April 18, 2018

The Untold Chapter 3: Dire

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My eyes beg me for sleep but how can I fall into the land of dreams and nightmares when tomorrow everything will end? After 7 years of blood and pain, All units from the Radiant and the Dire will face each other tomorrow before the dawn and may the gods help us against them.
When the silly dream of sleeping finally goes away I decide to do something more than waiting for the end so I head to the lake to pray with ancient rituals to have faith and strength for the battle. As I walk through the tall old trees and feel the jungle with heart and soul, I think about the years that passed, the blood that was spilled and the souls who were released. Was it all worth it? At first we needed to stop Dire and stop their monster like actions but the more time that passes, the more we became like those monsters. Doesn't matter anymore. Doubts that eat me like acid will end soon one way or another.
I finally reach the silver heart lake where several rivers feed its hunger. The reflection of silver moon and the hidden silence of the woods makes this place something above mortality, something divine. This feeling burns in my blood and enlightens my heart and pushes me to perform the ritual with more hope.
I cut my wrist and draw a circle around me with my blood and sit on the center of it. I feel my blood boiling in my veins. Breathing gets harder and harder like I'm inhaling burning flames. I can see the light of my burning blood on the ground that pierces through my eyelids. Pain runs through my shivering body. seconds pass like centuries. The ritual seems endless but the pain ends at the moment I expected. Gods the first breathe after ritual feels god like everytime. Slim streams of steam comes out of my skin like I've been on fire maybe I was! But it is worth it.
"You couldn't resist it didn't you?" It didn't surprise me to hear her voice. No matter how stealth she tries to be, I always hear her coming.
She is leaning on a tree, nimble and fit as always and of course, beautiful. "Traxex! Are you here to see who's better in fighting at last?"
She chuckles and walks towards me like a young gazelle and puts her hand on my chest, looks me in the eye and say:"Is there any reason for? We both know you lose your self when it comes to me." Then she comes so close that I can feel her warm breathe on my ear then says:"Like the way I do." Then I put my lips on hers and kiss her like it's the last night we have. Maybe it is! The night falls as we melt in each other like two souls merge together. Touch of her skin, kissing her warm lips, listening to her moans of pleasure all makes the stress and fear of what comes tomorrow to fade away. Like always. No matter how hard my life becomes, when I'm with her, all the pain disappears.
At last the golden sun rises once again and lays its pure rays on our naked bodies. I could live this moment for eternity but we have to separate and get back to the camp and prepare for the final battle. We kiss for the last time and we're about to go that Traxex says:"Huskar, see you on the other side, no matter what." and moves away before I say something.

The ancient sound of the knells echoes and its terrifying sound freezes our hearts, The painful rhythm of the bronze knells only meant one thing, Scout team has fallen.
Prays are said, Armors are worn, Swords are sharpened and spells are prepared. Everyone is ready for their fight and destiny, no matter what happens, We fight.
As I run towards the last standing tower, I look around and try to memorize all details, From the tall old trees that stand proudly in the wood and the shining morning sun to my loyal and brave friends that have been fighting by my side for years. Because something tells me, I'm not going to see this place that has been like home for me anymore.
I see Sylla, Trying to calm his anxious spirit bear down and give him confident and hope. Luna prays aloud and asks Selemene for strength and courage, Lina is looking at the jungle nervously and tries to find her little sister whiles twisted and unstable flames dance around her shaking fists, Storm is telling jokes and tries to change the heavy atmosphere and make his serious and sullen brothers laugh and he and he actually does it.
I can see fear and anxious in everyone's faces but we are all ready for whatever is coming for us. We are heroes and fighting and sacrifice is in our blood.
The knells have stopped and we are standing next to the last standing tower, staring at the dark jungle and waiting in silence.
The painful scream of the silence is choked by *****s of chains, coming from the woods. Then suddenly a bloody meat hook comes from the dark jungle and cuts through OmniKnight's shining armor and flesh and drags him in the jungle, The desperate screams of him are silenced quickly by Pudge roaring "Fresh Meat".
Sound of war drums and war cries come from the woods, birds start to fly away while screaming like the hell is coming. Our enemies come out of the burning jungle one by one, thirsty for blood and vengeance. So we are!
The battle begins. Weapons cut and tear flesh in peaces and spells burn and rot bones. I see death everywhere. Hell must looklike this!
Under the protective shadow of the tower, Sylla and Lycan are fighting in their true mighty forms with their loyal and wild spirit pets.
Claws are hit to each other and rise clouds of dust, Jaws cut their way through fur and skin to find blood and flesh. Their inhuman roars, Coming from pain and pride shows their animal strength and unbreakable courage.
Sylla tries to smash Lycan's skull with his powerful claw but Lycal dodges in the final moments and Sylla's claw hits the muddy ground instead. Lycan uses this opportunity and goes for a counter attack and leaps towards Sylla's fury neck, Then suddenly Sylla grabs him in the air and hits him on the ground and lifts his claws to kill him but right before he cracks Lycan's head and kill the howler of the night, His wolves jump on Sylla's back and bite and devour his flesh with their teethful jaws. Sylla screams from the pain and tries to get rid of those beasts on his back while looking for his bear to ask for help, Then he sees the bear's dead body that has been torn apart on the blood covered ground.
Suddenly all of his unbreakable strength shatters and tears grow in his animal eyes. He wants to go towards his old loyal friend but Lycal and his pack howl and run towards Sylla while saliva is streaming down their jaws and their eyes shine from hunger and pride, Then they jumped on his back and put an end to the lone druid's life.
Although losing our brave friend is painful, We have no time to sorrow.
Under the heavy rain of arrows and magical spells and the battle's bone breaking pressure, I'm fighting and killing my enemies and try to heal and support my allies. We are trying our best but it doesn't seem enough.
Lina is floating in the air and she is throwing fire balls and magical flames at her enemies and burn them alive while crying and screaming every time she kills. She must have admitted her beloved sister's death.
Dragonus's glorious wings rise dust and ash. He is casting glowing spells and summons mystical flares that kills the poor souls who come in his sight. There is a small frown in his face that shows his high concentration and a smile on his lips that only means he is enjoying the fight as always. But there is also anxiety in his eyes that makes me anxious because I've never seen him worried before, Even in the hardest battles when we thought everything is over, He always gave us hope. I'm trying to realize the reason of it and dodge the attacks at the same time and when I see Shendelzare and the happy and relieved look in his face, everything becomes crystal clear for me.
Dragonus and Shendelzare walk towards each other while arrows and glowing spells fly next to them and death touches the souls of brave warriors with its cold fingers, But they don't care about any of them. It's like all they see is each other and no one else exists but them. The closer they get, The faster they walk until they start running and when they reach each other, They find shelter in each other's arms. Dragonus's white and wide wings covers them like a shell and ancient words and blue spells circle around these lovers who preferred to run away instead of watch each other's death. Then they shine with a blinding light and when the light goes away, They are no longer here.
I don't blame them for what they did. Many of us are going to die today and all they wanted was not to be a part of this slaughter and to be together, alive and happy. People do stupid things for love, from shameful escape to treason and I'm looking at the gold idol of it.
"Zeus!" I shout while I'm running towards him with my curved dagger in my left hand and a burning rage in my eyes. When he sees me, He goes pale and tries to run away but he has no chance. I'm close enough to take the leap and take his worthless life but right before I do any of it, Another meat hook that blood is streaming down from it comes straight to my direction.
I don't know was is because of the rage that blinded me or carelessness that I didn't see it coming and I have no time to react so I close my eyes and promise myself to stand and fight till last breath.
I have prepared myself for my painful and bloody destiny but nothing happens.
I open my eyes and see a giant stony hand, holding that damned hook that could be no one but Tiny who is struggling hard to stay still and not to be pulled by Pudges remarkable strength and in the battle of rotten flesh and living stone, Stone comes out victorious. Tiny pierces his giant tree trunk in the muddy ground and pulls the chain and its holder violently. Suddenly sound of broken branches comes from the woods and then Pudges shows up while he is being pulled on the ground and desperately try to cut the chains with his crimson cleaver. He is trying to scream and shout but his mouth is filled with mud and only pathetic voices come from him and they are all silenced quickly when Tiny smashes his giant tree trunk which he holds it like it's a small feather on Pudge, The hunter that became the hunted.
When Tiny lifts his tree trunk, rotten black blood that has a horrific stench streams down from it and attracts flies instantly. I turn my head to prevent smelling that terrible stench and realize Zeus is gone. I gnash my teeth and look around to find him and when I find no success, I give up, For now.
I look at Tiny and nod to show my respect and gratitude then I turn and run to find my next target.
Sky is burning with mystical spells, burning arrows and lightning, cutting through the bright noon sky with blinding light and horrific sound which is like a hammer, hitting my temple. Brave warriors from both sides fall and make the muddy surface of the ground bloodier and more crimson. Combination of thick mud and sticky half clotted blood made the walking really hard that sometimes you must struggle hard to just take a step. Dead bodies corrupt under the direct rays of sun and create a terrible stench that sultry weather just makes it worse.
I look at dusty and sweaty faces of my friends that frustration shows off instead of hope and strength while trying hard to breath in this gamy humid weather and see the reflection of a feeling that none of us expected to see in each other's faces, Disappointment. yes, disappointment.
I pull my dagger out of Broodmother's skull as I count the remaining heroes and realize we are losing the war instantly.
"Look out" I don't have time to think about the unknown threat so I trust my instinct and leap ahead and lie down on the ground, But I wasn't fast enough.
Lightning leak my back with their razor sharp burning tongue and leave painful wounds behind. My whole body shakes like a voodoo totem and trample takes control of everything. I can't see or hear anything. Evert time I open my eyes, I see nothing but white and hear nothing but madness. I try to crawl away from the source of this hell like pain by my shaking hands and when I go far enough, The electric current ends. The pain disappears and fuzzy feeling of healing wounds comes instead. My feet finally become strong enough to hold my weight and my eyes start to see again. I gnash my teeth from the killing pain that grows stronger every time I move a muscle as I look at the reason of this hell like suffer.
Thousands of white and blue sparkles appear in the air and disappear and a blink, The earth shakes from the powerful sound of the thunders that sing the song of death when it merges with the rhythm of war drums and in the center of this electric madness, Two lightning masters are facing their final fight.
Lightning bolts are thrown at Razor and all of them are shattered by his deadly lash. Unstable sparkles and shattered lightning fly around him and merge together until they turn into a single strong thick circle of electricity that soaks the incoming lightning bolts and gets stronger and stronger until it becomes too unstable to be controlled. That's when he unleashes it from his hold.
Hungry white lightning destroys everything on their path like a flock of grasshoppers. Careless heroes who were too close to Razor and his beast vaporized instantly but Storm didn't run away or hide. He stands still, opens his arms and embraces that glowing terror and absorbs its energy. Lightning slow down until they stop and change their direction to Storm and that perfect circle of lightning and plasma turns into an oval that gets thinner at the end of it and thicker at the point where Storm is standing. The more energy he steals, The more light radiates from him and when it ends, His arms are still open and he is glowing like the moon and his smile is wider than ever. Now he is full of light, hope and of course, Unlimited energy.
He looks at Razor with his eyes that shine like a burning star and sparkles of lightning jump out of them, Bends his fingers and arms, Spins and discharges all of his energy with a single bolt of lightning.
"Aghe!" Down on my knees I cover my ears and feel the hot blood on my fingers. I can't any thing again but I can see others writhe from the pain like me, Their mouths are open but I can't hear their moans of pain.
When I turn around to see what had happened and how that thunder made almost every one writhe from the pain, I just can't believe what I'm seeing.
It shines so bright that I have to make my eyes half narrowed to be able to look at it. I can't hear its sound but it is so strong that I can feel my bones are shaking from it.
It is five feet wide and forty feet long and it is all made of pure lightning. The heat waves, coming from it vaporize sweat on our skin and melts the ground around it. Admiration and fear is showing off in the faces of every single person who watches it. It is only the matter of seconds until the great lightning remnant's resistance shatters.
We expect to see fear, attempts of flee or weakness in him but when we see none of these, We realize something is terribly wrong. And we were right.
Suddenly everything changes, That unstable white lightning turns into a steady sky blue afflux of energy that goes right into Razor's hands. Storm's everlasting smile disappears and fear and then pain comes instead. He tries to stop the stream of energy and break the one way link but it just made it worse and made the link stronger. Now the energy comes out of his whole body not just his hands. He falls down on his knees, His head is bent down and we cannot see his face. Then he rises his head and looks at us with the face that half of it has turned into the bluish energy stream and gives us the most bitter smile of all times. Oh gods.
"Nooo!" Xin just took the words right out of my mouth.
We start to run towards Storm to save him and stop his suicide plan but it's too late.
He stands on his feet and runs towards Razor. His feet go in the hot lava that used to be wet mud that slows him down but he continues steadfastly while laughing like a drunk maniac! The closer he gets, The more of his body turns into lightning and the faster he becomes. Razor notices the threat, breaks the link and tries to run but Storm has turned into a ball lightning that flies towards him with an insane speed.
Razor has taken almost all of Storm's energy but unlike Storm, Razor is too unstable to hold such power. He is a bomb and Storm is the detonator and we all knew what would happen next.
The glowing ball of death hits Razor from the back. They merge together and create a small ball of light that beats like a heart for few moments. Then everything turns white.

I'm flying! My hands and legs are open like a smashed mosquito on the wall. I'm floating in the air with killing speed that ensures a deadly crash and wind screams in my ears. Rocks, Splinters of wood, Pieces of armors, weapons and body parts fly next to me and pierce through my body like spears. I can't move a muscle, Can't feel a thing. I may be dead and this can be my soul, leaving this dreadful world to the heavens. But ghosts don't have any connection to this mortal world. Ghosts aren't hit to a tree and break half of their bones in their bodies, They pass through them!
Pain pulls me out of the fuzzy purple world of unconsciousness and brings me back to this unfair, cold world. Blood fills my mouth every time I breath and every weak heart beat creates a killing wave of pain in my broken body. This is very bad but I've been through worse. I still don't know how I survived that crash but I don't have plans for dying.
Heat goes through my bones, flesh and blood and green sparkles come out of my skin. Broken bones and torn muscles heal with a pain hundred time worse than the original one. Fixed ribs allow my damaged lungs to heal and let me breath normally and my heart beats strongly again. But the pain remains, Always.
when I find enough strength, I lean my sore back on the tree that I was hit and continue the healing. Small pieces of stone and splinters of wood come out of my skin and wounds disappear like they never existed. My pains finally disappear and I want nothing but hours of sleep to let my body have some peace but I have work to do and enemies to kill.
I follow the broken branches back the battle. Rhythm of war drums sound distant and weak and make me wonder is it because of the distant or my damaged ears.
As I run through the tall trees that surely will be burnt if the Radiant falls, I try to realize how long I've been unconscious, Countless pieces of hot stone that must have been a part of that lava pond are on the ground and still glow like ember under the ash. So I shouldn't have been out for long. Broken trees show me that I'm close to the battle. I jump on a broken tree that half of it is being eaten by hungry flames to have better vision on my path. I can see flames and dark shadows who fight to death in a not that far distance. I want to jump down and join them but suddenly my eyes are locked of a foot print.
For others, It's just a normal foot print that belongs to someone they do not know but this one is different for me. This one belongs to someone, I've been trying to hunt for so long.
I change my direction and follow the footsteps to its source. Following them is easy because of the muddy surface of the ground and It doesn't take long for me to find that coward.
My eyes are locked on him as I grab my dagger with my left hand and move towards him in silence. Leaves, mud and grass covering the ground mask the sound of my foot steps and allows me to get close enough unobservable. Suddenly a stick cracks under my foot and makes Zeus turn around but I've took the leap already.
My dagger is pierced right in the center of his chest, Cutting through skin and flesh and bones that drains the essence of life out of his body. I pull my dagger out of his chest and blood erupts from his open wound. He coughs and blood fills his mouth and streams down his pale lips. He turns paler every second and he is close to leave this world but I need answers.
"Why Zeus? Why? Was she worth betraying your allies? Was she worth fighting against your friends who always supported you?"
He lifts his head, Spits the blood out and says: "Yes" then he laughs and continues:
"Medusa was very beautiful. So beautiful that the whole Olympia wanted to be with her but when she lost her beauty to save her weak sisters, She became the most beautiful. You mortals only see the beauty in the shape of face and body, but the true beauty comes from power and gods she is the most powerful. So yes, She was worth leaving your stupid order. She was worth fighting mindless creeps like you. I have no regrets for betraying the Radiant or killing idiots like Rylai, My only regret is why I didn't leave Radia..."
I throw him at the nearest tree and throw a burning spear that flames circle around Its tip at his head by my hand that shakes from rage. It hits his dirty mouth and pierces in the tree behind him and transfix him like a butterfly that is impaled with a nail. His whole body is shaking violently. His hands grab the spear and try to pull it out but they find no success. His pathetic screams and sizzle of his flesh is like a lullaby for me that puts out the fire of vengeance inside me. Gods I hate traitors.
The spear breaks and Zeus's body falls of the ground but he is still shaking even though half of his head is missing. I aimed his head to ensure a quick death but he is still alive like a dead man who grabs the edges of his shallow grave and resists against his dark fate.
This thought made everything crystal clear. Zeus finally stops shaking and brings back the dead silence in the jungle which is broken by footsteps of the Dazzle.
No aggressive or defensive act is seen from any of us. During these years, We never harmed or attacked each other even though we are fighting for the different sides. There was always a master a pupil relationship between us that never breaks but I think this connection is something more for him but I never dared to ask.
He comes towards me without saying a thing. He is just like the last time I saw him, The only thing that has changed is a big jagged open wound on his the side of his belly that the only reason It is not bleeding like a water fall is Dazzle's magic.
I go towards him to heal his deadly wound but he lifts his hand and stops me. There is no sign of fear or abandonment in his eyes, there is only exhaustion, showing off in them.
He comes next to me slowly and spits on Zeus's body and I pretend that I didn't see blood in that.
"No traitor deserves a quick death. That's the second thing I taught you."
A direful sound interrupts the conversation and fills me with different feelings from anger to fear. The last tower has fallen.
I turn to run toward the base and protect it but Dazzle grabs my arm and stops me and I can see even doing such simple thing took a great amount of his energy.
"Radiant is going to fall and you can't do anything to prevent it."
He said it without having any sound of joy or pride in his voice and I can feel shadows of sadness in it. He is just saying the bitter truth.
"If you go there, You'll die for no reason and just make the Dire stronger. When the Radiant falls, They will keep invading and killing and will destroy everything on their path and..."
A wave of chain coughs comes and stops him from talking and I have to hold him to prevent his falling. He spits the blood out and still refuses my desperate attempts of help.
"No son. I'm done fighting and killing. These old bones can't handle another war, But you can." Now his face is cold and serious and flames of rage and vengeance is seen in his eyes.
"A darker and colder era is coming and It's not just because of the Dire's victory in this long war, There is also something much greater, waiting in the North and something tells me whatever it is, It is going to be unleashed soon."
His chin is shaking from anger and detestation has cover his tattooed face.
"They betrayed me and tried to kill me." I look at his wound and feel the rage, Boiling in my blood. "They all have agreed to leave our tribe alone when we destroy the Radiant but when the scent of victory enchanted them, They forgot their pact like it was a whisper in the wind not a blood oath."
Warm shamanic energies start to stream through my bones and muscles. At first it's like a sparkle in the darkness but now It's like a burning star.
"I failed our tribe, I failed my damned soul and I failed you."
When he says it, He sounds like a million years old man who just realized all of his accomplishment were for nothing.
"Take the ... last pieces of my power and use It to ... protect our tribe and to kill your enemies. Make me and our tribe proud and remember, Strength Comes from Sacrifice."
The shake of his hands, stream of energy and his heart beat stops while his eyes are still open and locked on my eyes and there is a small smile on his tattooed lips.
"Always." I grab his body and put it on the nearest burning tree gently. Green and black flames embrace his dead body like a sacred shell. Crackle of fire, purifying Dazzle's body and soul makes a subhuman harmony that is unintelligible for our mortals souls. I look at the flames, Sending him among the gods with a senseless look that hides the inner pain and suffering of losing my mentor, Guardian angle and father!
Father. I wanted to call him father million times, From the first time I won a fight or when I threw a spear on target to the moment I gained the title of the Sacred Warrior. But I knew he would never like or approve it. I only called him father once. Remembering that bitter memory brings the shades of sadness on my face and ruins that senseless look.
I remember It like It was yesterday not seven years ago. It was the day Dazzle gathered all chiefs in our region. It was a sunny day in the summer, Light breeze, Coming from the North caressed my skin with Its weightless fingers and dried the sweat on my skin.
It was a great day for hunting and every piece of me wanted to be in the jungle where enchanting scents and feelings and animals with different colors and patterns awaited me but I was told to go to the great hall for the conclave so I had to fight the temptation and go there to hear boring speeches about the future of our tribe.
The village was like every day, In peace. Kids ran in the streets where dozens of shops were selling their goods. I can still feel the scent of spicy foods like the vendors are ten feet away. The people smiled when they saw me and respected me cause I was the first sacred warrior in this century.
The great hall was not far and seeing It took my breath again like always. The circular building was made of light brown woods and the walls were covered with crimson flags and the uncovered parts of that were full of shamanic spells that were made by shadow priests blood and you could feel their massive energy the moment you enter the village.
I entered the great hall and It only took a moment for me to realize that I'm the only warrior there. Chiefs and their assistants who were wearing fur and silk looked at me with scorn and some of them pointed at me because I was wearing leather and cloth. I heard a laughter but when I looked them in the eye, They were silenced. Then they realized who I really am. Suddenly admiration and wonderment came in their eyes instead of pride and hall was filled with whispers like "Huskar" or "The sacred warrior" and every single person in the hall wanted me to sit next to them to gain some of my reputation but instead, I walked to a corner, leaned my back on the wooden wall and waited to see my master in silence.
I always liked this place. Its walls are made of nut brown wood and are covered with paintings that show the great battles of our tribe. Its floor was made of a pitch black stone that reflected the light, coming from the torches that brighten the place and in the center of that hall, there is a long wooden table made out of the wood of the tree of life that the map of the world was carved on it. How could anybody not like this place!
The doors were opened and Dazzle entered the hall with no servants or guards and every person who didn't knew him could think of him as an ordinary quest not the leader of the dark spear tribe.
Everyone put their right fist on their heart and he nod to everyone without saying a thing. His face was serious and unhappy which was unusual and made everyone worried.
He sat at the head of the long table and looked at me once and turned his head quickly like he wanted to hide his feelings from me. Then he started to talk:
"Brothers! Welcome. I gathered you all today because of the matter that you must have heard about, The Radiant and the Dire."
The hall was filled with tumults and different feeling were seen in everyone's faces. Then he continued: "We don't know who they are and why they are starting a war, Perhaps they don't know it themselves but one thing is certain, Whatever the result of this in coming war be, out tribe will be effected."
We all agreed then war chiefs started to show their thirst for blood and glory by shouting war cries. Dazzle raise his hand and the silence returned.
"I know you want war, I know our tribe haven't shined in battles for years but this is not our war and Dark spear tribe is not going to be involved in this war."
His peremptory tune killed any attempts of defiance. chiefs looked at him with rage but they didn't dare to say a thing. Tension in the air could be felt easily and it was only the matter of seconds until some one do something stupid and unforgivable and it happened.
A young troll war chief jumped on the table and ran towards Dazzle while shouting and saying words like "coward" and carrying a big heavy hammer that he lifted like a feather. He hadn't passed half of the table that he stumbled and fell on it. His hands grabbed his neck instead of the helve of the hammer and his face was turning livid and darker. Pathetic voices came out of this throat. He looked at Dazzle desperately with eyes that begged forgiveness and mercy but Dazzle's stone like face and disappointment in his eyes showed the fate of the young fool troll. His body finally stopped shaking and his soul left his body. Two guards grabbed his body and moved it out of the hall. Then Dazzle continued like nothing happened: "If we contribute in this war, Hundreds of our people will be killed which turns our tribe into an easy target for our enemies and we can't let that happen but this war is not something that can be denied. So I will join the winner side, The Dire in order to prevent possible risks and threats from it."
I would have been surprise less if he turned into a dragon! I looked at him with surprise and tried to deal with the shock of it and I see other have the same inner struggle. Dazzle didn't wait for questions. He stood up and said:"Brothers. Hard times are coming and standing against them requires courage and sacrifice. May the light of gods shine upon you all and give you strength."
Then he raised his fist and shouted our tribe's slogan: "Strength Comes From Sacrifice." and every one in the hall repeated it for several times and when it ended, They started to go out of the hall one by one.
When they all left, There were only me and Dazzle in the hall, I walked towards him but he talked sooner than me: "I don't expect you to understand my decisions but the least you can do is to respect them."
I said: "Why? Joining the Dire is the opposite of everything that you taught us, They are the servants of the Devil and have no honor or loyalty and what you do will bring nothing but notoriety for our tribe."
"I would rather to see this tribe as infamous as the Devil its self than seeing cold ashes of it!" He shouted and I could see the look of a man that has no choice. Then he continues: "I am sworn to protect our tribe even if I have to sacrifice my soul and let it rot in the Dire and no one can stop me from doing my duties."
"Father... Please... There has to be another way." I could feel the warm tears on my skin but I didn't do anything about them cause my pride didn't worth a damn at that moment.
"Don't call me that, Ever! I was the one who killed your traitor no good father. I raised you, taught you and made you the man who you are right now but I don't deserve to be called your father. Telling everyone that you are my cousin just to take care of you without letting the whole tribe to cut your throat because of your father's blood was a tough call for me. Don't make it harder." Then he turned and left the hall and me in silence.
The smoke brings me back to the painful reality. The flames have done the final ceremony and there nothing left of the great shadow priest but a pile of gray ash.
I want to say something for our last goodbye but the words betray me once more so I raise my fist and put it on my chest. Then I start to run to nowhere.

The sun starts to hide Its glorious face and the full moon rises to keep the never ending sky bright and offers its light generously to the mortals of this world. Cold breeze, coming from the north means the colorful kingship of autumn is close to Its end and cruel winter is coming with Its magnificent army of snow flakes and blizzards that makes the wilds to go to sleep and hide from the horrors of the cold. Winter is coming but it has come to my heart and soul already. The Radiant is falling, my mentor and father is dead and there is another battle out there in the North which I don't know a thing about the same was I don't know a thing about my new powers. Dazzle was always very serious about the concept of power. He knows what it does to people. It turns the best into worst, turns heroes into villains yet he offered his powers and maybe skills. What is awaiting me in the North that Dazzle had to make me stronger to deal with. I can't process it by my self. I need to find Traxex. So I run towards the burning Radiant base.
Hungry golden flames destroy structures and burn flesh with no mercy. Many are dead but few are still alive. Some are fighting to death and some are fleeing. I don't blame them. Dazzle was right, there is nothing left to fight for. I see shadows in distance which are approaching me. Can't risk to find out whether they are allies or not so I step back and run next to the edge of the jungle. I hope to see a sign of her. An arrow, a foot print, even her body! This uncertainty is melting me and I need to stop it fast. Drown in my thoughts and doubts, away from these flames, it takes me too long to see bloody patterns being drawn beneath my feet. Suddenly a familiar wave of raging pain goes through my body and makes my eyes bleed. Can't heal my self but I know I have to run, Bloodseeker is near and he's thirsty for my blood. I run through the trees once more to save my life. If it wasn't because of the promise I made, I would fight till I die but I need to live, for now. My senses get back to normal and I can hear more than one person's foot steps. He is not alone. So am I! Suddenly I stop, pull out a spear and throw it at the direction of the nearest foot step. The scream of pain comes after it. One down!
Other two show up and come in sight. Both covered in blood which is not theirs.
"Well well well, the untouchable sacred warrior is finally ready to be slaughtered. Such a shame that we are in hurry and can't have a glorious fight like you deserve but I promise, We'll make it quick." Said the Bloodseeker with proudly tune. Then Doom shout:"He doesn't deserve neither a glorious nor quick death. I sense Dazzle's powers in him. He stinks of that traitor."
Hearing these words coming out of Doom's mouth makes my blood boil. You broke your promises, you tried to kill him! You know nothing about honor! They...know...nothing!
Last words echoed in my brains and let loose of something new and ancient. Something powerful!
From the scared looks of Doom I notice the light green flames around my fist. "Thank you father." I said in silence then throw a stream of flames at them. Bloodseeker is nimble enough to dodge them but Doom faces his doom. Green flames cover him and burn him to his demonic black bones. He was born in hell but these flames are above his nature. I wanna shout and laugh like a mad man but incoming bloody blades of Bloodseeker stop me. He came from my right and and pierced both of his blades deep in my flesh. Pain, that old friend touches my nerves and puts me in berserk state. I hit his face with my elbow and he is pushed away from me. His blades are still attached to me and blood streams down. I get my power from my wounds he gets it from blood. We are equal in an odd way but I don't have time for a fair fight. "It's a shame I'm in hurry and can't have a glorious with you." I said.
He chuckled then he looked deep in my eyes and saw no false threat and his smile fade away.
Three frozen arrows hit his chest one by one. He coughs and throw blood up. Bloodseeker is being drowned with his own blood. Poetic!
I leave both burning and freezing bodies behind and look back and see her sitting on a tree branch, leaning on the tree.
She looks like last night. Nimble and beautiful but now with a big half healed wound on her left shoulder a little above her heart. Lethal.
She jumps down or better say falls down on the ground and I help her to sit and heal her wound but she stops me.
"You've got a blade in your ***! I can hold myself a little more." She says and put her hand on my face. "Heal."
Together we pull the blades out slowly and heal the wounds one by one. It hurts bad but she makes it easy. Then I start to heal her wound. It's still bleeding and looks ugly but my ranger is stronger than that.
"What's with green flames and faster healing? Your powers are much stronger than before I can sense it." She said.
-"It's... Dazzle's." The pain fills my eyes and when she sees it, she says no word just pulls me closer and puts my head on her shoulder.
I close my eyes and all I hear after is our breathing and deep voices from depth of the jungle. It's peaceful like the old days. When all I cared about was my training for the sacred warrior ritual. When life seemed easy going. The shelter I found in her and killing amount of pain broke my resistance and I suddenly burst into tears. I cried for the falling Radiant, for losing my mentor and father and for many more. Traxex is silent and caresses my head. The last time I cried was when I joined the Radiant and faced Dazzle in a battle. We both ignored each other purposely and later that night I cried. Not because of the battle, because of the disappointment I saw in his eyes.
I finally manage to bring my self together and stop the stream of tears.
"We need to move, Huskar."
I nod and stand up. The sunset can be seen through trees so does the smoke coming from Radiant base. I put my fist on my chest and then turn around and move away from the place which I called home for years.

To be continued...