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Something in your eye....

December 13, 2018 by NapoleanBornToParty
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I cant bear to be seen

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 5 7

Phantom Strike

2 8 9 13


4 14 16 17

Coup de Grace

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Triple Strike Stifling Dagger
+100% Coup de Grace Critical Damage
+35% Blur Evasion
-3 Armour Corruption
+350 Phantom Strike Cast Range
+12% Lifesteal
-1s Stiffling Dagger Cooldown
+175 Health


Welcome to my second Guide-I'm NapoleanBornToParty.Please post a comment on how you feel about this guide.So let's get started

Phantom Assassin-A very strong hero for me , can screw up a bunch of heroes solo if used correctly.
Her passive crit is one of the best in the game.
Although very vulnerable to magic damage,but very strong in team fights.

Start & Laning

Always recommend your team to pick an aggressive support like Lion or Shadow Shaman who have lockdowns on their skills which allow you to do damage.
Start by getting a Wraith Band,as it gives decent stats for laning.Then get Phase Boots for movement speed and some decent damage.Get another Wraith Band as the Ring of Aquila no longer exists sadly.
Soon after this get a Morbid Mask . It is a core item on Phantom Assassin as due to her high damage she can heal herself in fights pretty well.
You need a good laning phase to set you up for your farming phase.I usually farm after getting 2 Wraith Bands , Morbid Mask and Phase Boots.You should get these items in 10-12 mins max.

Farm & Mid Game

After getting my 2 Wraith Bands and Phase Boots, I usually start farming.

Use your Phantom Strike to farm faster.

Buy a Clarity to replenish your mana.

You can start by getting a Battlefury.Like Anti-Mage this is a core item on her.The cleave can demolish heroes in teamfights and it helps her flash farm.

Next item I go for is not Desolator but a Skull Basher.The reason is when Phantom Assassin blinks on a enemy hero, they usually run. Skull Basher has a bash which gets you a small lock down on a hero.Also it stacks with your Stifling Dagger and with your Phantom Strike’s attack speed you can get a lucky second or third bash as well.

The next item i get is Black King Bar.Another core item and Phantom Assassin is a natural BKB holder and its a must have item on her.You can pop your BKB without the fear of getting locked down due to magical damage and kill people.Use it wisely as it duration reduces with each use.Put 1 Wraith Band in your backpack and equip the BKB.

You now have 6 items:
1) Wraith Band
2) Morbid Mask
3) Phase Boots
4) Black King Bar
5) Battle Fury
6) Skull Basher

Late Game

Start by upgrading your Skull Basher to Abyssal Blade.It gives you good HP and Damage and the active stun for 2 seconds gives a lockdown on the target along with the passive stun from Skull Basher.It also has a 50% chance to block 70 damage.

Next upgrade your Morbid Mask to Satanic.This will help you last longer in teamfights and as your damage is high it will heal you in seconds.

Next farm for a Moon Shard.This item is so good on PA.She will delete players all over the map from the attack speed she gets.Sell off your Wraith Bands at this point.

You are now 6 slotted.However there is still space for 1 more item as you can consume the Moon Shard

Situational Items

If an enemy hero does huge damage on his auto attacks,buy a Butterfly to make him miss.It is also used to avoid Slardar's passive bash.Also gives you good agility resulting in good attack speed and armor.

Many people buy the Desolator.However I'm not a big fan of it.There are way better items for PA.But if you still need it,Get it.Gives good armor reduction.

Now comes the best item,which according to me is the best item in all of Dota 2.The Eye of Skadi.This item is so good I would get it on any support hero as well in the late game. It will give you amazing stats and it's passive slow can slow down the movement speed and attack speed of enemy heroes.A MUST BUY!!!

Bloodthorn can help to silence a hero relying hugely on his skills.It will also give you True Strike against the silenced hero along with the critical strike and good damage boost.

My personal favourite is the Nullifier.It mutes a target and you can unleash your all hell on him/her.Usually people just run away using Shadow Blade.With Nullifier you can stop them.

Important Stuff

Never Pick Phantom Assassin if the enemy team has drafted the following heroes:
1) Troll Warlord
2) Axe

These 2 guys are her worst enemies.There are a few more,but these 2..arghhh...

Axe will just pop his Blade Mail blink and use Berserker's Call on you and you're dead.

Troll Warlord is a natural Silver Edge holder.He will kill you off in seconds if he breaks you.

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