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We are happy to announce the winners of our special Spooky Hero Creation Contest! *drum roll*

Just as we say every time we announce the winners, and that because it's true, all the submissions are really awesome and creative and it was a really tough task to select the best of the best. Below you can find the winners of this edition joined by a short description of their creation!

Grand Prize Winner (Arcana Of Choice)


Congratulations to our grand prize winner, R1ngleader, the author of Guraibu, the best concept of this edition! They will receive an Arcana of their choice. Hooray!

Guraibu, the Eternal Undertaker, is a strength melee hero that dominates his enemies not only by damage and control, but also by fear. His first ability, Excavate, creates a hole into the ground that roots and damages the enemy heroes caught within. Undertaker's Impact enables Guraibu to burrow through the ground to a target area, where he damages all the enemies hit while applying a negative buff based on their attack type. His third basic ability is a passive that grants Guraibu a chance to root the enemy he hits, disabling and dealing damage while also dragging them towards Excavate's hole if there is one. And finally, his ultimate ability is Intensification, an active ability that empowers all of Guraibu's abilities and stats. While the ultimate is active, Guraibu's appearance and abilities look different, as we can also see in R1ngleader's artwork.

Congratulations once again and great job with the artwork and ability representations, it was a really nice touch! :D

Honorable Mentions (Frostivus 2017 Treasure)
Congratulations to our honorable mentions! They've created some wonderful hero concepts, keep up the great work!

ELF1N - Erebus, the Shadow Druid
Erebus is a ranged intelligence hero that uses confusion and misdirection to his advantage. Thanks to his versatile abilities, he can be played both as a carry and support. His first ability, Shadow Masquerade, alters the vision of the enemy target to see all the units around in their own shape. Confusing enough, the target can also attack its allies while in this condition! Bloodletting is Erebus' second ability, which removes negative buffs of its allies or positive buffs of its enemies, while removing a percentage of the target's current health. His last basic ability is Distortion Aura, a passive ability that reduces the intelligence of the enemies around the Shadow Druid while granting them a chance to fail their abilities (casting the ability has no effect, only losses mana and puts it on cool down). And finally, Erebus' ultimate is Blackout, an active ability that puts all the enemies under the effect of Shadow Masquerade, while also greatly reducing their vision. Watch out who you're hitting!

FangzofFuzzy - Gaganok, the Swamp Lord
Gaganok, the Swamp Lord, is a melee strength hero that is able to withstand high amounts of damage. Due to his durability and disables, he is a great front liner and initiator. His first ability is Vine Wrest, an active ability that creates a mesh of vines that damages and pulls enemies caught after a short delay. Blight is Gaganok's second ability, which enables him to launch a clump of his form, disarming and slowing the first enemy hit, while also disabling himself. The Swamp Lord's third ability is Absorption, which makes Gaganok's attacks drain the health of the target hit for 2 seconds if he hasn't previously attacked for 4 seconds. Finally, the ultimate that makes Gaganok so scary, Drown, which as the name suggests, drowns all the enemies hit around the Swamp Lord, pausing the duration of their negative buffs. If any target is under the effect of Blight, Drown will be cast around that target instead of Gaganok. This is a really cool design that fits well into the DotA world!

lonelyfreak - Alhazred, the Mad Servant
Alhazred is a ranged intelligence hero that fulfills the roles of support, initiator and disabler. His first ability is Gaping Maw, an active ability that ruptures the ground, creating black ichor that slows and damages the enemies touching it. After a short delay, large teeth come out of the ruptured area, damaging the enemies once more while shortly stunning them. The Mad Servant's second ability is Benevolent Madness, which grants the target bonus damage and attack speed, but the damage they receive is also increased and their abilities and items cannot be used (silenced and muted). Alhazred's third ability is Tentacle Lash, an active ability that hits the enemies with tentacles that slow and have a chance to drag the units hit towards Alhazred. And finally, his ultimate ability is Cyclopean City, a complex active ability that creates a terrifying and confusing structure that fears enemies within towards the center of the structure. Enemies trapped are damaged twice, once at the beginning and once at the end of the spell's duration. Nobody escapes the Mad Servant!

ImZheng - Zheng, the Shade
Zheng is a melee agility hero that is best played as a core role. His first ability is Phantom Ambush, an active ability that allows Zheng to stalk an enemy unit while becoming invisible. While stalking a hero, the Shade gains increased and unobstructed movement speed, and when he's close enough he can blink to the target to instantly attack and apply a stun. The Shade's next ability is Umbrageous Poison, an active ability that surrounds Zheng with a poison that slows and damages heroes that stand too close. The poison deals double damage to illusions, and non-ancient creeps that are killed by it heal Zheng for a percentage of their maximum health. His third ability is Tenacity, an active ability that can be used while disabled which only affects himself. Increases Zheng's attack speed and applies a strong dispel. The cooldown of this ability can be reduced by 6 seconds whenever the Shade deals a specific amount of damage in a short period of time to enemy heroes. The Shade's ultimate ability is Shadow's Embrace, which summons an invulnerable duplicate of Zheng to attack the selected enemy hero with True Strike, while providing True Sight of that hero. Literally shadow's embrace!

Sicamoure - Kross, the Untold Horseman
Kross is a melee strength hero that is great at chasing his foes and taking down lone enemies. The Untold Horseman's first ability is Reap, which slows and damages enemies to the left and right of Kross based on his attack damage. His second ability is Frightening Steed, which increases the movement speed of Kross' steed until an enemy is hit, rooting the victim and reducing its damage. Kross' third ability is Shade of the Kross, an active ability that conjures a shade to protect the selected small area. Enemies that enter the area will be chased by the shade in the form of a swift orb, receiving damage and being stunned when hit. However, if an enemy enters the area before the shade is fully charged (2 seconds), the shade simply disappears. Now comes the part with the ultimate, but we're not done yet because we have an extra ability, Up On The Hill, which enables Kross to jump off of cliffs for 2 seconds. The Horseman gains bonus night vision while on a cliff. And finally, his ultimate is Skull of the Horseman, which empowers Kross in battle, granting him bonus attack damage based on the maximum health of his enemies. Don't look into his radiating skull!

How to Claim Your Prizes (It's Pretty Easy, but We Need Some Info From You)

  1. Look for our email in your inbox and reply to it with your Steam Profile Link

  2. Expect to receive a friend request from our community manager Hades4u, make sure to accept his friend request

  3. Once you’ve been added, you’ll receive a direct trade invitation or a trade offer, depending if you’re online on Steam or not at the time of the prizing

  4. Enjoy your goodies!

We would like to thank everyone for joining our contest and for being awesome! We hope that you enjoyed this contest as much as we did and you can expect more contests of this kind coming soon. Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for us to improve the quality of our future contests!
Message me if you'd like to join our official Discord server!

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Congratulations to all winners
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I was one of the judges that reviewed your lovely (and spooky) heroes! Here's a rough breakdown of how I assigned scores for your creations:

40% Originality
20% Hero Profile
20% Theme
10% Balance
10% Flavour


I didn't assign a mark for each category, just those approximate weightings were in mind as I gave scores.
If a concept obviously did not fit the category, I tended to give them scores based on everything else but flag them as not fitting the theme (probably disqualified them from winning), since the contest specifically calls for spooky heroes.

If you would like comments on your particular hero, I'll try my best to get brief comments to you (provided you don't change your hero since submission, since I didn't actually write down comments for all the heroes).



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TheSofa, can you comment my hero, hirokuza?

Congratulations to all winners!


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Pahpohranger wrote:

TheSofa, can you comment my hero, hirokuza?

Congratulations to all winners!

Hi Pahpohranger -

Sorry this took so long! I've just PM'ed you the comments.



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Thesofa, I've replied your PM. In case you haven't check it. I don't know if there will be some notification for PM.


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