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Can you please rank guides based on timeliness as well as votes?

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Forum » Support » Can you please rank guides based on timeliness as well as votes? 12 posts - page 2 of 2
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Hamstertamer » December 29, 2016 2:31pm | Report
  • States unapologetically that Power Treads are inferior to Phase Boots on DK, even though the opposite is true.
  • Recommends a dual lane or tri lane for DK and says that DK "can work" in the mid lane. I have never seen a pro game where DK wasn't in the mid lane.
  • Recommends Ring of Aquila as one of the early game items, even though no one builds this.
  • Makes no mention of Assault Cuirass, which is far and away the most popular late game item.
  • Does not recommend Blink Dagger or even seem to indicate that this a worthy DK item.
  • Does not mention Silver Edge, a very important situational item, because the item did not exist at the time of writing.
  • Recommends skilling Dragon Tail at level one, which will not serve you well in the vast majority of games.

Again, I am speaking from the perspective of virtually any DK player over 3k as well as pro games, where the meta is different from pubs.

But all those things you mention were a problem 3 years ago as well. That's my point. Your issues with the guide have nothing to do with the fact that it wasn't updated.

DK was a mid hero 3 years ago, treads have always been DK's boots of choice, shadowblade DK was already a thing back then, and aquila on DK has always been garbage. Etc.

Your problem with that guide is the fact that it recommends bad items. Not the fact that it wasn't updated. Again, DK didn't have a single major change in 3 years.

And by the way, the guide you mention only has ~60% positive votes. So I think it was a bug that it was on the #1 spot.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Mowen » January 3, 2017 3:12pm | Report
Hey Alien! First of all thank you for coming to us with your concerns. It means a lot to us when our members let us know what's bothering them instead of just up and leaving or letting it stew.

I'd like to open with explaining how our guide ranking system works a bit. After 30 days your vote "expires", HOWEVER there is a minimum threshold of 20 votes that, if a guide has less than 20 votes within 30 days, it keeps the 20 most recent votes. This is to strike a bit of a balance between old guides not losing all their votes if there's a vote dry spell, and for new guides to have a chance to catch up with the old guides since they're competing with 20 votes instead of 100 votes.

So what probably happened when you downvoted that DK guide is you replaced an old +1 with your -1, basically making it change -2 which is why it dropped more than you expected.

So far as other things we could do to help promote up to date guides, we have considered adding something like the season ordering that's on MOBAFire (All current season guides are ranked above all not current season guides with a divider in between). An issue we've had with that though is that Dota doesn't have seasons, as well as Hamstertamer has pointed out, can go a long time with no significant updates. I think this has changed more in recent years than in the beginning, since in the beginning they were focused on getting all the heroes out, so it might be time to revisit this idea. It is hard to accommodate all factors, like that some heroes have had no updates while other heroes have had major gameplay updates, when big patches are, when have there not been gameplay changes, etc, in an easy to understand system. So, we'll need to discuss this internally and figure out what the best solution would be.

I hope this makes some more sense now. I agree with you that some hero listings look pretty discouraging when there's such an old guide at the top and something needs to be done to help readers find up to date guides.

Please let us know if any of you have any thoughts / concerns about changes to the guide ranking system to push more recently updated guides to the top of lists. We'd love to hear more feedback!

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