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Oi career Spectre players :3 - Unorthodox Early/Mid Game Builds and playstyles?

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Forum » New Player Help » Oi career Spectre players :3 - Unorthodox Early/Mid Game Builds and playstyles? 11 posts - page 2 of 2
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » January 20, 2015 2:52am | Report
Ultra lategame spectre item choice:

Boots of Travel- pretty obvious
Satanic- this item almost literally double your EHP with the active. It has a great synergy with Dispersion too. Satanic is no joke on spectre.
Black King Bar- since no hero is immune to disables.
Manta Style- this item allows spectre for early to mid game ganks since 65*3 pure damage is crazy. Still a good item late game.
Refresher Orb- haunt is a crazy strong abiloty and double haunt is crazy
Daedalus- increse the damage of you and your illusions
Butterfly- great stats especially since spectre is an illusion hero and it increases your EHP by a lot
Monkey King Bar- against evasion heroes
Radiance- at this point you can sell it

Radiance: farming spectre
Fighter spectre goes the drums into manta or add diff in between

For the items i speak against:
Maelstrom- Certainly isnt the worst, but also isnt the best. Get for farming spectre but you cant farm radiance
battlefury- Okay regen, but it doesnt really have a big synergy with spectre, early game the stats isnt the best and a lot other items are better late game
helm of dominator- builds into Satanic, probably the best reason to build it
Mask of Madness- gimmick pub build, build only on a non serious game
crystalis- dont get it as a first item please build ot mid game
Mekansm- spectre will have mana issues with this item
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