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General Push Advice/Team Comp

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Forum » New Player Help » General Push Advice/Team Comp 7 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Fumbles16x » February 19, 2015 1:24pm | Report
I recently got together a five stack that I've been playing with and it's been a ton of fun. All pretty good friends irl and we get together most nights during the week. Anyway, being the most experienced of the five I've been trying to get some basic team strats to practice so we can start winning games.

So far our winrate is in the 70%~ area, which I'm pretty pleased with. But we really want to get better, so I was looking for suggestions.

The first thing we practiced was a basic Faceless Void strategy. I go Void and they pick things like Witch Doctor, Jakiro, Lich, etc etc. It's been very successful and they seem to grasp the concept well.

The other one is a kind of fast push strategy where we aim to win the game by around 20 mins, and this is the one where I kind of fall short in being able to guide them competently. I almost always go Lycan safelane with a Shadow Shaman partner. We usually try to get a Jakiro in somewhere, and run something like Tiny or Death Prophet mid. I'm not a great drafter and they're all pretty new, so if a few of the core members in that strat get picked, they sorta panic and I don't have much time to think on who to suggest they play.

Keep in mind that they can only play a limited amount of heroes, so no Chen, etc. Also, I guess what are some pointers I can give them, as they seem to be kind of lost at certain points in the game.

Heroes we utilize already to avoid repeats:
Nature's Prophet
Troll Warlord
Shadow Shaman
Death Prophet
Keeper of the Light


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sando » February 19, 2015 3:37pm | Report
Few suggestions for good early pushers who are fairly straight forward:


Dark Seer


Dazzle (works very well with Axe and Brood)
Sand King



Alt Jungler:


Alt Mid:

Dragon Knight

Obv you might need to adjust the standard builds a little in some cases to maximise push. It can also be worth looking at strong early gankers like Pudge and Night Stalker who can put a lot of pressure on the opposition, leaving them more vulnerable to push.

Also important to get that pressure on early - e.g. Nature's Prophet turning up early to provide treant ballast while the likes of Leshrac do the damage, rather sitting on a cliff farming a midas. This makes it difficult for them to send help, and you can potentially drag their supports away and leave their melee hard carry 1v1 with the likes of Timber or DS. Also look at mobility here - for example, if they TP 2 supports bot to stop your push, Prophet and Lesh can back off and TP top to take that tower while their scrolls are on CD.

Also, continue the aggression - if they let you take their offlane tower, plow straight on to the next one unless they send enough heroes to stop you. If they do, look at how your other lanes are getting on and try to keep them busy if they're going well, and/or switch the point of your attack. If they don't, keep going onto their T3 and force them to react.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Xyrus » February 19, 2015 7:25pm | Report
My advice would be to only pick 2 or 3 Heroes each time from that pool. If you Pick 5 Pushers, the other team can counter-pick you with 2 Counter-Pushers, then proceed to Pick 3 Heroes that dominate you whenever you come to their Towers.

A good Draft needs to be balanced so it can handle what the other Team throws at you while adapting to the Situation. Pick 2 strong Heroes for the meta during the 1st Phase, e.g. Troll Warlord + Axe, then balance it out with some good Burst Damage, e.g. Witch Doctor, Skywrath Mage, Queen of Pain, etc. then some good Defense/Counter-Initiation, e.g. Earthshaker, Dazzle, etc. then pick whatever you feel you lack.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Blubbles » February 21, 2015 3:41pm | Report
Enigma (Support / Jungle)
Magnus (Initiator / Offlane)
Ancient Apparition ( Support / Safe Lane)
Sven ( Tank / Safe Lane)
Shadow Fiend ( Carry / Mid )


Magnus goes in and uses Reverse Polarity
AA uses Ice Vortex
Enigma uses Black Hole
While in BH, SF hits his Shadow Razes and AA uses Ice Blast.
When they get out of BH, immediately Sven uses Storm Hammer and hits the **** out of them with DD if they arent dead already, cleaving the lot of them.

Instant team wipe , but Silencer counters it hard as well as BKB. But if you can get to Level 6 on your heroes before they farm BKB I don't think they will be able to stop you. All the heroes mentions take a medium to high skill cap tho, so you might want to have replacements with similar AOE abilities that take less skill.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Romark14 » February 23, 2015 2:31am | Report
Blubbles wrote:

Enigma (Support / Jungle)
Magnus (Initiator / Offlane)
Ancient Apparition ( Support / Safe Lane)
Sven ( Tank / Safe Lane)
Shadow Fiend ( Carry / Mid )

Wombo combo's around Black Hole?
Dark Seer - Offlane
Disruptor - Lane Support
Queen of Pain - Mid
Enigma - Jungle
Sven - Carry

The carry can be pretty much anyone with AOE. Morphling, Medusa, Anti-Mage all work perfectly well also.
Vacuum > Wall of Replica > Midnight Pulse + Black Hole + Sonic Wave + Thunder Strike > Kinetic Field + Static Storm and whatever the Carry is doing, pretty much farm neutrals it'll still be a teamwipe.

What was this thread about again?

Ah, push.

Enigma is a brilliant push hero. Get a quick Mekansm and start hitting them towers. The blink/bkb will come (if their team looks like you will be able to get a good blink/hole off. Sometimes it just isn't possible so don't worry about it). If you play Enigma though you have to remember, the threat of a Black Hole is almost as powerful as actually using it.

For another good pushing support I wouldn't overlook Witch Doctor. His Voodoo Restoration is great early/mid game. Have him lane with a Juggernaut and you will have a lot of sustain and often, if your mid comes to lane, they just cant stop the push. Voodoo Restoration + Healing Ward (let's assume both lvl 2) gives 3% total heal + and additional 24 HP per second. So, lvl4 with boots & Magic wand gives Juggernaut an additional 41 heal per second (if my maths is correct). Your creeps wont die, you wont take harass. Especially against a solo laner they just cant fight you. Best thing about using this, Juggernaut is good now! It used to be a determent taking him as it weakened your lategame too much, but now it's all good.
Dimonychan wrote:

Split-puhing <- when you do it.
Rat doto <- when enemy does it.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by KoDyAbAbA » February 23, 2015 2:55am | Report
your math is inferior.why?because its not explained. Scrublet.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Romark14 » February 23, 2015 3:21am | Report
KoDyAbAbA wrote:

your math is inferior.why?because its not explained. Scrublet.


Starting strength as HP + 4 Levels (strength as hp rounded down) + Magic wand (strength as hp rounded down)/100 * 3 for Healing Ward heal, + 24 for Voodoo Restoration
380+144+108/100*3=18.96+24= 42.96

MATH WAS WRONG! Did the magic wand levels wrong, he will actually be getting 42.96 hp/per second heal.

I hope this one is right...
Dimonychan wrote:

Split-puhing <- when you do it.
Rat doto <- when enemy does it.


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