat. You can throw a Black King Bar if you feel like you're getting focused down (which you probably will). And if you find yourself losing, just get a shadowblade and backdoor them. Cotl is an excellent backdoor pusher, since you can destroy a creep wave in mere 5 seconds, and shadowblade out if neccessary. Or murder them, depending how your farm goes.


Cotl is really a lot of fun, but please, don't do it in pub games (I did, and nearly got reported, eventhough we won). Please note, that this is not by any means a serious build which you should use often, it's just for fun! Please, give me some constructive feedback (nothing like "lol, dis sux"). Thank you!
--Garret the master thief

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