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The new Ice Age

August 5, 2013 by zodiak2122
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Cold Blooded

DotA2 Hero: Lich

Hero Skills

Frost Blast

1 4 8 10 12

Frost Shield

3 14 15 16

Sinister Gaze

2 5 9 13

Chain Frost

7 11


17 18

The new Ice Age

August 5, 2013


This is my second guide I've made. I don't always play supports but when I do, it's Lich. He Can be a Game Changer if played right. Pretty straightforward and fun to play. Ive won many of matches playing lich and not by being a wannabe carry like alot of people play damaging supports like Lion.

Pros and Cons


    Once a few levels in
sacrifice Mana is not a huge problem for you.
Massivly painful Chain Frost if used with proper positioning.
Long AA range great for harrassing and denying.
Ice armor is great for babysitting the Carry.

    Squishy as with most supports.
Chain Frost is very easy to waste.
Being a greedy support will lose you the game vs a competent team.


Frost Blast-Decent damage relatively small cool down. Has a little slow and great range for chasing down those runners. Maxed it is decent for killing creep waves for the area damage.

Ice Armor-40 second duration at level 1 and low mana cost. Easy to spam and maxxed really helps in team-fights. Duration and cool down is such that you can armor your entire team before a fight for 100 mana.

sacrifice-Your best friend. %based mana leech insta kills a friendly creep. Very helpful is used on friendly creeps always target a full life melee. Help reduce the amount you will push your lane helps early game.

Chain Frost Your ulti and the potential to completely turn a team fight if used properly. Fires a large ice ball that does good damage and bounces between enemies(both heroes and creeps). Never use it 1v1 with no creeps around as it will hit once a dissipate.

Early Game

Either Hard or Safe lane is fine. Always try to go with a carry(hard in pub sometimes). Your job is to harass and deny, that is it. I know you want your shineys as fast as possible. YOU ARE NOT A CARRY. You will get the gold from assists and whatever creeps your carry can't get to in time. Never let a creep die to a creep it is a waste of money. If you get a creep because your carry can't get to it and they *****...ignore them. Your slow is decent I tend to spam a little early because of sacrifice and it keeps the enemy out of the lane possibly not even getting exp. Once you get your Chain Frost you can start playing a little more aggressive.

Mid Game

Do what supports are meant to do. Buy Wards keep the enemy team lit up. Work on your Mekansm it will help your team stay alive. ONLY use Chain Frost when there are atleast 2 enemy hereos together. DO NOT KILL STEAL WITH IT. YOU DONT NEED KILLS. Now this doesn't mean you should be goin 0/10/10. Just don't ensure you always get a lat hit. Kills on a supporot should only be gotten in 3 instances: A)you are the only person around to get the kill B) the player will get away if you do not kill him C) All your carries died during the fight and you are still standing. One thing lich can do is TP into a tower being attacked and immediatly launch Chain Frost. Generally the tower has killed most of the creeps and your enemies will be clustered by the tower, which then makes them die to your Chain Frost

End Game

If the match makes it this long you will have a bit more trouble. Shiva's Guard is a good late game item for the extra armor and for the aura. orchid's malevolence is nice too for the silence/+ dmg. I like veil of dischord for the HUGE +magic dmg zone it allow, as well as more intelligence.


I like to build my Tranquil Boots first so I can sustain myself. Mekansm next for your wonderful team. agahnim's scepter gives you a larger range and more bounces/damage. I do not think this is always a necessity it really depends on the game/opponents as to how fast you buy this. ALWAYS HAVE Town Portal Scroll When your Chain Frost is up and you can suddenly appear out of no where, its fun to watch the other team panic and scurry away or be dumb and you get a triple-kill(ONLY IF YOUR CARRY ISNT AROUND).

Friends and Foes

Friends-Drow Sniper Juggernaut Silencer Slardar TidehunterTemple assassin

Foes-Anything with slows/stuns or high starting damage:
drow Anti-Mage Silencer Lion Witch Doctor Meepo


Thanks for reading. I really enjoy playing lich. If anyone has constructive criticism please help me out. I think im a competent Lich player but my game can always improve and so can my guide making ability.

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