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Slark: Early game ganker, NOT A HARD CARRY!

September 19, 2013 by Targnil
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DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

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Essence Shift

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Shadow Dance

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Slark: Early game ganker, NOT A HARD CARRY!

September 19, 2013


Hello everyone! I have made a lot of guides for Slark, and I have also seen a lot of guides for Slark, but the #1 mistake I see in all of them, is that they play like a hard carry. Slark is not a hard carry! And I often see that in those Hard Carry guides, they neglect things such as Mana, and early game I often run out of Mana prematurely. Slark is an early game ganker, not a hard carry.

I am not responsible for losses!
If you lose you cannot blame me!


Starting Items
- Stout Shield, Adds tank, will be used in Vanguard
-Tango/Salve, regeneration
- Iron Branch helps you get those lasthits

Early Game

- Boots of Speed No brainer
- Magic Wand I have often found that Slark suffers from mana issues early on.
- Ring of Basilius More mana
- Orb of Venom extra chasing power, keeps items like Blink Dagger from working.


- Vanguard Makes you super tanky. Only a really fed hard carry can kill you with this.
- Arcane Boots Slark suffers from mana issues with constant ganking.
- Yasha Chase, DPS.
- Ring of Aquila Why not?


- Eye of Skadi Replace Orb of Venom
- Assault Cuirass Replace Vanguard
- Sange and Yasha Tank, Chase.

A word about some items

I have seen many times people saying that Vanguard is a terrible item for Slark. I personally like Vanguard, because it provides more than enough tank to dive towers. Often people say that Vanguard Doesn't scale well into late game, but that isn't an issue for Slark Since he is a Semi-carry, He does amazingly well early game and doesn't scale well into late game, just like Vanguard. In addition, Slark's ultimate, Shadow Dance allows him to regen health outside of enemy sight, so he doesn't need to return to the fountain very often. This poses a huge problem, Since he never really needs to return to the fountain, he often runs into mana issues after ganking a ton. That is why I added Magic Wand, Arcane Boots and Ring of Basilius/ Ring of Aquila.


Start off by going to the offlane. If you see an enemy hero that is low on health (especially their hard carry) attempt to gank him, but never go past their Second tower. Gank as often as possible, and gank aggressively, this is what Slark is all about. Once you have Vanguard you probably will be able to gank almost anyone on the map, so long as you can get to them without them noticing and they aren't a super farmed up hard carry, or Slark counter.

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