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Warlock Support

June 14, 2024 by DotaCoachApp
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Warlock Support

DotA2 Hero: Warlock

Hero Skills

Eldritch Summoning (Innate)

Fatal Bonds

1 3 8 9

Shadow Word

11 13 14 16


2 4 5 7

Chaotic Offering

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

80% Magic Resistance for Chaotic Offering Golems
+20 Chaotic Offering Golems Armor
+40 Upheaval Damage
Summon a Golem on Death
+15 Shadow Word Damage/Heal
+10% Upheaval Attack Speed per second to allies
+50 Upheaval Radius
+4% Fatal Bonds Damage

Warlock Support

June 14, 2024

Key Strategy

Key strategic elements to consider when playing Warlock

  • Prioritize using Shadow Word for healing instead for damage due to magic resistance.
  • Fatal Bonds latch onto fogged units.
  • Use Fatal Bonds to harass if you can link 4 lane creeps and 2 opponents on the lane.
  • Chaotic Offering destroys trees upon landing.
  • Be active when Chaotic Offering is up, organize smokes and farm with golem after the fight.
  • Pick up Aghanim`s Shard around minute 15 as it improves your waveclear and damage significantly.
  • Once you have Aghanim Shard, you can use Upheavel to farm creep waves and jungle camps from a distance.

Main Combo

Main item and ability combo

Fatal Bonds => Chaotic Offering => Shadow Word => Upheaval

Further Information

You can use this guide in Dota 2 by subscribing on Steam: In-game Guide

Find out more about Warlock on Dota Coach's Heropedia

This guide was written by Hammad: View Gamer Profile

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