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Tree man to the rescue

September 27, 2013 by saifthedestroyer
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The regular jungle build (my preference)

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Starting items

Gloves of Haste

Early game

Hand of Midas
Magic Wand
Ring of Basilius
Boots of Speed

Core items

Power Treads
Shadow Blade
Scythe of Vyse

Late game (explained each)

Orchid Malevolence
Manta Style
Monkey King Bar

Items i dont like

Dagon 1
Black King Bar
Aghanim's Scepter

Hero Skills


4 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 11 16


15 17 18

Tree man to the rescue

September 27, 2013


Hello guys im saifthedestroyer, my steam ID is mr.mau5, and im pleased to have you read my guide. Ok so this is one of my favorite heroes in dota 2. he is probably the most annoying hero if not dealt with and im gonna tell you guys "my way" of playing him. This guide is based upon my own preference. i hope you enjoy.


Ok so we begin with the items. Natures is probably most versatile in term of items. He can be built as a support or carry/semi carry depending on his items.

Starting items:-
Gloves of Haste : now alot of you may be asking "why" well firstly it builds into your midas. Now you may ask "dont you need survivability" well thats exactly why you are in the jungle and have your treants tanking
Clarity : some basic mana regen as the treants are quite mana heavy early on

Early game:-
Hand of Midas : Very important for natures no arguments
Magic Wand : IMO this should be bought on every hero its your choice really
Ring of Basilius : provides a very important aura for your treants and allows them to tank more physical damage inflicted by the creeps
Boots of Speed : dont even ask xD

Core items:-
Power Treads : provides some good stats plus attack speed which is helpful. Phase Boots is also an option.
Shadow Blade : i cannot stress enough how important this is for split pushing which in the end is natures goal to succeed get it ASAP after treads then split push to victory.
Scythe of Vyse : natures lacks any disable or stun so this is very important. the stats are immensely helpful and Sprout isnt reliable enough.

Late game:-
Desolator : if you need to push towers faster
daedlus : you are kill hungry and are facing heroes more then towers
orchid malevolance : you need a reliable silence plus some stats
Necronomicon : moar push
Manta Style : EVEN MOAR PUSH
Monkey King Bar : pesky evasion heroes

Items i dont like:-
Mjollnir : you honestly dont need any more attack speed and their are MUCH better items too consider
dagon : troll item :3
Black King Bar : now listen up if you find yourself participating in fights ALOT then buy this otherwise i really wouldnt cause its not gonna save your from a tower
Aghanim's Scepter : Natures ulti is useless to him late and its probably the worst of all the aghanim upgrades.


This is simple you dont need Sprout in the jungle at all unless you are constantly getting ganked. max natures call as it will help you jungle and push much better per level. second priority should be Teleportation as you will notice you will be teleporting more and more as the the laning phase is about to finish and this in conjunction with Sprout is a good escape (as you can see i get a level in it at 4). Get ults at usual levels and max sprout last out of your 3 non ulti spells ofc. this skill build is effective for me and should be for you aswell (i hope so)

Competitive Play

ATM he is a top tier pick in competitive play commonly used as an offlaner and he has proved to be effective as many teams namely alliance have proved he can solo win a match if you dont pay him too much attention. this is all for this section will be adding more soon.

Pros / Cons

Pros:can solo win a match if not given too much attention.
requires farm but is super fun too play once he gets there.
heroes with little or no mobility dont have **** on prophet.
global presence.
constant gank threats will force enemies back.
best pusher hands down ingame.

Cons:Squishy early game.
Requires a bit "too much" farm.
teammates get pissed at you cause you are always farming.
sometimes can get super boring because with other heroes you go fight with him you GO AWAY from the fights.
mobile heroes counter him


Basically mobile heroes counter this guy.
Some of these are:-
Storm Spirit
Queen of Pain
Spirit Breaker
Spectre (only her ult)
anti mage (kinda)
Phantom Assassin (kinda)
i bet you understand where im going with this

Team Work

Ok so here are a couple of scenarios
1: your team will obviously lose the fight with or without you GO PUSH you are more useful pushing then dying, you might even take a tower or two
2: your team will win the fight with or without you great GO push
3: the fight is going even without you TP in and win it then go and push
In the end you will always push as thats your job in this world


Now guys jungling with this guy at level 1 isnt all that easy. this is just a way that i use to jungle from level 1 and whatnot. Ok so first go over to the easy camp and kill that with the two starting treants. then rotate over too the pull camp and if the lane is even a bit pushed, pull that and it should get you level two to like two and a half, go and kill the easy camp again. This should have gotten you your level three and after this you repeat this process but this time kill the MEDIUM camp with three treants. by this time you should have your third level in natures call and you can just kill any camp with it. Another way is that you teleport to the radiant ward spot near the tier 2 radiant tower and kill the camp if melee creeps. For dire the area you can do this is the camp right above the top rune. you teleport right infront of the trees but make sure on the little ledge area and you can easily kill the camp there. This is just the way i jungle with him and maybe you could try it and tell me how it went for you[*]


I hope you enjoy this guide, go easy on me as its my first. If you think this is bad i would like to tell you this is not a troll attempt (if you think so). if you like it then <3. if you leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism i still love you the same :3
oh god i hope you like it :D

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