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Omnikinght - Crusade to Peace

May 4, 2012 by DimensiO
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Hamstertamer (89) | June 5, 2014 4:59am
Wut? No boots? Lol :)

Boots of Speed cost nothing and give 50 MS, they stack with euls perfectly and there is no reason not to get them. Omni is all about having a movement speed advantage in chases with Degen Aura, so you need any movement speed you can get. Especially when it costs only 450 gold.
Every hero in the game needs boots. You just don't *upgrade* your boots into Power Treads/ Arcane Boots or something, which is perfectly fine for a lot of supports actually, but you need the basic boots xD

Eul's Scepter of Divinity as a core item, however, I completely agree! Solves your mana issues completely, tons of movement speed, and a disable that allows you to initiate and come close while the target is in the air. Can break TP scrolls also, something Omni can't do. Great item for ganking and initiating.
Holz | May 23, 2014 2:25pm
Boots is a must.I recommend phase boots on this build. with eul´s and phaseboots u can initiate with idk.. 470ms?. u run to your opponent, euls him and then u hit him in the moment he falls down with your purification. and then u slow him with degen aura. u cant play a euls omni without boots xD against good players u cant wait till 10-15 min till u get your ms increase. u lose the lane and have your euls maybe at 20min.
rly everyone who takes a mom or euls without boots is clumsy, cause u buy these items to get MORE ms then the other one, not to have the same ms.

500 gold for 50 ms is like a heart for 2500gold. and i bet everyone will get a heart for everyone take boots
Sgt Steiner | February 13, 2014 8:53am
You know, I didn't really miss the boots. Okay, I got ganked a few times at the start and he sure doesn't move all that quickly without the boots, but it made me even more cautious as to where I was going to situate him, relative to everyone else. WAY IN THE BACK.

First game with this build? Not too shabby.

Game #518404618.

Didn't get Eul's till late and to be honest, I've never (I know!) used it before. NICE! The fact that the speed boost comes with Eul's and it has the cyclone to boot was awesome. Really did turn the game around for us. As well as great communication and people willing to play as a team. :)

Thanks for the build!
Catkillerfive | January 17, 2013 2:31am
Personally when I have some spare cash I buy the Skull Basher. As it have a 25% chance to stun for 1.4 sec and add 6 Strength and 40 Damage. Allowing me to easier to gank other players or keep them from damaging me.
Cazz0r | November 10, 2012 3:56pm
A well written and explained guide DimensiO, I see your point here! I personally love omniknight and you've captured the essence of his purpose. I've always used Boots of Travel with omni but Eul would be very useful in mid phase battles.
DimensiO | July 11, 2012 3:22am
Hey, thanks for your reply.
I don't check this guide that often anymore so I'm kinda late :D

How are you supposed to gank?
As a support hero, you support ganks, you don't initiate as omniknight.
When the mid player or bot players start the fight, you are in the area to drop a surprising heal or repel. Communication is key.

How are you gonna chase down enemies?
If you are able to intercept an enemy that is trying to flee you can drop his speed
close to that of yours making your degen aura usefull for just enough time for a carry to finish it off.

As for getting chased by a ranged/melee hero means that you're doing a bad job as a support. You shouldnt be at the front lines of the fight or be standing around all by yourself. Also omniknight is difficult to kill. DPS gets dropped by degen aura (if you're running away), you got a soul ring so enough heals and repel to negate cc.

Yes boots are a necessity, but not if you understand your role and positioning.
If you feel like you need them, buy them. Just remember that the 500 gold will get you your mek and eul's faster. This gets your team more support earlier in the game and you will get you the speed plus a cc midgame.

Hope I've cleared some stuff up, feel free to ask more questions.
daPhongster (8) | June 1, 2012 10:45pm
How are you supposed to gank or roam without any type of CC, besides maybe a level 1 Degen Aura? You can't push very well, and leaving your lane partner to solo will probably get the that guy killed, or at least your tower damaged.

Boots are a necessity. How are you gonna chase down enemies and slow them with Degen Aura? And Degen Aura has a range of only 200, so ranged heroes can still chase you well, as well as most melee heroes with any type of slow or stun.
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