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Warlock - The Evil Killer

September 21, 2012 by Dr. Hmeliowsky
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The Killer

DotA2 Hero: Warlock

Hero Skills

Eldritch Summoning (Innate)

Fatal Bonds

2 4 8 9

Shadow Word

1 3 5 7


Chaotic Offering

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18

Warlock - The Evil Killer

Dr. Hmeliowsky
September 21, 2012


This is my first guide; Warlock is an awesome hero to me and i always hated the "support guy", so i create this build for people that want kill with warlock, not support with him.

This is my first guide, so sorry if i made some mistakes ... tips are welcome.


Fatal Bonds is one of the best Warlock skills, doing so much damage when you know how to use it.
The reason Fatal Bonds is not the first upgraded skill, is because you don't need so much level to take enemy's HP in early game; Will be used in team fights to finish a hero, or combo with Shadow Word.

Shadow Word is probably the most used skill for Warlock, will help you and your team with the healing and will take a lot of HP from the enemy with the constantly damage; When you use Fatal Bonds, Shadow Word and your ultimate in the enemy, you can quickly kill him without any help.

Upheaval is the skill that i don't use, don't make damage, only slow the enemy; I use Warlock like a "Semi-carry", not support, so this skill is useless to me.
I upgrade Upheaval at last, but if you want use this skill to help your team, you can upgrade in the levels : 10, 12, 13 and 14.

Rain of Chaos, the great ultimate that will help you to escape and kill; Is good to upgrade in the normal levels (6, 11, 16), because you'll use to help your team in Team Fights, to kill an enemy, destroy towers, farm and escape.
The stun when you use the ultimate, will help in team fights and escapes; The "natural Radiance" from your golem can finish enemies or gain some gold for you.


My core starts with Power Treads, in my opinion is the best for Warlock, because you can hold your mana with Clarity in the early game until you get levels and great mana; Besides it, treads can give you good points of intelligence.
When you finish the Power Treads, i recommend a little rush to Hood Of Defiance, so you can get armor and magic resistance (with a great HP regeneration).
To finish the core, you need Desolator; Desolator will give you a great damage, so you can kill enemies without any help.
If you already got the core, i recommend Eye Of Skadi. Great item to late game, with the core and skadi, Warlock can get a perfect damage, armor and resistance; Using the skills in the right way, late game is awesome to play with him.

Enemy team with heroes like Clinkz, Riki or Bounty Hunter? Go for Orchid Malevolence.
Ursa or that annoying and hard to kill hero? Rod Of Atos and Crystalys can help.

Pros / Cons


Powerful skills
Can survive and escape without help
Good lane partner
Can gain good gold in farm
Good and easy support
Great damage with the right items


A little hard to play (if you want be a semi-carry)
Depends on items to get a great damage
Long cooldowns

Team Work

Early Game :
In the lane, if you get some carry or hard carry, just support until you get levels. Use your skills to take HP from the enemy, but let the carry finish them.
No hard carry in your lane? Kill everybody!
When you get level 6 / 7, be prepared to kill and push. Using Fatal Bonds and Shadow Word, get HP from your enemy; When you know that you need to kill, use Rain Of Chaos to stun and tank. If you combo your skills, its easier and faster to kill. If you got your kills, push with your Golem and destroy that tower!

Mid Game :
Already start the core, good levels and gold, team fight approaches!
Use Rain Of Chaos to start a fight, or save someone from there.
With your heal and items, you can support and carry the team fights.

Late Game :
Core and some luxury, you can walk through with your golem with no worries, if someone appears, kill and continue your travel.


Warlock is an awesome hero, good skills, awesome in Early, Mid and Late Game. Not so hard to play, just need follow the builds and stuff.

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