DotA 2 Item: Flying Courier

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Support
Consumable Recipe Cost: 220
Total Cost: 370

Item Details

Flying Courier

Active: Summon Flying Courier - Upgrades an existing Animal Courier into a Flying Courier. The Flying Courier has 150 HP, 10 armor, Burst, and magic immunity. Upon death, the Flying Courier grants 175 gold to each enemy player. It will respawn automatically after 3 minutes, but any items that it was carrying will be inaccessible until then.

The Flying Courier can pick up any item except Aegis of the Immortal, and can use items that cost no mana, such as Healing Salve or Smoke of Deceit. While near the friendly fountain, the Flying Courier is invulnerable. If the Flying Courier gets too close to the enemy fountain however, it will instantly die.

Cannot be purchased until at least 3 minutes after the first wave of creeps spawn.

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