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Wraith King? Who is Wrath King? A guide to Skeleton King

March 1, 2014 by NicknameMy
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Strong and fast

DotA2 Hero: Wraith King

Hero Skills

Wraithfire Blast

1 3 5 7

Vampiric Spirit

10 12 13 14

Mortal Strike

2 4 8 9


6 11 16


15 17 18

Wraith King? Who is Wrath King? A guide to Skeleton King

March 1, 2014


Welcome to my first guide on Dotafire. I am still new to dota and this guide is for my actually favorite champ in dota, Wraith King (But i will still call him Skeleton King because he is Skeleton King). Skeleton king has a hard earlygame, which can be made much easier by a good build, but huge potential lategame to carry games. He is basically a tanky carry for your team.



+ One of the best lategames
+ One of the most amazing ults
+ Great stun
+ He was :( a skeleton
+ Gets constantly buffed

Vampiric Aura


- If he wouldn't have his stun, he would be 100% useless earlygame
- Very high mana costs
- Must get near enemies to deal most of his damage
- Playing vs 2 ranged in lane basically means you are ****ed


> > vampiric aura > Stats

Due to the new build, Wraithfire Blast gets maxed first because with the combination of Soul Ring and Tranquil Boots early, you can spam it for damage. I also no longer skill stats as the increase of intelligence made that obsolete. Mortal Strike, while not doing that much early, still can decide the flow of the lane. They also help way more than 4 stats point if you fight someone. Because I now stay in the lane longer and actually skill Mortal Strike earlier, i max vampiric aura last to not push the lane. Later, it combines nicely with Mask of Madness anyway.


The new SK-Build is centered around Mask of Madness and the potentional damage it gives you. Movement Speed and Attack Speed, all stats Skeleton King needs to catch up.

Preferred Items

  • No better start item in the game than a Stout Shield. Combined with 3 Tangos, you can't be easily outlaned pre you get your earlygame combo.
  • Absoulte must for anyone which wants to last hit.
  • The perfect source of health regen for Skeleton King, with this item, he can regain any health lost, from like, for example, Soul Ring.
  • This item is already in general good for SK because it gurantees that he has enough mana for his ultimate. But not only that, in combination with Tranquil Boots, you can actually spam it and Wraithfire Blast to harass the enemy hardcore and set up many kills.
  • Armlet, best item for Skeleton King by far. Why? Man, just play him and you know it...
  • An item, similar to SK, which gets buffed and buffed. It gives movement speed to close gaps, lifesteal to increase your lifesteal up to 50% and a big amount of Attack Speed to proc Mortal Strike or Skull Basher. The only bad thing is, if you get cc-ed, you take 30% more damage while doing nothing an die. This makes the next item mandatory.
  • The friend of every carry, Skeleton King Bar. Now you can't be cc-ed, you got super high attack speed, great lifesteal and movement speed to close any gap. Who is gonna stop you? Sadly, enough **** happens...
  • And now, after having most of the stats needed, get unkillable. Best defense item in the game and thanks to your ult nobody will ever kill you again.
  • / Get Skull Basher already pre Heart of Tarrasque. This item gives you a second stun because most of the time Wraithfire Blast will not be enough. Not only that, due to your high Attack Speed, the proc chance is also relatively high. And if you uprade it, you even get a 3. Stun which nobody can stop. 3 Stuns on a meele carry? Crazy stuff, right.^^

Creeping / Jungling

Skeleton King can jungle at lvl 1 but I wouldn't do it. He is way to slow and this means he will not get enough gold for lategame, where he shines. Of course, his stun is great for ganks, but the fact that he wants so much farm is more important.

Of course, later in the game, you can easily start farming the jungle.


Things you do pre your reach your dominating stage are farming the lane, farming the jungle if you can't farm the lane and spam the **** on the enemy with the Wraithfire Blast+ Soul Ring combo. You are here to get as much kills as possible with that.

Also one thing, your vampiric aura sets up for nice Roshan attemps.

Lategame Team Work

Stun one, activate all your ****, run at him, kill him. Rinse and repeat. Your job is to kill everything what is moving in teamfights. With Heart of Tarrasque and Reincarnation, people basically can't kill you while you are smashing their faces. Just focus down the enemy carries and win this way the game.


So, finally, my first guide at Dotafire is finished. I hope you enjoyed it and now know more about Skeleton King. If you don't like it tell me what you don't like so I can make it better.

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