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TurKAdaM's Comprehensive and Well-rounded Invoker Guide To Learners>Mediocre Players>Expert Players

February 8, 2014 by TurKAdaM
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The Armed and Dangerous(Good Farmers Only)

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills

Mastermind (Innate)


3 9 10 11 23 24 25


4 16 18 19 20 21 22


1 5 6 8 13 14 15


2 7 12 17


Hello and welcome to my first guide ever !!

Here I'm glad to see you people on one of my favourite hero's guide and that is .

So I've been playing this game for over 2 year and I've learned several things mostly about how the game goes on, what you shouldn't do; moreover I learned to play with every hero with every aspects and I think it's time to show you guys about how to play like a BAWSSS!

As I want to mention about the inside of the guide ; it's underlined,colorful,and understandable.

'Bout Invoker

So if we are getting into this, I must explain you what is the hero capable of and what can he do in BIG FIGHTS !

Invoker is a hero that have 3 stat skills called ''Orbs''. Invoker is capable of making combinations with those orbs with no arrays. For instance, if you combine a ''QQE'' combo or ''EQQ'' combo it will not change the result that is '' Ice Wall ''. I'm giving a trivia information- the old Invoker (in 5.80 or something like that) had the combination plus arraying on his skills and he had 27 skills -harsh personnel isn't he.

Anyway, the orbs give 2 stats per distribution and some special things that other heroes don't have.


  • Quas Gives you 2 strenth per point as passive,

  • As active you get 2 hp regeneration per orb that is orbiting you,

  • Enables you to access these six skills:

    -Cold Snap Q Q Q

    -Ice Wall Q Q E

    -Forged Spirit Q E E

    -Ghost Walk Q Q W

    -Tornado Q W W

    -Deafening Blast Q W E


    • Wex gives you 2 agility per point as passive,

    • As active you get %1 MS,%2 As per orb that is orbiting you,

    • Enables you to access these six skills:

      -EMP W W W

      -Tornado W W Q

      -Ghost Walk W Q Q

      -Alacrity W W E

      -Chaos Meteor W E E

      -Deafening Blast Q W E


      • Exort gives you 2 points of intelligence as passive,

      • As active you get 3 damage per orb that is orbiting you,

      • Enables you to access six skills:

        -Sun Strike E E E

        -Chaos Meteor E E W

        -Alacrity E W W

        -Forged Spirits E E Q

        -Ice Wall E Q Q

        -Deafening Blast Q W E

        These are the unique ''Invoker Only'' ORBS and now I'm about to introduce you with the skillzz...

        But really, first we have to see pros-cons section

Pros And Cons

Here's both good and bad sides of Invoker


  • The most versatile hero in the entire game.

  • When player gets enough kills and farm, stopping a
    good Invoker player is just too hard.

  • Always effective skills till late-late-game.

  • He is so sexy <3.


  • Squishy at the beginning.

  • Silence really devastates him.

  • You have to spent sh.tload of time to get experienced

  • Mustn't be played with inexperienced hands.

The Skillzzz and Combos of Invoker [Level 100 Asian]

Skillzzz of Invoker

So you are here to learn the skillzzz. Just point your cursor on the icon that I gave and learn ! I'll give you some more information about the skillzzz.

  • Sun Strike

    -So this is our first-skill-to-invoke alongside with

    -This is a global damaging, mostly casted on single targets, and also surprising kills' skill.

    -You can use it to get first blood on your lane if you have cold snap.

    -It is pure damage, so the damage you see on the explaining is not being reducted by

    magical reduction.

    -Keep an eye on your allies' lanes so maybe you can get a low hp hero running off from

    those early-agressive friends of you.

  • Cold Snap

    -This is your early game agression with very low mana cost, and a good debuff on your enemy.

    -With the ministuns you can get your enemy absolutely neutralized if you have

    and .

    -Get this skill always in your skill inventory at early-game>mid-game

    cause if you do a well-coordinated gank on your enemies,

    it is an absolute kill for your side.

    -You can use this skill with level 2 exort .

    and you can literally stun your opponent instantaneously every second (cause the damage it

    does per second only activates Cold Snap instances at level 2 Exort) ,

    also use to score the absolute kill :P .

    -You can use this with another skill and that is .

    Cast meteor or cold snap first due to your position and highness on map .

    You can get ministuns like on Ice Wall, but better damaging .

  • Chaos Meteor

    -This is your ultimate level damaging skill that can deal a sh.tload of damage at mid-late game .

    -Use this in combination with , , or

    -When you level up wex it increases the distance it goes, so keep an eye on that .

    -The most incredible combo to do with this is, at late game however

    (you need asian skillzzz, so practice a lot) ,

    first and instantaneously invoke ,

    cast and

    and instantaneously , and last but not least cast

    the .

  • Tornado

    -This is the keystone to adjust your skillzzz. And is a mediocre damage dealing skill.

    -You can turn enemies some buffs off (like Drum of Endurance,

    Double Damage , Haste ,

    Battle Trance etc.).

    -Another combo on single target that is very effective , you can cast

    right after the low hp guy was flying because of your tornado.

    What I wanted to explain is burn that guy's *** right after you made him fly.

  • Forge Spirit

    -Your eternal companions.

    -You can ministun-lock any opponent with .

    -When you have 4 points of Quas and Exort, you can bring out 2 Forged Spirits

    -What makes them so special, is the Melt skill which costs 40 mana for each

    Forged Spirits' own manapool. And it reduces 1 armor with every hit they do. It's like

    you're walking with your own Desolator

  • Deafening Blast

    -That's your rearm-and-disable-for-a-while skill .

    -At it's last power it gives 1.75 second of disable and 4 seconds of disarm (pretty high).

    -You can use this alongside with and

    -You can use this for escaping ganks and also disabling carries from hitting you.

    -You can cast it on enemy and right after that you can burn him/her *** with Sun Strike

  • Ice Wall

    -This a horizontal skill that casts a huge mass of ice in front of you.

    -It slows at hugh amounts and deals damage.

    -You can escape with and block a path completely with this skill

    -The slow also goes through magic immunity.

    -You can also activate instances with the Ice Wall's DPS if you have Exort level 2.

  • Ghost Walk

    -This is your escape mechanism that instantly makes you invisible.

    -It slows nearby enemies but you also move slow at certain levels.

    -At 7 levels of Wex you can have -0% movement speed (same as walking speed).

    -The skill is so good that enables you to coordinate ganks by slowing or just staying stable

    near your enemies.

  • EMP

    -This is a mana-draining skill at 675 radius.

    -You can just cast it at a range and watch enemies lose their mana

    (if they get further they'll lose less mana).

    -The delay of manaburning at radius decreases if wex' level increases.

    -And you can drain the %50 of mana burned from you enemies or creeps either in lane or in


  • Alacrity

    -This is your push, and let-the-carry-do-it skill.

    -It's damage and attack speed increases due to your level of exort and wex.

    -It's so good with heroes like , , etc.

    -And you can use this skill for pushing,either on to deal damage

    faster from range that towers can't hit or on yourself to deal more damage.

  • Invoke

    -This is your ultimate skill that you gain access at level 2.

    -All it does is invoking your skillzzz(that's what Invoker is about).

    -You'll have cooldown reduction, and when you get Aghanim's Scepter you'll spend no mana casting it and the cooldown will be freakin' 2 seconds !!!

    -You can have 2 skills in your ammunition so use the gaps wisely.

And if you read all of those (as a starter should) go to the under subsection

Combos of Invoker

I'm gonna show you guys some combos that you can make with youtube links to see the effectiveness and to comprehend well enough.

And I want to mention those are some fun-to-watch videos that you can learn something else also instead of the main combo.

The videos are not mine.

  1. The Instant Dead Combo (named by my own]:

    >>>By an unknown Russian player<<<

  2. Chaos Meteor- Tornado- Deafening Blast combo,

    Chaos Meteor- Tornado- Deafening Blast- Ice Wall combo and

    Chaos Meteor- Tornado- Deafening Blast- EMP combo,

    Cold Snap- Forge Spirit- Ice Wall

    Stun-lock combo of Grimorum's gameplay.

    You'll see some more gameplay and combos but these are the most important ones:

    >>>The original name is Invoker's Raging Fury Series<<<

    So these videos will help you comprehend and will make you a better invoker player.

    I didn't also make it a youtube video here, in case you guys wanna read the comments.

    I also hugely recommend to make you a faster

    a skillfull and moreover a less-distracted Invoker. Workout in this site :).

Gameplay with sections (Early-Mid-Late Games)

The Early Game

You have to get the middle lane if you are both supposed to farm, do ganks, get levels, and take control of the runes. And I'm not saying you can only play mid lane you can go either as a hard carry or easy lane solo (for levels and also gold) or middle lane. However Invoker shouldn't be played at offlane because that denies most of your exp and the lane friend of yours can get your gold and that is just so terrible for Invoker.

We took our start-ups, heading to the lane, and... The game started.
Try to block the creeps. And when you arrive just try to get level 2 ASAP.Cause you're nothing but a +11 damage Invoker with no skillzzz.

Get Invoke first and go on like that. Invoke your first skill exort and farm farm farm.

You have to get Quas then, to reach your Cold Snap. Invoker can have 2 skills in his inventory at the same time.

And try to get as less harrass as you can and do the most. If you farmed like a BAWSS under 6 minutes get a Hand of Midas. Stick to my item and skill-builds.Farm till you get that Eul's Scepter of Divinity unless your allies are struggling so much. In that case go ganks when you are level 7.

The Mid-Game

As you've watched the videoss, do the instant death combo on somebody with low healthpool heroes like Crystal Maiden, Keeper of the Light, Shadow Demon etc.

Always transmute(+190 gold active of Hand of Midas) the big level 6 creeps in the large camps such as Satyr Healcaller, Centaur Khan, Wildwing Ripper and Furbolg Ursa Warrior. If the cooldown will wait so long in that way, instead cast it on a lane creep.

Well your main-role now is a powerful-nuker and also pusher. Use Forge Spirit and Alacrity to devastate towers.

You can also stack the camps for your carry with Tornado. at right time(if you know the lifting time) cast the skill onto the camp and it will be stacked.

In fights you have to consider what to do first and then adjust the skills on your inventory.If Faceless Void is going to enter the fight,you have to get Alacrity on him first and then get the two components of your main combo Tornado and Chaos Meteor. Or just enter with the simple combo -if you have Aghanim's Scepter you can do a quadrople combo instead of triple- and let the other particular skillzzz shine at different time (perhaps when that Troll Warlordis coming to rip you off).

Also adapt to the situation, if they have two annoying carries go Scythe of Vyse, if they have magic immunity like Lifestealer go Eye of Skadi. Or even if they have Phantom Assasin or Windrunner and your carry can't deal with them, get Monkey King Bar. An Orchid for Anti-Mage or a variety of spellcasters, a Necronomicon for pushing, a Linken's Sphere for single target skills. Just adapt to the situation, don't build up the contemporary Invoker always...

The Late-Game

I'm not gonna overrate the writing just will say the aspects of what to do at late-game.

Always stick to your team, do combos with them, help them. Don't be that arrogant b.tchass
that plays alone and mostly dies. Communicate always with your team whether to initiate or stay back at defense...

You can make your way to win if there are no ''Real Russians'' that come to the game to ruin other gamers' life. Don't get angry, stay calm, you're the best <3.

Friends And Foes

Here is the list of Friends that can help you either with combos or some of their special skillzzz.

And the foes are, disablers, , silencers, stunners, and heroes like Nyx Assasin that can instantly kill almost everybody with their skillzzz.


  • One of your best friends that can hold enemies in their place.

  • Same as Enigma

  • A special carry that can stop the time for everybody in his Chronosphere.

  • Same as Enigma and Kunkka

  • He can vacuum you can BOOM!

  • His ultimate makes way for your skills such as Sun Strike or Chaos Meteor- Deafening Blast

  • He can stun in 1200 radius or smth. like that, you can cast your combo to devastate enemies.

  • You can assist him killing the opponent with his long stun and can also cast Alacrity on him.

Bla bla it's tons of hero isn't it ? There are billions more that invoker is in good relationship.


  • Number 1 rated nemesis of Invoker, he can silence him with his third skill, he can silence him with his ulti, and what left to do is killing him with his glaives. Beware that hero !

  • And now the 4 seconds of stun is vice versa

  • Same as Beastmaster, and also the stun is not his ultimate :).

  • Doom Bringer
    He Can just doom you, and fight with the others. You can do literally ''nothing'' about it.

  • 8 seconds of disable, plus nuke, 'nuff said.

  • Same as Shadow Shaman. And he fingers you, that's horrific.

  • If you don't have Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Korean reflexes, I'm sorry but you're dead.

    I know you want to play Invoker so much after reading this guide, but just don't do that right after reading the passage and they have these heroes. Just wait for 1-2 more game.

Feedback and Subscribe

I'm glad to give you well-rounded information about Invoker and want to see you guys' feedbacks and subscribes. If you see deficiency about something, just feedback me and I'll be looking on it!!

Here's the channel of my favourite Invoker player>>> That's Grimorum<<<

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