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Personal guide that shouldn't be taken seriously #2

March 10, 2020 by Draenji
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Gleam Sight (Mid)

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Personal guide that shouldn't be taken seriously #2

March 10, 2020



Early.Massive amount of physical damage at all the stages of the game, no matter who is the hero in the opposing mid-lane they will always feed (personally i like heroes like Dragon Knight are funnier to kill). After successfully killing an enemy hero attack the tower as much as possible and with a charge of Shrapnel, stack either of the camps near to the mid-lane (left if radiant, right if dire), i stack 2 neutral camps instead but that will depend of your knowledge and skill about the game. Then, after killing the opponent hero and the Shranpel is at Level 3 use 2 charges to farm immediately the camps that you were stacking, keep in mid that you must remain near to the mid-lane to receive experience from both, the neutral camp and the creep wave. This will result in 650 gold & 3 Levels for free (Aside of the hero kill, wich is 850 gold and 3.25 experience). In divine rackets the mid will usually buy a lot of tangos and salves, all their farm of the creeps will be wasted while you become more dangerous, near to the minute 5 they will have no items. In immortal rackets the roamer and the support always try to gank, this results in either of these two killed, leaving a lot of space to your other two lanes to push safely as well as secure a kill because the other heroes in top and bot are now alone.

Mid.Dangerous in team fights, theBlink Daggerallows to initiate easily against nukers like Invoker, Lion, Tinker, etc. Push te lanes, theMeteor Hammer, the Shrapnel and the physical damage by items can easily push the 3 lanes at once (with theTown Portal Scrollobviously). One of the most notorious things about this item build is the massive ammount of gold and experience the Sniper obtains by being allowed to farm 9 camps every minute at the same time (2 Shrapnel on 3 neutral stacked camps,Meteor Hammerin 1 camp and right click-stack the 9th camp). Guess what theBlink Daggerdoes, lol.

Late.First i must clarify 2 things. 1, following the guide Sniper ALWAYS ends in the late game with a horrendous advantage (12 slotted: Moon Shardfor the whole team,Aghanim's Blessing,Boots of Travel 2,Necronomicon,Gem of True Sight,Manta Style,Refresher Orb, Black King Bar, Silver Edge, etc). 2, No enemy team survives after the mid-game because of the hard push of the trío combination of Shrapnel,Meteor Hammerand right clicks to the towers one on each lane (unless your team is really bad and you're playing 1 vs 9). With this being said, let's continue. The itemization combined with Sniper's skillset is a literal counter to every single hero in the game, no way out. The funniest opponents i find in immortal games are the ones that fill the 6 slots with divine rapiers, 6 hearts of tarrasque, etc. The only thing that can stop Sniper killing an enemy hero is the Aeon Disk. That's why the Ex Machina is so improtant (Don't worry abut the rate drop percentage).

  • Very high single target damage.
  • Difficult to catch.
  • Strong at any stage of the game.
  • Extremely strong late game.
  • Strong pick-off and snowball potential.
  • Reliant on Blink Dagger to farm.
  • Very reliant on farm to scale.
  • Vulnerable to pure damage
  • Low base damage

Skills and Talent Tree

Abilities Order:


Hero Talents:
+6Shrapnel Charges
+125 Attack Range
+30Shrapnel DPS
+35 Knockback DistanceHeadshot
+20%Shrapnel Slow
+40 Attack Speed
+20 Damage
25% Cooldown Reduction


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