Outworld Devourer


Faction:The Dire
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Attack Type: Ranged
Role(s): carry

Outworld Devourer's Stats

STR 76.5 at 25 (19 + 2.3/level)
AGI 74 at 25 (24 + 2/level)
INT 93.5 at 25 (26 + 2.7/level)
Health 1727 at 25
Mana 1625 at 25
Damage 40 - 55
Range 450
Armor 3.86
Movement 315

Arcane Orb

Adds extra pure damage to Outworld Devourer's attacks, based on his remaining mana pool. Steals...

Astral Imprisonment

Places a target unit into an astral prison. The hidden unit is invulnerable and disabled. When...

Essence Aura

Whenever nearby allied Heroes or Outworld Devourer itself casts a spell, it gains a chance to...

Sanity's Eclipse

Unleashes a psychic blast that damages enemy heroes based on the difference between the affected...
One of a lordly and magisterial race, Harbinger prowls the edge of the Void, sole surviving sentry of an outpost on the world at the rim of the abyss. From this jagged crystalline Outworld, forever on guard, he has gazed for eternities into the heavens, alert for any stirring in the bottomless night beyond the stars. Imprinted deep in the shining lattices of his intellect lies a resonant pattern akin to prophecy, a dark music implying that eventually some evil will wake out there, beyond the edges of creation, and turn its attention to our world. With his whole being focused on his vigil, Outworld Destroyer paid little attention to events closer in to the sun. But at last the clamor of the Ancients, and a sense of growing threat from within as well as without, sent him winging sunward to visit the plains of war. Harbinger's place in our own prophecies is unambiguous: he must be considered an omen of worse things to come. But his arrival in itself is bad enough.

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Outworld Devourer Build Guides
1 21 35,269
9 Votes
35K 21
1 14 23,606
14 Votes
24K 14
2 16 68,900
30 Votes
69K 16
1 10 32,864
5 Votes
33K 10
3 40 393,727
83 Votes
394K 40
1 7 15,970
6 Votes
16K 7
2 5 18,985
6 Votes
19K 5
1 36 386,351
59 Votes
386K 36
1 4 6,784
3 Votes
New Guide
7K 4
1 11 9,478
4 Votes
New Guide
9K 11
1 6 18,768
2 Votes
New Guide
19K 6
1 6 18,652
5 Votes
19K 6
1 21 19,407
13 Votes
19K 21
4 10 30,239
7 Votes
30K 10
1 15 16,679
5 Votes
17K 15
1 0 16,892
5 Votes
17K 0

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Sp3ctr3 (4) | February 13, 2016 5:51pm
Can anyone make a guide for OD, all the guides here are really old, damn I´m starting to play this hero and I love it, but there is so much to learn about the new changes
MilkSteak | August 27, 2013 4:56pm
Not a single one of these guides is much good. One null is all you need to start with a little regen. Traqs, then bucklar gives you all the mana you need for spamming imprison and lane stayability. Into mek, disassemble traqs for RoR to build force staff and treads. Then either a sheep stick or BKB depending on what you are up against. Alternate Imprison and Aura till both are maxxed, grab orb at 9, Ult at 10+11. Stay mid until at least 9. Your opponent will likely leave often since he won't be able to cast spells so make sure you are vocal about that. Post 11 your team fight pretty much guaranteed to be superior with early mek+your ult.
Muse | January 31, 2013 10:24am
Too bad they renamed him to Devourer, sounds silly IMO...
Vino (2) | December 17, 2012 4:48am
Pure Dealer !
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