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Topsons Meme-Hammer Build

February 27, 2018 by DJjojo
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Strength of Memes

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7 9 11 13


2 4 6 8 12 14 15


16 18 19 21 22 23 24



10 17 20 25

Hero Talents

3x Quas/Wex/Exort Passive Bonuses
Radial Deafening Blast​
+30 Alacrity Damage/Speed
+2 Chaos Meteors
-5s Cold Snap Cooldown
+50 Forged Spirit attack speed
-4s Tornado Cooldown
+50 Ice Wall DPS

Topsons Meme-Hammer Build

February 27, 2018


So recently we could witness this build from 5ANCs mid player Topson in the Dreamleague EU Qualifiers, with actual success and it made especially ODPixel very excited.

As I have searched for a way to integrate the Meme-Hammer into Invokers item build, because I find the item quite funny, I looked a bit more into this build and found that it is actually a very good, though of course rather situational.

I'll try to explain here what the benefits of this builds are and why the Meteor hammer is good and cruicial for this.

Basic Build

This build is a variation of the usual Quas Wex build, so go for the usual Phase Boots and Urn of Shadows.

Skillwise prioritize Quas over Wex, as you want to have Quas maxed out asap.

After that you get the Meteor Hammer, I'll go into detail about this item in the next chapter.

The next step is to upgrde the Urn to a Spirit Vessel.

After that the build is realy open and depends on the game, of course Aghs is a good option as you get levels in Exort, Shivas builds upon your tankyness, BKB if needed.

Meteor Hammer

This item though. In the beginning I thought this item would be realy **** on Invoker, since you never would want to stand around channeling for 3s, I mean you can Invoke something in that time and do more with it.

With the recent buffs (cd to 28 and channeltime to 2.5) and in the combination with a QW build it actually makes sense.

In the greater part of the game, where you play QW, you cast just 3 spells anyway (+Ghostwalk) and go for a later Aghs, so you don't actually do anything in the up to 2.9s where enemies are tornadoed. This removes, at least for this kind of build the major flaw of the Hammer on Invoker.

So it's practical now on Invoker and not worse than your normal skill set.

But that's not all, the item actually fits very good in the QW build, as it makes up for the biggest weaknesses of QW builds, farming and pushing. Because you have no hard rightclick or farming ability with QW, you heavily rely on good fights to keep you in the game.
Meteor Hammer actually solves those problems. You can push, every wave with the current cooldown, or a tower quite fast (with high Quas, you can even just tank a tower and throw the memes). You can also farm (stacked) camps, not fully, but a lot better than with any of your spells.

Additionally the strength you get from it (and later the HP from Spirit Vessel) makes the massive HP-regen you get from Quas even more valuable and make you incredibly tanky.


Again this build is a QW variation, so it mostly plays like it. You are very fast, have your 3 strong spells (Tornado, Coldsnap, EMP), you gank the **** out of your opponents.

After you get the Meme-Hammer though, you can do a bit more.

Usually with QW you're farming lane, until you see a target you can gank or a teamfight erupts, because you can't realy push out lanes or farm jungle efficiently. With the hammer you can do so, therefore you can now be even more active or rather efficient.

Search for targets to gank, if you don't find any, go to the lane that is pushed in the most, push it with Meteor hammer, repeat. If you can't push a lane, hammer a jungle camp.

Also of course still join every teamfight, even smaller skirmishes.

When you get to the next item, you should have enough levels to put some points into Exort, so from there on it will play out as normal Invoker late-mid game.

Generally I think this build is very good if you either lack push in your team, so this build can make up for that lack, or your team is build around pushing early in which case you are a lot more usefull than without the hammer and also a lot earlier than with a Exort build.

A good case would be a drow-strat, where Exort often comes up to late to perfectly make use of Drows timings but normal QW can't keep up with the farm and is only mediocre at pushing.

Meme-Hammer Combos

Besides the mentioned upsides of Meteor hammer for QW-Invoker, you obviously want to use it with Tornado as setup, to get the Meme-Combo going.

Tornado-> Meteor Hammer
When you try to just do tornado into hammer, you need very high Quas to reliably do it.
The meteor lands effectively after 3.0s (2.5 channel, 0.5 time to impact), so you nearly need max Quas + Talent which gives you 3.2s lift time. Against heroes that have no instant escape of course lower levels are enough as well.

Cold Snap-> Tornado-> Meteor Hammer
This is the most reliable combo. Cast Cold Snap, cast Tornado (first CS stun will make it easy to hit), channel the Hammer, the CS proc from when the target lands will make it quite save to land the Hammer.

Cold Snaps stuns for 0.4s, so for perfectly save combos you need lvl 6 Quas (5 with talent), which most of the time should be the level you have in Quas, when you get the item.

Those two combos can be done out of Ghost Walk. For the simple one just go invis with Ghost Walk Tornado invoked, find target, tornado, meme. For the second variant, go invis with Ghost Walk Cold Snap invoked, find target, cast cold snap, invoke tornado, tornado, meme. That needs a bit more buttons, but makes landing the Hammer a lot more reliable.

If you don't need to use a combo out of Ghost Walk, you can actually do:
Cold Snap-> Tornado-> EMP-> Meteor Hammer
You need very high Quas to pull that off reliable, as you most likely waste 0.1-0.3s on button smashing, but if your target has no save escape (like Puck), you can maximise your damage that way. Start with Tornado Cold Snap invoked, cast cold snap, invoke EMP, cast tornado + emp, meme.
Powerfull combo, but rarely hits reliably.

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